chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (2023)

GM is now selling two newly refreshed midsize trucks, but which one is better:chevrolet colorado 2023o2023 GMC Cannon?

To the casual observer, the trucks could have passed for twins. That's because GM co-developed both trucks and they share the same crew cab design, 5-foot bed, and 2.7-liter turbo-4 engine. The differences between the two are mostly in cost: Chevy gets the cheaper trims, while GMC opts for the Denali packages. Both limit their off-road abilities to rutting versions of the ZR2 and AT4X respectively.

It's those differences that will matter to someone spending around $31,000 or more in Colorado, or $40,000 or more in Canyon '23. Which truck wins when we add up the TCC rating points? Here's how these trucks stack up, head-to-head.

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (1)

2023 GMC Cannon AT4

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (2)

2023 GMC Cannon AT4

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (3)

2023 GMC Cannon AT4

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (4)

2023 GMC Cannon AT4

Price and equipment Chevy Colorado vs. gmc cannon

  • Base Canyon is around $40,000

  • A basic Colorado costs around $31,000

  • Top Picks: Colorado LT, Canyon AT4

Which 2023 GMC Canyon Should I Buy?

GMC sells a base rear-wheel-drive Canyon Elevation for $38,395. It's much more expensive than the last-generation pickup, but it has digital gauges, an 11.3-inch touchscreen, and wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. That's $3,300 for four-wheel drive; other options include a Bose audio system, a heads-up display, and a 10-camera system with a waterproof camera under the landing gear. Most riders will want at least the $45,395 Canyon AT4 with 18- or 20-inch wheels, 2.0-inch suspension, a locking rear diff, and heated front seats. Your options include power-cooled front seats, a power moonroof, leather upholstery, a wireless smartphone charger, and skid plates.

How much does a fully loaded 2023 GMC Canyon cost?

The pricey $52,495 Canyon Denali has Bose sound, a head-up display, cooled front seats, running boards and 20-inch wheels, but it's cheaper than the off-road specialist, the $56,995 Canyon AT4X, which has a 17-inch off-road tire. inches. road tires, shocks with hydraulic valves, spray bed liner and front slip differential.

What Chevrolet Colorado should I buy?

The 2023 Colorado is $30,695 for the rear-drive LT; It costs $33,995 with four-wheel drive. The 2WD Colorado LT has upholstered seats, 17-inch steel wheels, power features, an 11.3-inch touchscreen, digital gauges, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The 4WD version includes keyless start, floor mats, a center console and a lockable tailgate. Options include a power driver's seat, heated front seats, remote start and wireless smartphone charging, as well as rear parking sensors and blind spot monitors.

The Trail Boss Colorado is roughly equivalent to the Canyon AT4, with 1.6-inch lift, a locking rear diff, riding modes, four-wheel drive, and 18-inch off-road tires.

How much does a fully loaded 2023 Chevy Colorado cost?

He Chevy Colorado ZR2 for $48,295 It's a talented off-roader thanks to its 2.8-inch suspension lift, locking front differential, and hydraulic valve shocks.

Both cars come with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.

Advantage: The Colorado costs less, although the base Canyon leaves out low-rent and low-yield options.

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (5)

chevrolet colorado 2023

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (6)

2023 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (7)

chevrolet colorado 2023

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (8)

2023 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Chevy Colorado vs. GMC Canyon towing, off-road and performance

  • Cañón has power

  • Colorado has three power outlets

  • Both off-road models literally reach new heights

How fast is GMC Canyon?

GMC and Chevy share the 2.7-liter turbo-4 among their trucks, but only the 310-hp, 430-lb-ft version is available in the Canyon. The Canyon weighs between 4,430 and 5,210 pounds, so it doesn't slog along, but it's strong. GM's excellent 8-speed automatic transmission handles shifts but doesn't allow drivers to select gears unless they're in low gear. Canyon offers a range of drive modes, from normal to off-road and tow/tow off-road, which adjust traction and gearing to suit the needs of the moment; The ATX4 has an additional high-speed Baja offroad mode.

¿El GMC Canyon tiene 4WD?

The standard Canyon Elevation comes with rear-wheel drive, but has the option of four-wheel drive, which is standard on all other trims. AT4 and Denali models have a locking rear differential. When it comes to off-road performance, the Canyon AT4 hits the spot, with 9.6 inches of ground clearance, 32-inch 265/65 tires, and good approach and departure angles along with additional lockable rear traction. But this AT4X runs like crazy in the mud, with 10.7 inches of ground clearance, spool-valve Multimatic shocks, 33-inch mud tires, and a Baja ride mode. It's hard to get the AT4X stuck anywhere.

On the highway, the Canyon handles pretty well, despite the leaf springs and wide track. Versions with smaller wheels and tires drive better; The Denali sits taller and has 20-inch wheels, all for looks as it detracts from the driving experience.

Most guns can tow 7,700 pounds; the AT4X can tow as little as 6,000 pounds with specialized off-road equipment.

Does the Chevrolet Colorado have 4 wheel drive?

Like the Canyon, it comes standard with rear-wheel drive, but that goes for most models here. The more expensive versions can be equipped with four-wheel drive with a 2-speed transfer case.

The Colorado's off-road capabilities match those of the Canyon, as the Colorado Trail Boss and Z71 overlap almost exactly with the AT4 and the ZR2 with the AT4X. Chevy versions have slightly less ground clearance, with the exception of the ZR2, which equals the AT4X's 10.7 inches, but the ZR2 has a better approach angle of 38.3 degrees.

We found that all of these Canyon and Colorado builds are nearly identical in terms of handling and road-blazing abilities. Best of all, the available Off-Road Camera System offers a view from under the vehicle, making solo adventures more confident. Both Canyon and Colorado even display terrain information on their digital gauges, including g-force, lift, pitch, and roll.

How fast is the Chevy Colorado?

It is less fast than the Canyon in most versions. Chevy installs the lower-powered 237-hp turbo-4 engine in its midsize truck on entry-level trims. In most of Colorado, the 310-hp version offers much quicker acceleration, splitting into versions that make 390 or 430 lb-ft, with the latter being slightly better for towing.

Base Colorado pickup trucks can tow as little as 3,500 pounds with the entry-level engine, but other models match the Canyon's 7,700 pounds. Payload now tops out at 1,684 pounds each. Like the AT4X, the ZR2 pulls 6,000 pounds.

Pro: Canyon, just skipping the stock engines.

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (9)

2023 GMC Cannon AT4X

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (10)

2023 GMC Cannon AT4X

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (11)

2023 GMC Cannon AT4X

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (12)

2023 GMC Cannon AT4X

Size, Comfort and Cargo Capacity GMC Canyon vs. chevrolet colorado

  • Both trucks became longer and wider.

  • The interior of the room was not made much larger.

  • Each has a standard 5ft 2ft bed.

How big is the GMC barrel?

With the new Canyon, GMC stretched the midsize truck's wheelbase by 3.1 inches to 131.4 inches. It's also about 10 inches wider and is 213.2 inches long. Those numbers would have been good for a full-size truck a few decades ago.

Despite this, the interior space has not grown much. The driver and front passenger have well-contoured seats and a wide touchscreen with the latest Google-based infotainment system. The base Canyon Elevation has a sombre black interior; AT4s get stitched-in dash trim, while Denalis get walnut trim and AT4Xs get wild red and white leather trim. Wait, is that a truck?

In the rear, the Canyon has an upright seat cushion that limits comfort, though headroom is good. Legroom is just 34.7 inches, less than some GM compact crossovers. Highlights include the Canyon's 5-foot-2 bed, which holds up to 17 tie-downs, has peg pockets and bed wells for spare tires, and offers a false tailgate with built-in storage and center-position ratchet which allows the Canyon to carry 500 more pounds of weight - lumber and the like.

How big is the Chevy Colorado?

Since they are almost identical, the space in Colorado corresponds to that of the canyon. It all comes down to fit and finish, and this is where the Colorado slips in behind its sisters. Cloth covers the seats on all but the Z71 and ZR2 trucks, while hard plastic trim hits the Trail Boss and LT trims most noticeably.

Pro: The Canyon has a slight advantage over the walnut-finished Denali.

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (13)

chevrolet colorado 2023

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (14)

chevrolet colorado 2023

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (15)

chevrolet colorado 2023

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (16)

chevrolet colorado 2023

Interior and exterior design Canyon vs. Colorado

  • Canyon and Colorado look a lot alike

  • Appearance, however: attractive, but not groundbreaking

  • Denali has the richest appearance.

Is the 2023 GMC Canyon an attractive truck?

Without going in a radically new direction, the new Canyon has updated its styling with a wide camo grille, slim LED taillights, and heavily sculpted doors that match the raised tailgate. Regardless of build, the Canyon is a solidly attractive vehicle, with fewer cheap parts and the lean silhouette of the previous version. Inside, the replacement Elevation trim has a basic black look, but the AT4 and Denalis have a padded, stitched trim, while the Denalis and AT4X use leather seats and have laser-etched wood trim or white markings and red, respectively. All versions have digital gauges and an 11.3-inch touchscreen that activates to display a large GMC logo on both screens when the vehicle's doors are closed; The gauge display can change from a basic set of dials to a demanding sight with myriad off-road gauges.

Is the 2023 Chevy Colorado an attractive truck?

Not dissimilar to the Canyon, but the Colorado's grille has a more horizontal effect, with WT editions stamped with a black plastic grille, like the toe cap on work boots. Trail Boss and LT trims feature street-ready details like faux skid plates and body-color garnishes on the grille, while the Z71 adds a gloss black grille and black bumper and mirror covers. The ZR2s have the real thing in the form of skid plates under the front section and use a double black dumbbell stripe up front. Base Colorado interiors get more silver trim and synthetic leather, combined with turbine-style vents.

Benefit: Call it a draw.

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (17)

2023 GMC Canyon Denali

Fuel economy in Colorado and Canyon

  • Not a winner either

  • Guns range from 18 to 20 mpg combined

  • Colorados get up to 22 mpg combined

Is the 2023 GMC Canyon good for gas?

It's EPA-rated 18 mpg city, 23 hwy, 20 combined, so no. It's the ultimate 2WD ride; 4WD models start at 17/21/19 mpg and drop to 17/20/18 mpg in the AT4X.

Is the 2023 Chevy Colorado good for gas?

This one is better. Low-powered base trims get a combined 22 mpg, adding four-wheel drive, more torque and off-road tires to bring that number down to 18 mpg combined.

Advantage: Colorado, by a few mpg.

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (18)

chevrolet colorado 2023

GMC Canyon Safety vs. Chevy Colorado

  • None of them have been tested yet.

  • Both have automatic emergency braking.

  • Field cameras are a blessing

How safe is GMC Canyon?

Neither IIHS nor NHTSA have conducted crash tests yet, but they do have automatic emergency braking, as well as active lane control and automatic high beams. Adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitors, and a comprehensive camera system are available as options. An all-terrain camera system that provides views of rocks and other underbody obstacles seems a must for anyone using it for this purpose; In our tests, the cameras' spray cleaning system wasn't strong enough to remove all the dirt.

How safe is the Chevy Colorado?

The Colorado is in the same test boat as the Canyon and has the same hardware standard and options list.

Benefit: Deadlock until we know more.

chevrolet colorado vs. GMC Canyon: Compare Trucks (19)

chevrolet colorado 2023

Which is better: Chevrolet Colorado or GMC Canyon?

GMC got the Canyon off to a good start with more standard safety and comfort features. It gets 5.4 out of 10 outstanding security scores. (read more about How do we rate cars?.) The Colorado also has no crash test data, but with its stock engine it beats the Canyon by one point. He gets a TCC rating of 5.6 out of 10 here, and he wins by the smallest of margins.

Winner: Colorado thanks to a more efficient base engine.

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