Can you tow me from here? AAA Washington can help. (2023)

Find out how AAA Washington can help you when you're stuck

Need towing, recharging or emergency roadside assistance? One of the main advantages of A.AAA Membership in Washingtonis the emergency service you can count on. AAA Washington is here for you when you need it most.

Roadside services include towing, jump starting/battery recharging, car lockout and tire change. In most cities, AAA will also test the car battery and replace it with a new one at a special member price if necessary. If you're wondering how the road ambulance works, read on to find out how to get towed.

After an accident or breakdown, AAA will tow you to an authorized repair shop or location of your choice so you can get back on the road. And if you find yourself in danger while you wait, we'll also call your local police or state patrol to your location. We'll also provide you with fuel if you run out of gas. We'll even get back to you if you havebike failureand must be picked up.

That being said, AAA does not cover all types of calls and service requests. It should be noted that AAA membership is for traffic emergencies; we are not a towing company.

To avoid confusion, it's worth considering how AAA membership will help you when you're stuck on the side of the road.

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What is covered by the AAA emergency roadside service

Here are some examples of when AAA can help you when you are in trouble:

  • You're broken down on I-5 during rush hour. (ClickHereto know what to do if it breaks down on the road).
  • You damaged a fender and your insurance doesn't cover towing.
  • You ran out of gas and need emergency supplies to get to the gas station.
  • You backed into a ditch and need to be pulled out.
  • After shopping, you go out to the parking lot and find that you have no tire and need to put a spare.
  • Your electric car runs out of power a few kilometers from home.
  • You jump out of the car to eat something and put the keys inside.
  • Your son left the car door open after soccer practice, the dome light is dying on the battery and needs a jump start.

It's not a breakdown on the road

On the other hand, if you bought the classic car of your dreams at a junkyard and want to tow it back to your garage where you plan to lovingly restore it, this scenario would not be considered. (Good for you, by the way, but it's not an emergency.)

Additionally, membership cannot be used to assist a friend or tow a company car. AAA members follow our members. So if you borrow a car and it breaks down, you're covered. However, if a friend borrows your car, his insurance won't cover it. (Your friend will need to use AAA membership to ask for help.)

You also cannot leave your car, electric vehicle, SUV or truck on the side of the road and call AAA to pick it up later. You have to be there.

Here are some scenarios that do not qualify:

  • You don't like the mechanic's quote to fix a transmission problem and you want to tow your car to another garage;
  • You take out the engine block of the Mustang from behind, now you have to tow the classic without an engine to the warehouse;
  • Grandpa's tractor breaks down on the side of the road;
  • You take a monster electric bike ride up and down the mountain, but your legs are tired and you don't feel like going home, so you call AAA;
  • Your friend gets an apartment on the way home from the Seahawks game and you want to help him out;
  • Your chicken trailer truck breaks down and needs to be towed back to the farm;
  • Your car was impounded last night and you want to get it out of car jail.
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Safety is always our priority

While we try to help as many members as we can, the personal safety of our members and drivers is our number one priority. For example, if your car gets stuck at the end of a remote logging road or you want it to drive up a hill because you're too afraid to drive it in a snowstorm, you won't be covered. Your vehicle must be on or near an open, accessible road where the tow truck can travel safely.

Here are some connections that could put you or our drivers at risk:

  • It was snowing in Seattle and you want to go to the store for groceries, but your car is covered in snow in the driveway.

Tip: If you and your vehicle are safe at home during a weather event, it is wise to stay off the roads and not attempt to drive.

  • You went for a walk on the beach and now your car is stuck in the sand and the tide is coming in.

Your car is parked in a flooded area.

  • You ran your four-wheeler off the main road onto an unpaved side road and flattened your tires in giant potholes.

Tip: We cannot tow vehicles from the beach, flooded areas, or unpaved back roads. These scenarios are too dangerous for all parties involved.

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What can't AAA tow?

AAA can tow most cars, electric vehicles, SUVs, and trucks. However, some types of vehicles will not be towed, for example:

  • Trucks with plows or service trailers;
  • commercial vehicles (whether or not used for non-commercial purposes);
  • box vans;
  • buses;
  • quadriceps;
  • Company fleet vehicles;
  • garbage truck;
  • tractors;
  • golf carts;
  • limousines

In some cases, AAA will not tow converted or modified vehicles that require special equipment. For example, pickup trucks with extra-wide beds or hotrods with lowered suspension may not be towable. In these situations, the service provider will make the final decision and we may ask you to send photos before shipping the crane. In some cases, we may be able to help you, but we will charge an additional fee.

Furthermore, each typeAAA Membershipprovides a different level of service. All AAA members do not automatically qualify for RV Roadside Assistanceczwheels, trailers, motorcycles and some trucks. AAA Plus and Premium members can add RV insurance to cover RVs, RVs, motorcycles, boat trailers and pickup trucks with a payload of 1 ton up to a maximum of 2 tons. RV trucks also require an RV upgrade to operate.

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7 Service Explanation

Now that you have a general idea of ​​AAA services, it's worth taking a look at what yours are.membershipit will go deeper.

  1. Trailer:AAA offers emergency towing of eligible vehicles that cannot be started or driven safely. AAA will provide towing in the event of accidents, vehicle fires, and acts of vandalism when the automobile cannot be safely driven, either to a licensed repair facility or to a registered member's address. Covers towing distances from 5 to 200 miles, depending on membership level.
  2. Motorhomes, motorcycles, trailers:To cover RVs, trailers and motorcycles, you need a AAA Plus RV or AAA Premium RV that provides up to 100 towing miles.
  3. Battery service:We will give your battery a jump start or, if possible, make any necessary adjustments to start the vehicle. In many cities, we will also come to your home, business, or other location, such as a shopping mall parking lot, and test your battery. you can replace itAAA brand batteryat a reduced price for members.
  4. Vehicle locks:If you get locked in the car, AAA will come out and try to gain access.
  5. Locksmith:We will provide $50 to $250 for a locksmith service to replace your ignition key.
  6. Flat tire:If you have a spare tire that is safe to put on your car, AAA will replace it for you.
  7. fuel delivery:If you run out of gas along the way, AAA will provide you with fuel to start your car. AAA Classic members are charged current dealer prices for fuel delivery. AAA Plus, AAA Plus RV, AAA Premier and AAA Premier RV members receive emergency fuel supplies at no cost.

AAA Roadside Assistance is here to help you in an emergency. Ready to become a member? ClickHereto see the different membership levels that match your vehicles.

For more information about services and scope, you can read our terms and conditionsHere.

—Written by AAA staff in Washington

— Imagen superior: AAA Washington

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Can you tow me from here? AAA Washington can help. (13)

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