(USA) Tire and Battery Technician - Automotive (2023)

(USA) Tire and Battery Technician - Automotive

  • Location LONGMONT, CO
  • race area business operations
  • Position -
  • job type Regular/Permanente
  • Type of item Hourly
  • Requisition WD1513715

what time are you going to be(USA) Tire and Battery Technician - Automotive (1)

Summary of the article...

As a Tire & Battery Center Technician, you'll work to provide safe and efficient service in the sales and service areas of the department, giving our members more of what they love for less. He will work with other associates to ensure that the club lives up to member expectations.

What do you do for a living...

  • Become a team member: Works with team members to fulfill sales and service orders; educate other colleagues on tools, tasks, resources and support new technicians; Communicate and develop interpersonal skills to provide safe and effective customer service.
  • be an expert: Demonstrates knowledge of safety and compliance protocols, tire and battery industry guidelines, service standards, equipment operation, TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems), product specifications, and seasonality; demonstrating knowledge of Point of Sale systems, telephone and direct sales techniques.
  • be a technician: uses digital tools to plan and drive sales, improve service and increase employee engagement; use technology and portable systems to make instant business decisions related to services, security alerts, new product information, product usage, and training; adapt to new tools and encourage others to use them.
  • Own:Communicates equipment, tool, and material needs for TBC Lead; track and trace returns and special orders; operating cash registers; transaction processing; practical work in the physical area; maintain accurate inventory, audit, security and compliance standards; report TBC complaints, security threats, and problems with products, services, and workspaces; fill out documents, diaries and other required documents; ensure that products are packaged, labeled, and stored in accordance with company policies and procedures; identify member needs; helps members make purchasing decisions; and solve problems and doubts.
  • Become a Talent Ambassador: Being a brand advocate by valuing a member's TBC experience and modeling high-quality services and products; develop, influence, and inspire others to work in a respectful, supportive, and team-oriented style; understand obstacles and help train team members.
  • Complies with company ethics and integrity policies, procedures, and standards by implementing related action plans; apply the Open Door Policy; and apply them in the implementation of business processes and practices.
  • Performs work tasks and priorities using policies, data, and resources; cooperation with managers, colleagues, clients and other business partners; set priorities, deadlines and expectations; performing tasks; communicate progress and information; identify and recommend ways to take advantage of improvement opportunities; and adapt and learn from changes, difficulties and feedback.

At Sam's Club, we offer competitive salaries, as well as performance-based incentive rewards and other great benefits for a happier mind, body and wallet. Health benefits include medical, vision and dental care. Financial benefits include a 401(k), stock purchase and company-paid life insurance. Paid time off benefits include PTO (including sick leave), paternity leave, family caregiver leave, bereavement, jury duty, and voting. Other benefits include short- and long-term disability, company discounts, military leave pay, adoption and surrogacy reimbursement, and more.

You will also receive a PTO and/or PPTO that you can use for leave, sick leave, vacation, or other purposes. The amount you will receive depends on job category and seniority. Meets or exceeds paid sick leave laws where applicable. For more information about PTO, visit https://one.walmart.com/notices.

Live Better U is a Walmart-funded educational benefits program for full-time and part-time employees at Walmart and Sam's Club locations. Programs range from high school graduation to bachelor's degrees, including English language studies and short certificates. Tuition, books, and fees are paid in full by Walmart

Eligibility requirements apply to some benefits and may vary by job category and length of service. Benefits are subject to change and may be subject to specific plan or program terms. For information on benefits and rights, seeOne.Walmart.com

The hourly wage for this position ranges from $20.00 to $27.00** Actual hourly wage will be equal to or greater than the minimum wage required in the workplace.

Additional compensation includes annual or quarterly performance bonuses.

Additional compensation may be paid in the form of bonuses in amounts from $0.35 per hour to $3.00 per hour under certain circumstances. Premiums may be based on hours, facility, season, or specific work performed. Multiple contributions can be applied if the relevant criteria are met.

Minimum qualifications...

Below are the minimum qualifications required for this position. If none are listed, there is no minimum qualification.

Minimum Qualifications A valid state driver's license.
I understand that the position for which I am applying requires the successful completion of all required training and assessments within a specified time period if I am awarded the position.
You must be over 18 years old

Preferred grades...

Below are the optional preferred qualifications for this position. If they are not listed, then there are no preferred ratings.

Car service industry, retail experience

Main location...

1200 SOUTH HOVER, LONGMONT, CO 80501-0000, United States of America

About Sam's Club

Sam Walton opened the first Sam's Club in 1983 to meet the growing needs of customers who wanted to buy products in bulk. Since then, Sam's Club has grown rapidly, opening more than 600 clubs in the United States and 100 clubs around the world. By offering members affordable wholesale products, Sam's Club makes it easy for families and small business owners to save.

Sam's Club employs approximately 110,000 associates in the United States. The average club is 134,000 square feet and offers wholesale groceries and general merchandise. Most clubs also have specialized services such as a pharmacy, optical department, photography center or tire and battery center.

Sam's Club is an equal opportunity employer, by choice. We believe we are best positioned to help our associates, customers and the communities we serve live better lives when we really get to know them. This means understanding, respecting and valuing diversity – unique styles, experiences, identities, abilities, ideas and opinions – incorporating all people.

All the benefits you need for you and your family

  • Multiple health plan options including dental and vision plans for you and your dependents
  • Free membership and discounts on fresh produce
  • Financial benefits including 401(k), stock purchase plans, life insurance and more
  • Paid educational assistance with college degrees through our Vive Mejor U program
  • parental leave
  • Pay during military service
  • Paid time off: includes annual vacation, sick leave, and paternity leave
  • Short-term and long-term disability where you are unable to work due to injury, illness, or childbirth

Eligibility requirements apply to some benefits and may vary by job category and length of service. Benefits are subject to change and may be subject to specific plan or program terms. For information on benefits and rights, seeOne.Walmart.com/Beneficios.

  • On average, how long does it take to complete an application?

    On average, it takes 20-30 minutes to complete the application for the first time. Subsequent requests will take less time as our system saves some information about the request. Please note that some positions require assessments to be considered for the position. It would take extra time.

  • Can I change my application after I submit it?

    No, you cannot change your request after submission, so make sure everything is finalized before you hit the Submit button.

  • How do you protect my personal data?

    Paper information processing is minimal and Walmart processes the application information using an applicant tracking system (ATS). Access to data in the ATS is limited to authorized personnel and the system itself meets Walmart's high security standards.

  • What web browsers are recommended to apply for vacancies?

    • Internet Explorera 8.0+
    • Firefox 4.0+
    • Safari 4.0+
    • chrome 12+

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