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Shaped eyes. The shows we watched had their weaker sides. However, I was surprised by its resolution, second only to Sony. And a lattice image for daily viewing. good sharpness, and in the distortion test I saw about 360 lines of resolution. Among projection sets, I expected Sony to score best again. But the Sony image showed a high level of directivity. The biggest find was Sony's Magnaed, who became a great artist. I was If you got off axis or even got up, vox. It was the one I liked the most, the one that disappointed me the most. To be honest, I think Sony's brightness has dropped significantly. see. I got him second in a suit that wasn't the best. The image had a yellow stripe and evidence of distortion, and a third in a low tone that the controls couldn't. Quasar exhibited the same characteristic. In SMPTE resolution, contrast and red to improve. Despite this, Sony scored well in security tests. Its two "best" scores were among the best on the red purity test and the color purity test, the disk resolution test - I counted 370 lines - showed the most uniformity on both the level test and the white level. Red and white purity tests. hot spot in the middle of the screen. If I had to decide based only on what Sony got, the best picture on SMPTE was a bluish tint less pro-test, which TV I wanted to take home, one resolution test, and one second in sharp contrast than Sony's cast of yellow . Mitsubishi would win (although despite the clear image, I did count that the bump test showed Quasar's great resolution, only 340 lines). However, according to the hearing, Magnavox was WALL ST. ORDER FREE the one you prefer. —Jay Rosenfield 1-800-221-4090 CAMERA REPLACEMENT Among the three accepted transactions (except New York State orders) () () sets of positions, differences at 82 WALL ST. (cor.Wall &Mater} Photos & Video | STATES & INFO: - $212 - 344 - 0011 Max Allowed Picture quality |was easily perceived and two have BUY TODAY 10 to 3 FREE PARKING ON SUNDAYS design features that are intense Open daily 9am-6am Quasar was worst every Friday 9am-1am Closed Saturday Please note the remote has no controls for MAIL ORDER or brightness, contrast, etc. But even Wall St IPS cameras: Worse, you can't get far enough away from the screen to know how well you've positioned the Carries All RAEZt S3IT 6995. And you have to hold the spring-loaded door open. covering controls BCaatmtecroiresderFsor-VVCiRd'esO It's like holding a VCR on each panel with one hand while adjusting the room - no cost Controlling the second was annoying enough that I didn't care on the horizontal and vertical test grid. Other tests of RADAR 3160 (MICRO) 189°° matched Mae #1's actual viewing experience: color bars were muted and some: "SPECIAL, what off the record. Distortion mesh again | We're 24 BOY !fine creases at the edge of the image, and the color purity test showed a dull gray VIDEO ACCESSORIES Overall, produced an image whose colors were more dull or distorted than others, sometimes even blurry, and whose contrast and clarity (except BASIC ACCESSORIES Sarat.oaema.res) were inferior.O© UETxtFraITBattery _T—i«lStta-rA-Dll 0-59 te.8058VViedeo tLiete AACC-DC R1200 VHS Magnavox also suffered from low prices = !no color adjustments , brightness or contrast * Case « AZDEN SareeSimulator installers controls on the remote, creating the same Camera Ext Leading cable price! difficulties I experienced with Quasar + © ETxrtirpaod Video Tape System Miedremo-aWnines 25 ft. However, the image was much better. Check Price Transceiver Kit Even at the darker end of the spectrum, the color stripes on the covers of the VCR Microphone-WMS-10 were nice and bright. The color purity of the Yide0Prop FAMOUS was good, bright and even, though the reds on VHS HQ varied from orange to red, or the 9950 Video HeadCleaner GR-C7 VHS-C from angelic to pink, with more yellow than other full kits. . The mesh pattern showed some tears, but the overall image was warm and pleasant, with strong, rich tones. Telephoto 4299)9o85 VIDEO LIGHTS (Specty) 3big1s2.l08d F 7 lux, autofocus, only 98999 WA Tele Kit Video Camcorder lite eee Kable Sony is equipped with 2% e-hour recording remote control. allows adjustment of the SeS e image from the best viewing position and features Video Tele Cine oAnC-yDC49co9m5bo 10" tLaed _ onty 79990 WE CARRY continued on page 102 CONVERTER 5Dub Cables - Stereo ALL 3 17 Sold with AC only /RF Converts slides to videotape Bpereted ee adapter and battery © Panasonic s 14900 * Pentax Magnavox VHS Rewinder * Many others © Call GVHrS-.C 7810.7812- Shutter 1L/U1x0-0i0 Wireless Video _ KODAK MVS MODULAR VIDEO MICROPHONE System Premium Audio/Video Entertainment System 7995 MVS-3460 Auto Focus Camera MVS-3440 Manual Control Camera MVS-380 Stereo Tuner, 8 Event Tuner-Timer MVS-360 Stereo Auto Focus Camera MVS-5460 Reasonable too low for: MVS-550 AC Inverter/Charger 12980 Characters MVS- 80 Generator 11989 Advertise Call 2020 1188 eeRADIOS Offers: 19908 Sony Extended ITA-500 14288 Warranty Sony ITA-600 169° Special Purchase Tenba Camera Panasonic KXT 2345 5400 Casiotone Rine for $ 69.95 KXT 3135 7 7 CPS-2000 and he is a 'Oe Wey Board mini keyboard with purchase of KXT 1422 76 % guna ash 349\"Model 440 Camcorder and phone KXT 1426 KXT 2422 Freedom FF-1700 FF-5000 | Efroxercteeionvdeleyd 1$-1WY0:r. 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If you apply for a Visa or MasterCard $1V9ID.E9O 5 Division of D.B.M. Toll Free (orders only) CASSETTE REEL (212)695-0697Info/Local 800-223-6119 GE CONTROL ACCESSORIES FOR RECORDERS PPAVNASONOyIeC CENTRAL PANASONIC Video Light 39.95 JVC PIONEER 320 $g9°° Video Light 20 00 W 1 29. 95 HP 1360 19 9.95 PV 2700 229.95 XLV440 189.95 PD-M60 309.95' 879° So buy TV, 354.95 Azden-WMS-10 XLV700 339.95 CD, PV 1361 239.95 PV 3770 459.9 5 VCR or CATV CALL Converter PV 1363 237.95 PV 4750 CALL SONY TECHNICS under control. 254.95 PV 4760 CALL The GE PV 1364 454.95 Sony D10 224.95 SLP100 159.95 CALL SLP300 198.99 Control PV 1365 CALL PV 4770 652.95 \"SLP500 259.95 Switch 1284.95 PV 1 4 61 269 .95 PV 4780 929.95 PAVE LENS PV Remote PV 1560 299.95 8600 1129.95 AMBICO WALKMANS RAL JIT !S54° CALL PV 1563 399.95 PV 9600 CALL + FULL REMOTE CALL POSSIBILITY PV 1564 434.95 AG 24 00 CALL V -0100/AC 46.95 V-805/10AMP .59.95 AIWA SONY 5 74.95 AG 6400A 44 9.95 PV 1642 CALL V -0170/ AC-DC 59.95 V-0806/Kit 99.95 CALL PV 1742 729.95 AG 1950 579.95 V-0180/AC 29.95 V-0810/Decat .76.95 Aiwa HSJ-600139.95 WM-F 100 114.95 Package from 12 76 9. 95V -0185/AC 39 .95 HSJ-600A..149.95 WM 100 84.95 PANASONIC INDUSTR CALL V-0190/AC-DC 69.95 V-0815/Kit.. 109.95 WM-F 75 94.95 1. Camera 7. Power adapter A/ V 359.95 V-0200 /DC_.44.95 WM-F 200... 154.95 2. Battery 8. RCA lens hood 599.95 V-0817/Kit 139.95 HSJ-500 114 TOSHIBA CALL 3. Charger 9. Stand 332289529949.... 99995555 VVVMMMMTTTT 6655739 90500 LLAMA HSJ- 350 CALL 4. Belt 10. Cleaning head VMT 385 V-0819/Kit.. 155.95 WM-D6C JOB CALL 5. Blind tape 11. Copy cables VMT 390 289.95 6. Lens cap 12. Support VMT 395 589.95 V-0820, V -0821, V-0822 CALL MULTIBAND RADIO VMT 400 999.95 16.95 Super Duper 24.95 CALL Voltmeter 459.95 V-0680 34.95 SSSOOONNNYYY IIICCCFFF 772 066100000DA 21468999...999555, 849.95V - 0353 27.9 5 Sliding Tele CALL 49.95 V-0331 JVC Tele/Cinema 39.95 V-0614 57 , 95 255526999 ...999555 HHHRRRSDD-157075006 879.95 V-0330 49.95 1089.95 HRD 180 V-0612 39.95 TAPE VIDEO T120/L-750 OLYMPUS VX404 IN STOCK 4 70 879.9 5 HRD 566 849.9 5 Tripod TTraippeod MaVi-n0t5e1n6a1n7c9.e95Syst 79.95 Sony L500 3.09 Fuji T120 3.59 V-0530 8 9.95 V-0525 V-0518114.95 SONY 779.95 V- 0602 59.95 V-0604 Sony L750 3 .65 1120 SHG 4.95 3458C99A..L99L5 5 SSLLLL---HHHFFF-79T50700 759.95 V-0686 71.95 SL-HF450 1179.95 V-0670 7 4.95 42.95 L750 UHG 4.69 HRX 451 7 . 99 SL-HF650 99.95 SL-HF700 V-0687 59.95 V-0690 99.95 PRO L500 6.05 Maxell T-120 EX3.79 69 .95 V-0691 119.95 V-0692 8mm-90 6.95 T-120 HGX 4.79 RCA_CMR- 300 SL-HFR9O 334.95 SL-HF1000 8mm-120 7.79 T-120 Gold 5.49 FISHER 8mm Video Zoom Microphone 59.95 TDK-T120 3.60 RX PRO T-120 6 .79 CCCCAAAALLLLLLLL FFFFVVVHHHHV 99994598000 0 CCD Auto Focus Wireless Microphone 59.95 T-120 EHG 4.50 Scotch-EG 4.15 '749° FVH 4000 Fisheye 44.95 Macro 11.50 T DK- T120 Hi-Fi 4, 99 EG Plus 5.05 FVH 9 06 FVH 919 Close/Wide 39.95 TDK-T120 Pro .6.99 Scotch-EXG 6.25 FVH 920 Telephoto (First 5X). .89.95 Telephoto (2X)124.95 Konica CALL EXG-Hi-Fi 6.25 T-160 CALL Tape Hemispherical Lens 52.95 EXG-Camera . 7.50 124.95 CANON Special Effects Kit 124.95 EXG-PRO 7.80 79CC9AA.LL9LL5 VVVRRR---HHHFFF 677021000 Ultra Wide/Tele Kit Tele 29.00 Wide Angle 29.00 AUDIO TAPE Sgp Pe VME -1 Wide angle/telephoto kit 45.00 UDSII- 60 11 1111 .... ..414856595555 TTTTMMDDDDXXKKK--9--60SAA0SADDA----99660000 VC50A UDSII-90 *1039* VME-II 25' ext. cable _34.00 50' int. cable 59.00 XLII-60 2.10 2.35 XXXLLLIIIIIS-S-9-09600 - CANON VM-E2 VR 3220 ZENITH COOL LUX OLYMPUS'VX-801 VR 3300 556081994...999555 VVVHRM 567121000000 ELMO ECR- 8 VR 4100 74.95 C-4494 PANASONIC TELEPHONE& 12-piece pack NIKON UN-800 94.95 C-4496 CHINON ForPrice NEC 49.95 SONY CCD-V110 C-4499 MINOLTA CR 8000 CALL PENTAX PVC-800A 1156517999...999555 VOD- XX 3021000000 BESCOR ANSWERING MACHINES 1. Camera 7. AIV Adapter 961 NC -2 59.95 VA-8025 109.95 KXT-3842 94.95 2. Battery 8. Lens Cap 965 EX-5 89.95 VA-8045 139.95 KX-T2135 72.95 Lens V-20 NC-5 CALL WA-5O0 . 69.95 VA-8465 79.95 KX-T2345 54.95 3. Battery charger 9. HP-3 stand 64.95 VA-8265 62.95 KXT-2422 129.95 HM-5 79.95 TP- lens 15 69 .95 KXT 1412 54.95 KX-T2622 1 29.95 4. Strap 10 Head Cleaner PRB-6 CALL KXT 1427 92.95 KX-T2620 104.95 TOSHIBA VES-012 CALL HM-3 Lens 59.95 KXT 1622 69.9 5KX-T2420 102.95 5. Blank tape _—'_11. Bent cables PRB-10 CALL VTW-3 49.94 KX-T3160 129.95 KX-T1421 67.95 6. Lens cap 12. Bracket 5900 524.95 DX-3 Tripod 2901 84.95 KX-T1624 72, . 4599..9955 VT-1570 429.95 VM 5000 VL-100 44.95 VT-1720 519.95 VTR-90 digital tripod 99.95 PANASONIC VTR-F2 CAMERAS 104.95 PANASONIC PRINTED CAMERAS FRED! 79.95 V-612A 104.95 PC-10 369.95 PC-14 444.95 PV 100 4A - 4 HOURS V-800A 39.95 PC-20 669.95 PK FUSE 452 374.95 PV-220 FRED II 104.95 V-633 PC-3 539 .95 PC-25 509.95 PK 959 679.95 PV-300 V-634 119.95 Mini Sorter 389.95 PC-5L 999.95 $69.95 PK 980 PV -100 FRED Ill 117.95 All Products 57 .95 194.95 Fax Telephone WV 3250 TALK CAMERA V-604A Enhan 89.95 VIDEO LITE CMR-300 & AC/DC 729.95 WV 3260 V-615A 134.95 TRIPOD e Includes GR-C7U Velbon RCA VIDEO ENHANCERS CALL 250W AC Lamp CCD-V8 Dolly Heavy Duty 45.00 RM-E100V 100W DC Lamp 999.95 CPR-100 MFJ-1445 IN MFJ -1452 Cullman CALL $69.95 J VC MFJ -1450. STOCK MFJ-1480 STOCK $869.95 GR-C9U VIDICRAFT 120VF SLIK BOGEN $9295 } Accessories in stock 122VF CCU-120 CALL PLAYRIGHT . CALL 212VF 44.95 3118 199.95 SONY Detailer III CALL 322VF 64.95 3131 144.95 Detailer IV CALL Proc. To VHS-C SHOWTIME KIWI-TENBA-LOWE PRO IV Adapter. Battery 8. Lens cap. Charger 9. Tripod Minolta C-: 3300 VSEC-4 CALL 7010 CALL AMBICO, BESCOR CALL JVC GRC-7U GP-1 CALL SM-1R CALL Recorder bags from 34.00 Strap 10. Cleaning head Zenith 6200 VC-1 CALL 2000 CALL Blank Tape 11. Dub RCA Cables CPR- 100 7100 CALL 277 CALL Camera Bags From 34.00 12. Panasonic PV100 1700 COPY GUARD CALL Tripod Bags 12.95 Magnavox Escort CE 9712 HYBRIDS Lens Cap . JNC IVC GRC-9U Surround Sound. . JVC-470 419.95 “WE ARE SATISFIED JVC-570 674.95 ALSO THANKS TO CUSTOMERS FOR VIDEO TRANSFER DAY TELE CINEMA MORE THAN | PRICE YOUR HONESTY BUT | RECEIVED THE CAMERA IN 3 DAYS. I AM STILL WAITING FOR Goko A RETURN OF ANOTHER SHIPMENT FROM Tamaron HOME. Sincerely, ELMO A.C. -MARION, MASS NEW Transvideo R8 SERVICE New York Chamber from Monday to Friday, 9:00-19:00. NEW Transvideo S8 131 West 35th Street Sunday 10:00-17:00 NEW Transvideo 16 CONSUMERS New York 10001 (cpposienseys NEW Transvideo' 35 WORLDWIDE ETC-III-TELE-SCREEN SEND CERTIFIED CHECK OR MONEY ORDER FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT PRO WANT TO WAIT BANK COLLECTION DE 30 DÍAS 16CL-TC-(5 flutes) PCriAceLL SE HABLA ESPANOL ST 180 ETC-8mm OSNOMEPERPSROICNEASL MCAHYECRKESFLESCHTIPRPEIBNAGTE& HCAANSDELIQNUGANTIUM-ROENFLUYNDPARBILCEES NGOOTODRETSILPLON3SrId BOLFEMOFNOTR H TYAPL OLGRPARIPCHE ISCA&L AVEAIRLRAOBIRLSI ST 180 ETC-SUPER 8 T S SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE CONSUMER MATTERS # 8000831 Photos only for reference Buhl Mobil, multiplexer Buhl Biplexer Buhl Adj. Proj. Stands

It is the Coast Guide New York Palladium with video banks of 25 monitors. 54 Video July 1987

cool fire hit the hot nightclubs. TV screens, once used in bars only to broadcast Friday night fights or Sunday afternoon football games, are now the main sources of entertainment in some of the nightclubs in most modern dance and music in the country. In fact, any club without video seems strangely quiet and a bit boring these days. Drinking surrounded by high-tech, looking with one eye at your loved one and seeing flashing images overhead with the other: this is 80s entertainment. We asked veteran clubbers and top VJs - "video jockeys", people who create They edit and schedule films in clubs across the country about their favorite places. Below are the top ten video strip recommendations from coast to coast (and miles beyond). Since opening two years ago, this massive hangout for Manhattan's celebrity elite has become the granddaddy of video stores. With its spectacularly lit, dramatic interior architecture (imagine the Emerald City built around a gym on the planet Dune) and video banks of 25 monitors roaming freely above the crowds, it's a mecca for the visually overstimulated arts and world. of the Show. Lead VJ Tim Surmelioglu mixes tapes by neo-expressionists like Eric Fischl and David Salle with ambient imagery and found footage from public sources. Because DJs and VJs work with separate controls, the music and video images are not always related, but Tima and his team try to match the rhythm of the images to the melody. Walking into the club to see the video setup is the hardest part: One in three potential customers is turned away by pushy bouncers. Everywhere you look inside this immaculate white-walled temple, you'll see screens: 34 constantly-on monitors line the entrance hall, stacked next to a small stage, and sit on huge blocks circa July 1987. Video 55

Wa)BESTVIDEO NIGHTCLUBSIAMERICA, dance floor. Whether you're showcasing a dance floor or smaller monitors, constantly come up with innovative ways to install in the back room and on top of your music video presentation. Dance videos of Les Wright and Tom from the current Stairs Bar. A big plus here is the warm, non-plastic friendly, neighborly atmosphere of John Petropoulos (also co-owners). Hofessa despises Top 40 and MTV and club tunes, or uses them as lighting effects for live logograms, illuminated storefronts, welcoming regulars applaud his dedication to new acts, the monitors never stopping. Early chairs and many tables make great music. During a night of dancing on the video bar screen, images can be deliberately stored in the drop down bar and the most popular video spot. the floor is just slightly larger than a size ten, brilliant for encouraging dancing; Like a nocturnal shoebox and it's always full. It's small, it's hard to find and that's for sure - recent events - animation fest and progress screens go dark at times without frills - but the VJs in this paradise for the Big Few have videotaped the cutting edge art that shows the black to stop the action before D trendinistas, artists and local musicians will be programmed with music. Motto here: "Video is an attraction, not a distraction." Presentation of a new song. VJs Keith and Jacobson and Sean Fernald, both formerly of Hula's and The Wave in Honolulu (see Like the Palladium, it's a stomp below), specialize in combining spots for publicity seekers, new financial opportunities for images of several different offspring and less royalty with washed hair and tight leather suits. sources. If, for example, the song lyric men- Designed by French architect and furniture designer Philippe Starck, the club has two places to watch movies. Also, the entrance to the unisex bathroom is lined with monitors, with each cubicle having a screen hanging from the ceiling (often showing a haunting tape of a single blinking eyeball). The new video bar at the bottom is a place for cowboys, some screens may show footage of an old west gunfight and other rodeo footage. The images separate, connect, rotate and overlap to the rhythm of the music. The guys in the booth know exactly where to find every tape in their constantly updated library of computer inventory. { There's nothing particularly creative about this popular Georgetown hangout, but the selection of the latest rock music videos draws a crowd of college students on the subway. The music leans towards progressive music, with a bit of go-go and rap on the weekends. Two 8-by-10-foot projection screens are displayed on 56 Video, July 1987

Each club has its own perspective on video and uses everything from clips from blockbuster movies to found footage to entertain and tease. Video hot spots (next page, eerie darkness removed from the 11pm din, VJ Shelley Howard coming clockwise from left) New York rock and rowdy crowds above. Dave's energy as a VJ and the role of a more popular chart-topping partner: City's Private Eyes, Dallas' Video Hynds and Suze Riddle all work for big riyals. He is an expert in "image sequencing": Bar, Starck Club in Dallas. Above, a library of art videos, many of which feature images flashing from screen to screen in the Starck Club's video bathroom; when creating and are willing to choose the unusual "within a second to make it feel right, First Avenue in Minneapolis." the art of training” and humorous visuals touring the room. reissued canned home movies Moviegoers will recognize Video Metro as material provided by a record label. the nightclub where Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett perform Light of Day. BERLIN, Chicago FIRST AVENUE, Minneapolis Hipster clubbers flock to this cutting-edge dance club to listen to the music lineup Best known as Prince's hometown of unknown underground hits, hangouts, the VJs at this club are famous for Pavarotti arias, Robert Palmer, original videos Patsy creates for Cline's visitors and Broadway performances. bands like U2, The Chameleons and These are visually supported by the wild Ramones. During pre-recorded music nights, edited collages of footage from big and bad studio video releases are interspersed with home movies, ambient scenes, and works by local visual artists. Roy Freedom schedules artists, old music videos and new news versions to generate action on the dance floor. The decor changes completely to a wild crescendo. First Avenue serves every 90 days. Berlin seats 50 people, but it can be a different crowd every night; every few press another 200; months in the outdoor patio, the bars are moved from one side to the other as it provides respite. This club the whole club is remodeled. has a consistent and loyal following among those who demand change and innovation at REVOLVER every step of the way in Los Angeles. There's no dancing in this West Holly: VIDEO METRO, Chicago's wooden wonder, just wall-to-wall video. The small club, the inspiration for New York's cavernous three-story complex Private Eyes, showcases music from "one block from Wrigley Field, presents the adventure ten of the future" and hosts a variety of music videos and live music. Three theme nights. On Mondays, there are alternate 9-by-12-foot screens and 12 smaller moni-musicals (mostly British bands that just smash the floors are scattered around the club in two in the US) and visual effects, lighting levels, and lobbies. unusual. Early Night is years ahead of MTV. Tuesday is the wheel of time to listen to new and unknown music; continued on page 102 July 1987 Video 57

='-dSAO-OINHSH€HL3OO4LLYHdLd9VFHISNTI 58 Video July 1987

HOW VIDEOTAPE REALLY WORKS Basic Differences Between VHS, Beta, and 8mm A Long Time Ago | it turned out that the coil of a vinyl record must be healthy. Neers, working with the likes of Ernie, developed 35mm film stock. With Kovacs wanting to capture the shows curiosity I brought it out and if my young son ever wants to watch a movie unfold in pieces he found out it was a scene from my VCR he'll have magnetic tape. with a magnetic point that allowed im Casablanca, a series of photos to see exactly where the signals were recorded. Bogart and Bergman, each painting almost a more difficult task. They not only cannot be seen, but are carefully cut between identical to the previous ones. If I didn't have the picture and sound on the videotape, but if I knew the magnetic tracks with a razor and knowledge, I could just tape the pieces together, look at the part, realize that the cassette is doing its job, you can't even open the commands they wanted how the videos work: the action is the flip to watch the tape. But children cleverly divided into small pieces, with enough gears to face the tape, must experiment. If we were to tint today's videotape, we would poke holes to help line up each frame. The same disappointment I felt when I also saw where the image is, and with the sinuous line that looks like the grooves in the unrolled scroll of my dad's unrolled scroll, we were able to deduce where the sound should be. Snapshots and it turned out that there is nothing on the course that we would not yet see the photos in BY to see. In the early days of videotape, S PoVhv = N FOR BI $ Jul 1987 Video 59

Video Tape Comparison of Three Tape Formats Guard Band/Video Tracks Unused Space Audio Tracks Digital Audio Band Guard Band Right Audio Left Audio Guard Band Video Track Control Guard Band Track Audio Track Tracks video Guardband control tracks regularly spaced network pulses: streaks across the VCR's tilting and rotating head encoded into a waveform. Instead, 0.5558 mm in SP and 0.1853 mm in EP. drum. These roads advance upwards with a highly revealing route. Like gear holes in a movie, five degrees to the left. Seeing each track tells us a lot about how the video track tells the VCR where each frame "running half the circumference of the videotape" actually works, and the differences in picture information. drum, nearly four inches, and a mix of VHS, Beta, and 8mm formats. contains all the image information necessary for In addition, if we place a second Just above the control track, separate describe the even or odd scan value of the tape in each format next to a 0.15mm blank guard band wide, these are excerpts from the time Ernie Kovacs could record tracks. They're featured on tape continued on page 106 see how far the video era has come. Super Tape Handling The Kovacs tape would be two inches wide and 15 inches long. VHS Tape Two new developments: Super Spectrum but FM Luminance, which is half an inch wide and about 1-1/3 luminosity, signal ranges from 5.4 to 7 inches long at SP speed. Beta VHS and extended definition BemegaHertz. A standard VHS tape, also half an inch wide, would have a lower luminance signal 3.4 to 4 than an inch long at Beta II speed. The ones set to rock the 8mm tape world would be less than a third of a MHz. Although a standard VCR will be an inch wide and just over half an inch long for home video. This is how a videotape can track a Super VHS tape, it won't have SP speed. you will not be able to play the tape because any of these handle format updates will look for a brightness signal on the amount of tape needed to record in the wrong place. the given number of programs has a plum - video and audio information: meted. Although some image sharpness may have been lost, the current formats of all Super-VHS tapes resemble the normal Beta format. It will come in color as standard and the 8mm one has two more VHS channels except that its finish is louder. More important, thoughtful for consumers. The gloss is due in part to the _ size cassettes, they use metallic particle tape formats, they record signals in diagonal stripes like 8mm instead of oxide tape like long play tape, in features (smaller particles and calendar higher) Super VHS, VHS and Beta Tape and tick pattern responsible for many runs at Beta II and Beta III speeds. Characteristics that the formats have. We will polish, we will polish. A magnetized luma signal will look like an FM signal like VHS, Beta and 8mm, actually between 6.8 and 8.6 MHz. Work by ED Beta. _ the clues are still seme. High-end devices will be able to record and play back Hi-Band SuperBeta signals on standard TRACKS & FIELDS tapes that have o1 (o) audio tracks: Beta tape but conventional Beta decks Starting from the bottom edge of the VHS tape Formono or stereo will not be able to to play or record an ED and moving up, we will notice a gear that resembles Beta cassettes. control track with a width of 0.75 mm. It has the same interr Ot - Lancelot Braithwaite 60 Video Jul 1987 with perhaps a son...additional cues for the VAS: and the VISS marker locating systems available on the latest VHS recorders. Video tracks slanted at the same angle continue with: | edge spacing: "The AM chroma or ee signal is in the same place on the lower end

COMOvoslo, POLYCHROME Birthdays, ball games, performance and durability of boyfriends and girlfriends. Unique memories you can relive over and over again with [achieved by ultra-thin magnetic Scena Videotape, which steals scenes on cross-linked molecules on a proprietary camera or home video recorder. Expecting daughter, Astroll polyester film. This unique emotion of the son and the joy of the mother \\ tape technology, developed by reproduction in realistic colors. And our superior high-fidelity audio capabilities, valued at $3 billion from Korea's Kolon Group, deliver exceptional audio clarity. With the wishes of a child. A whispered Y virtually eliminates gaps. It all adds up to high quality at a low price. Scene videotape is an exceptional value. s=scenes= SCENE:5 VIDEO TAPE To save a memory - |SFART OF ITI Steals The Scene _ WEAR stories of family and friends join ONSOR scene O Rolga Snead inc. scene stealers O1L9Y8MP8ICSEGOAUMLES 1F8ai0rfPiaelsds,aicNJAv07e0n0u6e Additional information can be found in circle 16 on the reader's service card.

YOQVVIVIVIOVO VSQVQOVIO VGOOOOIO VQVUOQOQVOGQO0000 © : VIDEO RETAILERS Having trouble finding a copy of VIDEO at your local newsstand? Want to know where to send a friend to get a copy? The following list will help: This is a list of retailers across the country that offer at least 20 copies of the VIDEO each month. ALABAMA INDIANA Video Headquarters, Keene Visual Adventures, Parma Video Village, Mobile Mr. Video, Franklin Home Video Shop, Seabrook Visual Adventures, Akron ARKANSAS Mr. Video East, Indianapolis NEW JERSEY Video Library, Canton Video Biz, Portage Spectrum Video, Ashland Video Vision, Monticello Merrillville Video, Merrillville Video Plus, Cliffside Park Home Video Library - Milford Br., Milford National Video, North Little Rock Video Biz, Elkhart Valley Video Center. of Clifton, Clifton Video Flicks, St Bernard Movie Mart Video Rental, Ft. 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— the new format will follow current trends — it is still the format of choice for people. These (full-size) Compact LaserDiscs (CLDs) store video, then audio, and for copy protection. Benefits for sensitive eyes. Super VHS and perhaps with a total playing time of 54 minutes, 30 subformats VHS HQ and its sure ED Beta will compete, but laser-adjusted seconds: more than double that of CD-V. They can accommodate all the visual upgrades compatible with LP audio mats from years ago. There are two or three more related video clips. they were undermined by Macrovision. more fun with video than well-recorded Predictions. Super VHS will gradually gain acceptance alongside conventional VHS, with its fine details and deep VHS blacks. The programming industry will groan, but it will get over it. ED Beta will preach about copy protection, perhaps with many operational features. Whether it has been converted to Beta, or even not all; 8mm is supposed to be a built-in chip; it remains to be seen what Super VHS will look like with cameras and not programming. tortured for example, see Criterion's Black LaserVision press, com-Beta will make new friends among fans of exclusive CDs. Visible improvements to Orpheus (color) and Swing Time (black and bin players to feed, but more people will be interested in the best son, SuperBeta, more powerful than HQ, but white). VHS recording format than the best optical playback format. Super VHS will drop below Super VHS - it did little to play the CD. Phenomenally successful digs are widening the gap between good-looking and bad-looking cassettes, and viewers of tapes, Beta Verse, a seemingly inexorable retail audio format, become laser-short viewers in front of them, will begin to pay more attention to the quality of the wedge Sony talks about another attempt to print video using a single video CD, video transfer and the source elements used for it. Proof of Beta's dwindling fortunes will be a CD-sized CD running five minutes. Did I mention it's all for ED Beta? Video of "Extended Definition" and 20 minutes of audio. Magnamats, subformats and variations that the acronym probably equates to the acronym vox will usher in Compact Disc Video, or will they be obsolete by the time HDTV arrives? Hey, get those Super VHS down, but also at the expense of full-fledged players that will also play standard rotten audio tomatoes! compatibility. CDs and all kinds of LV. Pioneer, which Vestron will offer Blake Edwards' That's Life this month but which Platoon and Sony are rumored to present, already sells Hoosiers LV/CD (but not CD-V). The studio is struggling with film production, the new Beta ED Beta/Su-player will introduce a new entity, the company, accusing it of "ill will". to VHS size when he introduced the CLD-1010 to cover all of the above. Readers have been asking for years when the Avengers will be filmed. SuperBeta, but opted to keep the CD-V instead, is actually a variation of the first two six episodes that HBO/Cannon released this month, with full support for Woody Al. When ED Beta will update the subformats. Hannah's and her sisters' software division of Sony Len. CBS/Fox is selling seven other titles on Woodyly, not sure yet, but it was the first to feature the Allen Collection shorts, including Annie Hail, for $19.98 each. the technology exists. eos a few years ago with Video 45 Sony's /apanese - The Spoken Lan- Officially almost as many titles are series (Originally invented as a way to plug in the indicator, they should be popular titles with video execs and gray market consumers available in beta according to VHS: 38,704 in Beta Hi-Fi). Pioneer Programming Department - External Relations: Releases from last June. Yet few retailers were the first to release the $29.95 Embassy Short International Collection, including the one missing from (literally) Jacques Tati's Beta, video discs with digital audio included. comedy, Jour de Fete and Haunted Hiroshima, my love by Alain Resnais, about a Franco-Japanese romance in the middle of the ruins, and even by special order. difficult. Some publishers have the title Obscuro of the Month: /x has been withdrawn from Beta, just as Prism did with Name Only. Cary Grant and Carole Lombard prove that a great performance can buy an $11.95 video collection. ED Beta is even the cheesiest script, while RKO proves that black and white can shine without it; that is unlikely to change. Disney has many short forms of colorization or Macrovision. Regards 8mm. Two years after the introduction - for all comers. Because of this, the 8mm format is still hard to consider as serial wonders in its latest cartoon classics as a pre-recorded show format. Lesson.HHSEOESHHCSeHEHSEOSHEOESEHSEHEeECHEHSEEEOEEESHHE You can have any of the five volumes. There are only 125 titles available, according to umes (Mickey, Donald et al.) for Emi-Weiner, and most major labels are reasonably priced at $14.95, which is too much to demonstrate any great product at $74.95. Also recommended for children: commitment. The smaller format of Sing Along Songs for the same price has never surpassed the quality of standard or Beta VHS, let alone their enhanced versions. The sheer size helped it find a niche as a camcorder format, but Compact VHS challenged its projected primacy in this domain. laser vision. The surviving video disc format (after CED's demise) has yet to see modest success as an alternative for videophiles. Image enhancements in LV (referred to as "lasers") will soon arrive in the form of improved (but compatible!) hardware. Models like the Pioneer LD-S1 (see "Videotests", June 1987) will provide a distinctly cleaner image than previous laser players. I saw the S1 demo back in January; in my many years of experience with this format, it has never looked so good. Classic Donald Duck cartoon. The S1's digital chips extend the special effects associated with the Show White clipping CAV subformat and others (perfect stills, silent slow motion, etc.) to longer CLV discs. mmm classic. Just follow the head of the mouse that jumps and sings. With approximately 2,000 titles available, Laser EEoCeSHEoOSTeTEMESeEEEEEOEEeEDEEDOSEESRE 64 Video July 1987

DYLFOM THEATER MAKERS The men, including pianist Bud Powell, immigrated to Paris in search of a more hospitable and less racist environment. \"Round Midnight uses the fictional story of an improbable, near-collapsing friendship that Powell developed with a young artist fascinated by jazz as a way of paying homage to the smoky be-bop of the day. Dexter Gordon performing solo on his life as the aging alcoholic Dale Turner, Powell's understudy in the film.The artist Francis Borier (Cluzet) in the film befriends Turner and eventually brings him in. At the cost of his relationship with his own daughter, Borier helps Turner to straighten out and even start writing again with work like Cruise, Mastrantonio and Oscar winner Newman in The Color of Money Good job Turner returns to New York, Borier in the lobby to visit his people Then the script ( author of the novel Richard Neglected His Daughter and Picked Some 1986. Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, Mary Price) follows the cue ball alongside pieces of his former life. Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Helen Shaver; Pocket. Instead of deepening the character of dir. Martin Scorsese; Get marry. Ricardo Price. Other conflicts, the video ends in Soapy as it sounds, not Glycerin 119m. $89.95. Touchstone. Image: ok. . unrealistic past, leaning on superficial tears. Gordon checks his. shine and shine Kinematografia will be a wonderful acting debut like those who remember Robert Ros. Wraith, with a slow, gritty delivery that will be Sen's 1961 classic The Hustler. He is so nice that he distracts, and the EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE The riffs he is sharing. The even . They are forced. For Scorsese, that's mediocre, he talks three-quarters of the time, and he pulls it off. an effort that he cries out for inner impotence: he feels that he has brought a painful part of himself. Brave bull pact. Turner's own life. . . Newman won an Oscar for more... Two dozen classic and original compositions. As a Hollywood treat for long series, he adds excitement and disappointed longing for the sequel. The Color of ..* Money lacks depth and drama .. . . original, moving and sad tragedy o°. the player's underworld. It's new. the film - brilliant, neat, optimistic - simply lacks...: realism. original. Vice: He's infinitely better on earlier characters that he can barely articulate. Almost all of them are performed by Gordon and the music - The first half hour of Color of Money. movies like Hud and Hombre, not to mention the entire cast that includes Herbie Hancock, . Ron Carter, Bobby Hutcherson, and Wayne Shorter. Various options make promises great. Quick Eddie Felson. Swindler. Approaching this drama: The story resonates, as with "How Long. Has This Been Going On" by George and (Newman), a retired, trickster, pool trickster. tick level in some scenes here, but Ira Gershwin frames the Lonette episode. McKee as Lady Turner. "Happiness", needles from Carmen (Mastrantonio) to . can't stand the height A rookie like Turner tells Borier, "he's a wet junk." . convince her boyfriend Vinnie (Cruise) of. Mastrantonio is good; Cruise is just a video version that looks good and . sounds better. With the brilliant result of it. thrown by mistake. — Doug Garr and moderate dialogue, that's a set of recordings, even for money. Eddie says Car-. . men that earning money is better. . to win it, but actually he uses Vin-. . not as a way to regain youth. IN . 1986. Dexter Gordon, Francois Cluzet; . . representing this world of go-getters, dir. Bernardo Tavernier. 131m. (R) Hello Saint. Scorsese entertains his audience with nerds. cc (Also available with Spanish subtitles, offering brilliant cinema with great im-+. V only) $79.95. LV CX St CC $39.98. old age. (Vinnie works at Child World Warner. Photo: good. Audiophiles may want to have them. He "sells" toys to concerned parents.)

Bob Hoskins (left) stars with Michael Caine and Cathy Tyson in Mona Lisa. Looking down at his sullen glasses, he says, "I'm dead." Unlike his cellmates, who, unsure of the beauty of Nat King Cole's songs, idly think of being framed, Roberto accepts his guilt (for self-defense murder - 1986. Bob Hoskins, Cathy Tyson, Mi - in the soundtrack and on the magazine page) but I feel justified. By law, he is chael caine; wr./dir. Neil Jordan. 104m. in Roberto's Naive Odyssey by Hi St $89.95. HBO/Cannon. Photo: Image pasted to the side of Tho-world, others are too busy with themselves, okay. tired or stupid to watch. This is Roberto, massive refrigerator. They both point out that Jore-Poerrnaeteusrealeleye, rewsheoce, discovers a way out of prison for an ex-prisoner (Hoskins). who foolishly falls for a shipper who is aware of how a mysterious erotic prostitute (Tyson) is being driven. before. A pitcher that touches on issues of race, class and sexuality moves the action into surreal relationships. To keep these weighty issues alive. But the film itself—a gently slow pace, dragging the trio through the relentless momentum of a cinematic quagmire that alternately feels like a concrete, suspenseful plot—attests to the subtlety highlighted by George eeerseseienstrcaece's wet happy ending. Here, the film succumbs to the skill of director Neil Jordan and his dramatic tension; when the plot needs the sensitivity of its actors. happy - describes the inevitable disappointment, nothing pushes him. George's endearing working-class storylines from the big misguided romance Stranger than Paradise made a clumsy, and Simone, "tall, skinny black, surprisingly original world by subverting tart," make an odd, edgy couple. while and increasingly broad horizons of the simple splendor of cinema; While editing the film, George falls more and more in love with illegal cartoons. Down by Law is Simone, her feelings turn to Cathy ple love. —Anthony DeCurtis much more familiar. Considering re- (Kate Hardie), Benigni, the 15-year-old street cool and Robby Muller's hooker that he used to work with. 1986. BEW. John Lurie, Tom Waits, Rock - camera work, very bad. Simone's stranger convinces George to help her with Berto Benigni, Ellen Barkin; wr./dir. Jim paradise conquered style; He finds Cathy: an activity that concerns Jarmusch. 107m. (R) Hi St cc $79.98. The law finally succumbs to him. the wrath of Martwell (Caine), Key's boss. Image: ok. Hiring prostitution ring - John Leland im. "It's a sad and beautiful world," says CecreereerReoebeeereteoes (rBeesniegrneie) eeinspeheoneeeteieceeEensgeliesehs in 1986. Jane Fonda, Jeff Bridges, Raul Jul- Mona Lisa derives her aunt's burden of time from her; directed by Sidney Lumet. 102m. (R) Hello for the vivid contrast of her entry on Down by Law. $79.95. Charles. Image: ok. George's warm, everyday relationship - And all the while, Jim Jarmusch's black ships - with his teenage daughter (Zoe and the white film try to capture sadness - The thing about escapist movies is Nathenson) and best friend Thomas provide An Escape (Robbie Coltrane) - and Grim, luxurious and beautiful, this simple-minded waif is for the audience, not the director and our world of drugs, demeaning sex and the world. throw. In Sidney Lumet's Sleepwalking Organized Crime. The exotic Simone ini - The Morning After, seems to draw George into a decadent style. Like its predecessor, Stranger than the filmmakers took the day off, leaving us upward mobility - buys him a fantasy paradise, Down by Law is The story of the search for fuels the suspense with this garment and introduces you to its elegant and undernourished secret. atmosphere. The mistaken identity caused by two delusional petty con artists is only resolved when the limits of their greatness and the foreigner they are being pushed. The film begins with Vivec (Fonda), the feelings become clear. The B-movie actress of her emotionally alcoholic romance is finally forged, not in her romance. Jack Romano (Lurie), CeOeemetOeerePerboryearnetrlyertearceksyebrleoendeeehsaeire, eweaekeiensgeruep siensaesesese George wishes, but in his efforts to please a small New Orleans pimp, he visits a strange bed with an unsettling amount to stay alive. blood on the sheets. After getting drunk in a dingy hotel room with a notice that he had blackouts, he doesn't think about going to the market. As a member of last night or you recognize the story in two ways: at an unexpected moment as he begins his presentation, the cops burst in on the guy with the kitchen knife stuck in, turn on the lights, and find the baby lying down. her chest, lying next to her. Ella Ceoereeteheesebeeds.eseMpeeaenewshisleee, eceZack (Waits), performs undignified morning ablutions, jobless, alcoholic neo-beatnik and calls out to her ex-husband, Jackie (Julia), whose advice the disc jockey, suspiciously brilliantly agrees to pounce on mercy of the law. . high fee for driving a stolen car Instead, she goes to the airport and catches the first flight out of town, but it's Thanksgiving, on the other side of town; when the police catch him, all the flights are booked. After some time, they find a dead body in the trunk. A little commotion in the parking lot, slips eeCeoemreienteeeeaeeneeoepseenesejaslsopeye, sewsheiecsh belongs to Zack, and Jack ends up in the same pri- Turner (Bridges), a redneck, ex-cop. He takes her back to the city, where her son's movie cell, where the two actors break conventions, after several failed attempts, shows a movie with the inevitable course of the movie: they fall in love. bohojailbird poses and style. Then Lumet does not introduce any addition - Roberto joins them. "If looks can kill" are all significant characters. In a cast of three, the identity of the killer cannot be hidden from anyone but Fonda. 66 Video July 1987

(Lumet almost immediately dismisses the possibility that she could have done this.) Ten minutes into the movie, the only mystery remains whether Fonda's haircut is a wig or just a dye. The characters find no clue, and when the solution finally arrives, the twist that gives the killer a motive seems undeserved. Most of Lumet's best work (12 Angry Men, Dog Day Afternoon, The Verdict) avoids personal statements, but he's usually good for admirable formal training. In The Morning After he does not respect the form and transmits the secret without stealth. It is better to run away from this movie than with it. —John Leland 1986. Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas; Directed by Jeff Kanew. 103 minutes (PG) Hi St. $79.95. "Lost Horizon" - old Hollywood in its most ridiculous and spectacular form. Touchstone. Image: excel. For those hoping for two classic legends, a dying star movie run with a virtual transcendence run in another Frank, and a comedic meditation on time and a dying gunslinger, Tough Guys presents Capra. In Lost Horizon, Colman should skip this and hire the Atlantic of two old pros who pull off both heists and Robert Conway, the British envoy to China City. This poorly executed romp that seems about as natural as leading a hijacked Tibetan religion doubles as a dinner visit to the police. Unfortunately for the mom who hopes to succeed at her 2 of hers Academy.Simply put, the other guests at the table are a tall plaid aged llama. The Plane It Carries While it's not fair to judge the polished buffoons in plaid suits preparing you for a lush, secluded mountainside, the tough guys for what it's not, would be with lampshades. : framed "Shangri-La" also brings a much nicer no-be-be to face what it is: Douglas and Lancaster played a happy capitalist, a woman with a deadly childish caricature of bird droppings, and together in other six movies. I hope they suffer from lung disease and a curmudgeonly paleontologist from Caey. His spiritual journeys, along with open-hatch jokes, built on the improbable, make one more good before retirement. technical legal problems and extreme tough guys suck, guys. Colman creates a lot of funny and tense twists. The only thing that happens: Frank Lovece subplots. Incredible? your bets Lost Ho-bo is a quirky camaraderie between the reeeereeerriezeoenseeissessled Hollywood in his own goofy way, Lancaster, and Douglas as Harry Doyle, the most spectacular and well-intentioned. and Archie Long, two seventy-year-old B&Ws. 1937. Ronald Colman, Jane Capra maintains a high level of visual lyricism with the help of the lovely Jane released after serving 30 years in prison: Wyatt, John Howard, Edward Everett tences. Naturally, one of the first things was Horton, Sam Jaffe; Directed by Frank Capra. Wyatt and the dapper Colman, led by excavation director Jeff Kanew, are 450 feet apart. Hello $29.95. RCA/Colombia. It impresses with exotic decorations with its two Englishmen. age: good Public school accent and good courtesy When they're together, Burt Nine years before Jimmy Stewart's bad manners. Capra's Hollywood utopia is magical, and Kirk is magical. Like John Wayne's film about life in the well-endowed Jt's a Wonwell and, despite its benevolent portrayals of likeable Asians, the last film, The Shootist, which was a parallel: Derful Life, Ronald Colman fought for a energetic Eurocentric. The Grand Lama, the dying architect of the commune, is actually a 200-year-old Belgian priest (who would expect "ordinary Asians" to build their own: Shangri-La?). On the other hand, there is no point in expecting Hollywood to be anything more than Eurocentric. The nitrate negative of this exotic work died before 1967; Later: Renovation Cutout Material Appeared: From Various Prints. As such, image quality ranges from good to barely noticeable, with plenty of bumps related to: missing frames, and one main sound: fading. Freeze Frames and Photos: Fill in the occasional gaps where moving images are missing for a full 132-minute soundtrack. The pauses are distracting, a shame because it's a beautiful film, but they can be forgiven in certain circumstances. Almost everything - in this fragile and stupid sympathy can be forgiven. A bit funny though Jul 1987 Video 67

1986. Colin Friels, John Hargreaves, Lindy Davies; directed by Nadja Tass. 84m. (PG-13) $79.98. Westron. Image: ok. Although everyone in this widely publicized Australian whimsical comedy speaks English, American ears are sometimes forced to use reverse scanning. A slow-paced story of a dorky scholar (Friels) who takes in a recently released convict (Hargreaves) and his youngest (Davies) as guests, Malcolm is an almost clichéd comedy with alien characters. Most of the humor revolves around Malcolm, who turns from unstable mechanical genius to eccentric with two partners in crime. His obsession with the finer details of streetcars, Rube Goldberg-style mail receiving systems, radio-controlled trains, and completely inappropriate recreation. A boy has an A in 3 men and a crib. , responses to social situations are provided by gags. If you're into that sort of thing and you're not too deep, Lost Horizon is the PeeeeereeesoeeMreaeleceoelemeeedsoeessestHheeemeEEasHEweeElElEEaS for everyone. ambitious and moving in his own 1983. Anzac Wallace, Bruno Lawrence, though based on a real person, the way. —Mark Fleischmann Kelly Johnson; Directed by Geoff Murphy. 104m. the plot repeats The Lavender HillMob. (R) Hi St cc $79.98. CBS/Fox. Photo: The devices used in the criminal trio are absolutely perfect. pretty fake, but easy to suspend disbelief 1985. Roland Giraud, Michel Boujenah, weroeersccIene1870 New Zealand, Te Wheke is because characters and has- Andre Dussollier; wr./dir. Coline Sernative Maori scout is so attractive to the British colonists themselves. vreau. 100 meters (PG-13) Hi St sub. and others, in the belief that they would complete the $79.95 creation and maintenance credit for dubbing. Westron. Image: ok. war of tribes Then the British patrol eeereefirlemr'sesreaerseeemeoeod goes to Director Tass. The prospect of a sparkling Frenchman destroys the wrong town: his own. He and the screenwriter (and the photographer and the death of three guys stuck with media promises of utu (revenge) from the co-creator of the machine) David Parker. This baby somehow failed to fill me with pakeha (white man), becoming a weird and funny movie, one of my favorite pastimes. As Bill Murray once said in Satura: the leader of the Maori uprising with the tattooed face. combinations Kudos to Vestron on the addition of Night Live, "The French have been, but it won't be long before others add this to their collection. Ridiculous." of whites and Maoris, swearing utu against him. -M. George Stevenson The plot is as simple as the title. 3. It used to be a matter of classic bachelors sharing Parisian westerns, but Murphy is facing the es-'yrwoyre Syhre trial , he a RrOiaiElyas) about how settlers are destroying indigenous culture. power than any other and a pack of heroin at the same time. Two of them (the boy's father, the film in the memoirs. In addition, he addresses the airline steward, he is absent) are forced to answer the question of where justice ends and the struggles with the basic care of the baby and start the revenge of the blind thugs. After the arrival of the third man, a tragedy of people trapped at first, he tries unsuccessfully to find someone to deal with the cultures, a war that is "won" only in the child, until the mother, the model, pays for it. the costs of dehumanization. from an assignment in the US Ba-Murphy achieves impressive results with lim-ba, extremely patient and manageable resources, virtually using a strict girl, teaches them on the spot where Te Wheke forces hide the hood. as a support player. Great cast. Throughout the movie I thought Wallace introduced him as Te Wheke and John, that must be really hysterical in French. The son as an immature young officer loaded with dialogue is too quick for me to capture. Tania Bristowe plays with the two-legged ears, but even with a sub-Maori who loves both the white officer's HEEHHPSEHSEHEEOESHEHEHEEHESEEERHHE titles and the enemy's titles of hers, I was pleasantly surprised. I laugh at regular intervals. Murphy goes overboard with his from time to time. However, 3 Men is a bit of a very French hand, and there's some gritty comedy there: pretty slow by our standards, the edges somehow more noticeable, and full of seemingly small comedic situations. screen, but te nie dimin, as scary for us as funny to dilute the power of the film. With good French transfer. So unless your French is good and impeccable in audio mastering, CBS/Fox or your enthusiasm for Gallic cinema doesn't pride itself on one of the tame, it would be best to wait for the best adventure movies of the decade in the US Colin Friels as "Malcolm" - A weird and funny remake. -METRO George Stevenson HESCESSETEHSHOHSHEOEHOHOEEHOESOHSHEESSEHSSEHESHEH —Sun Louis Siegel ewreersceearspesreecsoemeeedsy. 68 Video July 1987

QUICK APPROACH TO POSSHCSOHOHSSSSOSSSSSOHOSHOSSOSSSOOSSOOSESCESESSELEHOOSEE FLYER FILMS by design, Craven fails to build suspense and the gore isn't high 1986. Joey Cramer, Veronica Cartwright, enough to make it work solely as Howard Hesseman; Directed by Randal Kleiser. splatter film Hell, it's not even 89m tall. (PG) Hello $79.95. Disney. Photo: eceseccasneyeenudity! —Adam Philips excel. Finally a movie that is fun for the entire cosmos THE NAKED KISS! The title boater is from 1964. Constance Towers, young Michael David Freeman, Danted, 12-year-old Patsy Kelly; directed by Samuel Fuller. which falls down a steep slope and ee 93m. $19.95. American Entertainment awakens to find his family and the rest of Industries (106 N. Keswick Ave., Glen - the world is eight. It looks like eeececcssicdces, coPseenn. 19038). Image: ok. Meanwhile, this young Rip Van Winkle was on board the specimen collector. In Naked Kiss, a prostitute kills a UFO now stranded on Earth as a pimp, removes her wig from her bald head, and suffers flight plan amnesia. And she stomps, all before the titles arrive, guess who remembers the plan? Above. Sam Fuller's movies are a mix of morality, exciting riot that fills the rest of the works, but this one, about the escape of the Navigator in a small town, which is one of the secret abominations, is especially amazing, one of the more entertaining. and delicious movie. The message -- that America values ​​deceptive appearances -- is for Disney Studios to come out at its scariest, in its best year. And there's an added bonus: listen closely to "Paul Malla," the voice of Joey Cramer as he enters a world unrelated to his twisted script featuring the son of a UFO pilot. Isn't that Pee-Wee in "Flight of the Navigator". Herman, I'll eat the Milky Way! eeeeye elesteer, a lady named Candy and many, surely none. A slapstick comedy about whores and disabled children. — John Walker is about two ordinary guys (Danson and Mandel) who stumble upon a mob under attack. Whether taken directly by him or as camp, the FIREWALKER movie is provocative and unique, filled with the two-fisted visual style that has made Fuller a cult figure. —Bud Kliment 1986. Chuck Norris, Louis Gossett Jr., horse racing rip off and must run for his Melody Anderson; directed by J. Lee Thompson. is alive Edwards performs a truly amazing MELODY IN LOVE 106m. (PG) $79.95. Media. Image: ok. a work that brings freshness to the all-too-familiar gags around which the script unfolds in 1978. Melody O'Bryan; direction Hubert Hold on guys, this might be the first one: built. Unfortunately, while Frank's situations. 81m. Hello, $59.98. Key. Image: A Chuck Norris movie to make you laugh! they're often funny, half the movie is missing, there's no reason for us to care. Firewalker is a dry, crackling friend/commercial about one of the main risk-takers in the film, sort of Butch Cassidy and almost replaceable. Promises, promises... Offered as the Sundance Kid in the Temple of Doom, an erotic fantasy "so hot it'll melt yours -M. George Stevenson VCR", "Melody in Love" is more like "Melody in Love", full of a scavenger hunt to throw away and encourage you to turn on the TV screen out of sheer boredom. plot. What makes it work is that this movie is a never-ending setup with little dialogue. Anderson, like a psychic looking for gold, kicks out the former DEAD FRIEND for no benefit. Young M arrives with a tropical call informing the seedy bartender of 1986. Matthew Laborteaux, Kristy Swanisle, where inhibitions and undergarments lie in needing "two men of undying loyalty, seemingly confiscated by custom and ups and downs, brave, not very smart. From eceeecccssecese, he enters his cousin's laid-back world; there, he's a witty touch with death with lover and several local lotharios. you after another. These guys are Indiana's son, Michael Sharett; directed by Wes Craven. get stupid dubbed dialogue.("So, Jones, you look like Lowell Thomas. Try Fire- 91m. (R) Hi cc $79.95. LV CX $34.98. want my husband? Not impossible. Walker warrants a moment hot. Warner. Image: ok Let's go shopping.") You get a real volcano erupting (wow, symbolism!). "John Walker Paul, the new genius boy next door, is in trouble." next door he shot his favorite robot - his new girlfriend's abusive father killed her. Paul's obvious solution? Use a little. You will get bad music. Though the remains of robot parts bring the girl back to 1986. Ted Danson, Howie Mandel, Rich- to life. But don't count on getting naked in different groups, ard Mulligan, Stuart Margolin; wr./dir. in a frenzy to avenge their own camera shots on the safe side Crceeeeeeceeertsaemsee.seSeosewrheysebroethseers?esReescseenst Hollywood Blake Edwards. 100 meters (PG) Hello, cc, death and work. The plot moves into mainstream releases that are more erotic and, in the long run, Paul's energy, even more nudity, than that. $79.95. RCA/Colombia. Image: ok. It pays off for the arrogance of it, but what it might have had seemed undeveloped-Despite its bad reputation based on widespread rejection of all segments, it was an absorbing and shocking film-finished the same day-service photo lab. American society, A Fine Mess is simply banal. Despite the Force - Marianne Meyer, July 1987, Video 69

Direct NEW RELEASES ON TAPE AND DISC High School Group Terrorizes The Poor - Tracking. 1987. Margot Kid - Night Force. 1986. Linda Blair, } students. 96m. (R) Hi ss cc der, Michael Sarrazin. Executive Director James Van Patten, Cameron Myth $79.95. Media. and TV host expose Chell's CIA. Wom murder conspiracy rescue mission. 102m. (R) Hi cc held by terrorists in Central America-Diamond Head. 1962. Charlton $79.95. Letter. ica. 87m. (R)$79.98. Lightning. Heston, Yvette Mimieux, James Darren. Hawaiian land baron facing a left handed gun. 1958. Black and white. Professionals. 1966. Burt warns his sister not to marry a native. Paul Newman, Lita Milan; direction Ar- Along the Great Divide. 1951. 139m. Hello $69.95. RCA/Colombia. by Penn. Ranch owner come to Lancaster, Jack Palance, Lee Mar B&W. Kirk Douglas, Walter Bren - boss murder. 102m. Hello $19.98. Nan, Virginia Mayo; direction Equalizer Raoul 2000. 1986. Richard Warner. Ranchero wines hires Walsh mercenaries. The sheriff and deputy bring Norton, Corinne Wahl. Post-apocalyptic killer accused in court. 88m. Hello aliptic butcher shop on wheels. 85m. miami vendetta. 1987. Made- saves his kidnapped wife from him. 117 m. Hello $19.98. Warner. (R) Hello $79.95. MGM/AU. for-video: A Los Angeles deputy discovers a connection in a series of murders. 90m. $69.95. RCA/Colombia. "Amazon. 1986. The Eye of the Tiger by Windsor Taylor. 1986. Gary eewesee$ Ceosntsienesnsteals.eees Randolph, Penelope Reed. Wom-Busey, Yaphet Kotto. Attack on a Vietnam Veteran. 1967. Stanley Baker and warriors uniting against invaders find their hometown overrun by drug addict Joanna Pettet, dir Pedro Yates, sorcerer, 76m (R) Hello $79.95, dealers 90m (R) $79.95, US. MGM/UA Documentary drama based on the 63rd robbery of a $10-a-mile British mail train: Banzai Runner. 1986. Dean Stockwell, Charles Dierkop, John She-Fire and Sword. 1985. Peter Firth, Honorable Pard. A cop infiltrates a wealthy daredevil: Leigh Lawson. A gentleman in love with the devil drivers club. 88m. $79.95. Intended by the King. 84m. $69.98. DATE PHOTO QUALITY Vidmark. Lighting Varies by type For theatrical releases, it is Bulldog Drummond Esca - Firewalker. 1986. Chuck Norris, Pads. 1937-39. Louis Gossett Jr. black and white film series, Melody Ander show. Movies: The original theatrical rating refers to the quality of the transfer about the dashing British adventurer. son. Search for Buried Gold in Gua - Four Double Functions: Bulldog temalalan jungle. 106m. (PG) Hi ss rich editing. Made for a wide range and general appearance. | | Drummond Escapes/Bulldogcc $79.95. Media. Drummond Comes Back ('37), cast: first broadcast. Created for non-theatrical performances, Bulldog Drummond's Re-Five Mile Creek Vols. 16, 17. 1985. Vengel/Bulldog Drummond's Peril Louise Caire Clark, Rod Mullinar. Video: The first freeform release refers to the overall visual quality. — (37-38), The Bulldog Drummond series set in the exceptionally attractive community of Australian pioneer Excel.: AfricanArrest Bulldog Drummond; 2 sections for approx. Compilations: production (37-38), Bulldog Drummond's Se- 96m. oh. $49.95 each Disney. Cret Police/Bulldog Drummond's Collected Works. tive and/or faithful | Girlfriend (39). About. 120 m. oh. Flame and arrow. 1950. $39.95 each. Embassy. Burt Lancaster, Virginia Mayo, original to Aline MacMahon; direction The history of the carnival of Jacques. 1954. Anne Bax-Tourneur. The Outlaw Fights the Invader - THE GOOD FORMAT: The Right Butter, Steve Cochran. A woman training a warlord in medieval Italy. 88m. artist peze calls out the competition between Hi $19.98. Warner. All programs are available through non-featured partners. 94m. $24.95. Wire. The Ridge of Broken Hearts. 1986. Clint Beta and VHS except where noted. Very good: satisfactory, but below the Crimson Pirate. 1952. Burt Eastwood, Marsha Mason; pr. /dir. Lancaster, Eva Bartok, Torin Eastwood. On average, Marine Corps Sergeant programs are also available on disc. Thatcher. Swordsman in the Granada warehouse. 130 m. (R) Hello Mediterranean coast circa 1750. ss cc $89.95. Warner. in tape condition unless otherwise noted. Poor: severely flawed 104m. Hello $19.98. Warner. Killer hour. 1986. Erik uses the following abbreviations: ETCETERA E| ID 1957. Black and white. Jack Webb, Estrada, Robert Vaughn. CIA Don Dubbins, Jackie Loughery. agent determined to protect Latin B: Videotape Beta Marine Corps Drill Instructor blocks American leader. 96m. (R) Hello, horns with maverick recruit. $79.95. MGM/AU. V: VHS Video Tape Official MPAA Ratings (G, PG, |} 106M. Hi $59.95. Warner. eeceeeceeseene8:se8emsmesveisdeeosceaessseetssteesese PG-13, R, X) are available when | The Howards of Virginia. 1940. Dangerously close. 1986. John in black and white. Cary Grant, Martha Scott, LV: LaserVision video disc available. All programs are in | Stockwell, Carey Lowell. Elite Cedric Hardwicke. A surveyor's clan caught up in the War of Independence. in CLV or color unless otherwise noted. List prices} 117 million. Hello $69.95. RCA/Colombia. CAV playback format. they are not specified for CED boards. CED: CED videodisc anim: animated AUDIO CHARACTERISTICS B/W: black and white cas.: videocassette All available audio information - computer: compilation provided. Dolby Noise Reduc.: a colored ion that is used in practically all directions: dir.: eeeereceVcHcSrestaepsese, section not indicated. M.: minutes The following abbreviations apply: n.a.: not available St: stereo nar.: narrated Hi: Hi-Fi pr.: produced by RE: reissue ss: Dolby surround stereo sub.: subtitled cc: subtitled wr. : written by CX: coded in CX Editors' selections in the Directory are highlighted with red headings. ePeee ¥70 Video July 1987

Lion. 113m. Hello $59.95. Letter. Three Musketeers. 1935. LABELS LESS B&W. Walter Abel, Paul Lukas, The Legend of Robin Hood: The Times of Ian Keith. Original Hollywood Ad - Specials and other pricing news from Wilk. 1985. Jason Connery, adapted from Dumas's story. 90m. Richard O'Brien. Approximate fee USD 29.95. CPR. e CBS/Fox places the $29.98 retail tag on 16 titles in its fourth television series. 105m. Hello dc $39.98. Promotion Five Classic Stars. Lineup As all the Right Playhouse. thugs. 1971. James Moves, Teachers, Oxford Blues, The Empire Strikes Back, Craig, Chris Noel. The man chases Carrie, Cat's Eye, Return to Boggy Creek, The Final Conflict Sanders of the River. 1935. Black and white. motorcyclists who attacked his girlfriend. (Omen ID), Shrine of Fear, Night Stalker, Paul Robeson Day, Leslie Banks. British - 78m. (R)$69.95. TEC. Earth Stood Still, Stuntman, Iron Eagle, War Games, Cavalier Patrol Officer Relieves Tensions Party, and Revenge of the Nerds. among African tribes. 87m. Two were traveling together. 1961. James $24.95. Wire. Stewart, Richard Widmark, Shir- @ MGM/UA Launch Series of New “Great Law Jones Musicals; directed by John Ford. Marshal ceeeccccMeusseiscals" for $29.95 each: Yolanda and the Thief, Broadway The Scarlet Pimpernel. 1934. Travels through Comanche country in black and white. Leslie Howard, Merle Rescuing Captive Settlers 1940's Melody, Roberta, The Weather Is Always Good and Oberon Dancing, Raymond Massey. Dis - Years Before. 109m. Hello $69.95. Mrs. (See Catalog Entries). Disguised English Earl Saves RCA/Colombia. Guilloche French Nobility- @ Following the Piatoon Blockbuster, Embassy has teeth. 105m. $24.95. Cable. Wanted dead or alive. 1986. Rutger Hauer, Gene Simmons. Ter- discounts six volumes of Vietnam: Ten Thousand Days "The Silver Goblet." 1954. Paul Rorist announces the opening from Season of War at $24.95 each, down from $29.95 each. (Full Bounty Hunter Set. 104 m. (R) Hiss cc eeeccencowccccrcucnssce $149.70.)" Newman, Virginia Mayo, E.G. $79.95. The new World. Marshall. Newman's first starring role[email protected]HBO/Cannon offers twin horror-comedy offerings: Greek sculptor hired for de-Wired to Kill. 1986. Inscribed Merritt bottle used at the Last Supper. Rick, Emily Longstreth. Future 135m. Hello $19.98. Warner. eeeecwcocrlvdeserusled by bands of marauders. 96m. (R)$79.98. Lightning. Heroes of the South Bronx. 1986. Mario Van Peebles, Brendan Ward release "Hot Properties" for $19.95 a tape. Megan Van Peebles scary movies. Stepchildren become outlaws with trials like Dawn of the Dead, The Evil Dead, Return of the Living against their guardians. 105m. (R)$69.95. Continental. Dead, The Being, Martin, Xtro, Blacula, The Howling II and The Hills Have Eyes Part 2. Lighter summer fare includes Streets of Gold. 1986. Klaus Maria Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl, The Benny HillShow Brandauer, Adrian Pasdar, Wesley "Snipes." Soviet boxing champion de-Vols. 1-6, Desperately Seeking Susan, All of Me, Volunteers, sends to the US and trains two young men. 94m. (R)$79.98. The Pee-Wee Herman Show (HBO Original Special), Vestron. Adventures of Jeremy: At the King Beach Blanket Bingo and new release, Muscle Beach Party. Summer camp nightmare. 1987. Bird Palace/Concert. Chuck Connors, Charles Stratton, 1987. Anim. curious bear; two commercials: Steve Daly Harold Pruett. Children have enough adventures. 30m. Hello, $14.95. sony the strict director of the camp takes charge of the facilities. 89m. (PG-13) Hello cc $79.95. The adventures of Tintin: The secret of the embassy. Unicorn/Red Rackham's Treasure. It's your dog, Charlie Brown! A vision of home. 1962. Animation. two approximately Adapted 1968. Anim; Get marry. Charles M. from Herge's Drawing Books. Schulz. CBS Special: Snoopy Madballs Dirty Jokes. 1987. 40m., 60m. Hello, $19.95 each Sony. sent to obedience school. 30m. animated. Binding Toy: Ugly Spheroids $14.95. Hello tops. from outer space. 30m. $12.95. that gentleman 1986. Bryan Brown, Joan Around the World with Philly Fog: Hi-Tops. fake fog. 1987. Animation. Heathcliff: Kitten Smitten and Oth-Chen, John Stanton. James Clavell eecCeacretsoon version of Around the er Tales. 1987. Animation. ten stories. Merlin's Magic Cave 1. 1977. The world in eighty days. 30m. Hello 110m. $59.95. Magic. animated. The short story collection includes the novel: The Adventurer receives $14.95. sony Magic Pony, Thumbelina, He-Man and Masters of the Unimore. 90m. Hello $19.95. Embassy. Empire in Hong Kong. 127 m. (R) verse: Energy beast and other adventures. 1987. Animation. Toy tie - More songs for babies. 1987. Hello for Little Kids cc $79.98. Westron. IN; five adventures. 110 m. $59.95. music videos. 30m. $14.95. Hello- Magic. Tops. A thief from Baghdad. 1924. Black and white. Cat. 1966. Dwayne Redin, Douglas Fairbanks, Anna May, Peggy Ann Garner, Barry Coe. wong; directed by Raoul Walsh. Seminal Boy Lost in the Rocky Mountains - Fantasy Adventure; Kits of William's friends have escaped from the wildcat. 95m. Hello Inspector Clouseau with Ape Pleasant Dreams Vols. 3, 4. 1987. "Cameron Menzies. Quiet. 138 m. 2 $59.95. Letter. "cash. $34.95. Wire. Suzette. 1966. Animation. Includes cCeeecrcTriec-sien sewcitehccqcueirltseedseprueppsestsetsoeyss.e Pique Poquette from Paris, dangerous 30m. oh. $12.95 each Hi-top. WightForce" in motion also in the United States. and the Seine, another 3.35m. Hello Gold Rush Raccoons! 1987. $14.95. Viddy- Ouch! Animated. Cyril Sneer tries to sculpt Lady Lovelylocks. 1987. Animated .in the raccoons' claim for gold. 48 m. Hello Wrist binding. 30 m. $14.95. $19.95. Embassy. Hello tops. Rainbow Reading: Perfect the Pig / The Little Prince and his Friends. 1987 Band of a single man Ty's. 1987. Comp LeVar. animated. Three Clays Burton (host), Kermit the Frog. Will Vinton shorts: the main story of Perfect the Pig nar. James Coco; (narr. Cliff Robertson), Rip Van One- Man Band nar. Lou Rawls. Winkle (b. Will Geer), Martin 56m. 29.98 cc for children. Shoemaker (b. Alexander Tolstoy). Reading Rainbow: Tortoise 90m. $19.95. Pacific. and Hare/Hill of the Fire. 1987. Love of the Three Oranges. 1987. Tortoise and Hare Nar. Gilda Prokofiev's Opera: The Radner Witch's Spell; Host LeVar Burton leaves the prince in love with three volcanic eruption sites in oranges. Maurice Hill of Fire scenery. 56m. 29.98cc. rCeOeecSeeensdaeke.es1e2s0eme.eeHsieSrtessusbe. e$e4e9s.9e5s.eseseeoeCcehcsicclcdreen's. July 1987 Video 71

Lobster for breakfast. 1982. Enrico Reaching for the Moon. 1931. Montesano, Claude Brasseur, B/W. Douglas Fairbanks, Edward Claudine Auger. The toilet salesman is Everett Horton, Bing Crosby. Al- given 24 hours to make a big sale. Cohol turns a timid financier into a daredevil. (also dubbed version). 93m. devil on sea voyage. 68m. (R) Hello $39.95. Embassy. $24.95. Wire. Malcolm. 1986. Colin Friels, John Robert Klein on Broadway. 1997. — Ceeee) Haergreaeves, Lindy Davies. Shy In-Klein's monologue recorded at the Nederlander Theatre, 1st York. 60m. Ventor Masterminds thefts. $59.98. Westron. 86m. (PG-13) $79.98. Westron. Miracles. 1986. Tom Conti, Terri Something Special. 1987. Pamela-Garr. The divorced couple is reunited when a jewel thief mistook them for hosts: Segall, Eric Gurry, Patty Duke. label. 90m. (PG) Hello $79.95. The teen is sure she would be happier as HBO/Cannon. Ceeeereebroeysegertessehseresweissh. 90m. (PG-13) $79.95. Continental. : Volumes of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Comey's Golden Age by Steve Allen - eeeees4e, se5s.es19o7c0c-e72. John Cleese, Eric Dy. 1986 compilation. Colour/B&W. Allen Clay's men come to life in "Mr. Real Bill | Adventures of Life. Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Jones presents highlights of his 1960s TV show, Martin Mull. Young stockbroker Terry Gilliam , Graham Chapman. show; with Henry Fonda, Mel TV Series Episodes, 2 on Brooks, Bob Hope, Jimmy Ducas. Volume. 4: Killer Cars, Bruce's Curse and more. 50 m. $59.95. Media. Roland and Rattfink Cartoon Festic: Cheats on His Employer. 83m. (R) sketch, Slim Jeans Theatre, Plastic Sylvia and the Phantom. 1945. val with Sweet and Sour- Hi cc $79.98. Wrench. Surgery. Volume. 5: Sketch with spam, World Forum, Gumby Brain SureemeeeeeerBr&esWe.sesOdette Joyeux, Jacques cake. 1968-69; Animated '87 compilation. Clockwise. 1986. John Cleese. Gery, The Wonderful World of Mol-Tati. French Feature: A Girl Falls in Love with Hawks and Doves, Flying Obsessively Punctual Director Luscs and more 60m oh Hello Grandma Loving Ghost for $24.95. low. Feet, 3 plus 32m. Hello, $14.95. Late on schedule on the way to E. Most importantly. 97m. Hello $29.95. Embassy. Viddy - Ouch! important conference. 96m. (PG) The True Adventures of Mr. Bill. Town talk. 1942. Black and white. © She-Ra, Princess of Power: Hello $79.95. HBO/Cannon. 1986. Peter Scolari, Valerie Cary Grant, Jean Arthur, Ronald Unicorn and other stories. 1987. Days of excitement and laughter. 1961. Mahaffey, Lenore Kasdorf. Colman; pr./dir. George Stevens. Live replay of Saturday Anim. Attachment to a toy figure; black and white Written by Robert Young-meeoeLcawccperoprofessor inadvertently hiding a man accused of arson. 118 m. Hello - Contains 5 stories. 110 m. $59.95. son. Classic scenes from the Night Live puppet silent movies; the first Magic on the air. films; with Charlie Chaplin, Key - $69.95. RCA/Colombia. on showtime. 43m. Hello $29.95. Three Broadway Girls (aka The Storybook Stories Vols. 5, 6. 1987. stone Kops, Douglas Fairbanks, Paramount. Live Action/Anim. Hayley Mills others. $93 million. $29.95. MPI. The Greeks had a word for them) contains a collection of fairy tales including No Surrender. 1986. Michael An- 1932. Black and white. Joanna Blondell. ecesceDerorefeeosneeGcolefe. se1e98e7e.reTeiemseCsoencweasye. Madge Evans, Ina Claire. gelis, Avis Bunnage, Elvis Costel: gold diggers determined to get Myra, Three Golden Hairs, Hans Fake golf instruction tapes. husbands 78 m. $24.95. Wire. in Luck (Volume 5), Fisherman 30m. $29.95. J2. hello Confusion unites Protestants and Irish Catholics in New and His Wife, Tom Thumb, Seven The Farmer's Other Daughter. year year 100 meters (R) $79.95. Prism. in one fell swoop (Volume 6). 60m. oh. N/A Bill Michael, Harry Lovejoy, $24.95 each. Hello tops. eerCeereeCaeesPseaerreaemoeuenetreCsoemmeedsyeeTheesaetesreeVoels. e2e: e Students. 1985. Art Car - Judy Pennebaker. Speculator of decent exposures. 1987. Host Howie Mandel introduces Chris Makepeace newcomer Len Bira, Tin Soldier. 1987. Animation. nar. offered a substantial sum for the farm, provided monologues for newcomers. 67m. hi st Made for Cable: Exciting re- $29.95. the most important. Krzysztof Plumer. The adaptive daughter is part of the deal. Tiree joins her grandson in college. 102m. $59.95. Disney. from a story by Hans Christian Anderson. 84m. Hello $19.95. sony 30m $12.95. Hello tops. Georgian girl. 1966. Black and white. Lynn Peggy Sue married. 1986. Kathleen Turner, Nicolas Cage; Where the river flows black. 1986. Redgrave, James Mason, Alan Principal. Francis Coppola. Concussion Charles Durning, Peter Horton. Frumpy London Woman robes takes a woman back in time to her high school years. 105m. (PG-13) Hi ss Orphan grows up seeking his fortune, taking care of an $89.98 apartment. CBS/Fox. killer mother. 96m. (PG) Hello cc eweeessm$ea6t9ee.e'9c5s.seilsRlCeegAei/rtCieomealtsueembecihsiael.ds.es1e00em. Hello $79.98. Theater. Golden memories of 1950s television. Perfect timing. 1984. Esteban's kidnapping. 1986. Dan Haggerty, 1987 compilation. black and white Starring Markle and Michelle Scarabella. photo. Robert Weiss. Abbott & Costello's mountain inmate Ed Wynn Jack kidnaps a runner. 87m. the session turns into an orgy. 87m. $79.95. Prism. Benny, others. 60m. $19.95. IPM. $69.98. Lightning. Associated. 1982. Michel Ser - The Gospel According to Vic. 1986. Private Buckaroo. 1942. Black and white. Anzio. 1968. Robert Mitchum, Perault, Claudine Auger. Finance Tom Conti, Helen Mirren. Teach: Andrews Sisters, Joe E. Lewis, ter Falk, Arthur Kennedy. A World War II consultant invents a non-existent era at Donald O'Connor's Scottish parochial school. WWII recruit correspondent covers inya-partner allies. 93m. (R) Hello sub. $39.95. involved in an apparent miracle. 92m. put on a boot camp show. 65m. from Italy. 117 m. (PG) Hello, Embassy. (PG-13) Hello cc $79.98. Key. $24.95. Wire. $69.95. RCA/Colombia. Baby bang bang. 1968. Tom eeveccceces deprived in a parade. 1982. John eec Bereiegheteee Smsielser. 1985. Janet Suz-Bosley, Guy Madison, Sandra Cleese, Denis Quilley. army captain Woman on vacation at Miles Spa. The burly gunslinger silences Holiday. 1938. Black and white. Cary Grant, Tain entertains the soldiers with feminine giggles while introducing Katharine Hepburn's robot Edward Ever impersonations. 107m. Hello $29.95. he meets a sinister masseuse. sniper. 78 m. $59.95. World. ett Horton; directed by Jerzy Cukor. HBO/Cannon. 60m. $59.95. Prism. Lawyer committed to the boss's wife's beauty society. 1986. Daniel falls in love with his sister freed from him. Paris rage. 1938. Black and white. Captive. 1987. Oliver Reed, Irina Stern, Christopher Plummer, 94m. Hello $69.95. RCA/Colombia. Danielle Darrieux, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Mary Martin. Rocket - Stream. Terrorists torture millions In'n'Out. 1986. Sam Bottoms, the Pat eer duo help a woman snare the wealthy Hingle. Search inheritance HEEOSEEEeCHESSEEOEeHoEeESCEeEoSEHeHoEhEEHuEsband. 78 m. $24.95. Wire. the air daughter to support © leads to mexico. 85m. (PG) B Part V Coe $ e6r9.r9e5e.eeNreewreeWosreledc.eee the business of her. 98m. (R)$79.95. - Continentals. : "72 Video July 1987.

Children of a lesser God. 1986.: A seasoned pool shark adopts a pup: a pirate after writing to his doctor, Jade Chinn. The couple helps William Hurt, Marlee Matlin prefers Piper. 75m. $69.95. Academy. A Cambodian refugee family warms to Laurie. Oscar-winning performance - - protected. 119 m. (R) Hello $89.95. life in Tennessee. 90m. Hello $59.95. ance Matlina as a young deaf Double Compensation. 1944. Black and white. Disney. a woman associated with a *Touchstone master. Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMur - deaf. 119 m. (R) Hicc Ray, Edward G. Robinson; Get marry. Golden Demon. 1953. June $79.95. the most important. - Cromwell. 1970. Richard Harris, eeeReascyemcoend Chandler, Billy Wilder; Negami, Fujiko Yamamoto; Direction -Alec Guinness, Robert Morley. Wildest direction. Film noir: secured Koji Shima. The young lovers kept their code name: Icarus. 1985. Barry > Clash between Cromwell and King, who becomes involved in an assassination plot. on each other when the girl's parents insist that she be Angel, Jack Galloway. BBC Television 106m. Hello $29.95. MCA. eceeeeeecrceweesde prince. low. (also called verthriller: conspiracy using child prodigies Charles I. 139m. (G) Hi $69.95. sion). 95m. Hello $29.95. Embassy. in a global acquisition plan. 106m. Edge of darkness. year n/a Joe Don Hi cc $59.98. CBS/Fox. -RCA/Colombia. ereBeaekeers, isBeosb Peck. BBC-TV thriller The Heart of the Stag. 1983. Bruno Lawrence, Mary Regan, Terence The Color of Money. 1986. Paul: David and Lisa. 1962. Black and white. Keir about the detective investigating Cooper. Farmer discovers the murder of Newman's daughter, Tom Cruise and Mary Eliz. 307m. (2 cases) incestuous relationship between the boss and Abeth Mastrantonio; directed by Martin: Dullea, Janet Margolin, Howard da Hicc $79.98. CBS/Fox. daughter. 94m. (R)B Hello V $69.95. Scorsese. Hustler sequel. PrececeNeecswccWcocrcleds. Silva. Friendship Between Mind - The Girl Who Spelled Freedom. 1986. Wayne Rogers, Mary Kayly A Troubled Boy and Girl Bloom: Into Love. 94m. Hello $69.95. : RCA/Colombia. ° Death by prescription. 1986 Timothy West. Rich ex-patients | NEW VmDEODISC RELEASES | T: Love potion. 1981. Metro-Playboy Video Centerfold 71. 93m. (R)ss CX digital $34.95. Feapolitan Opera - 1986. Luann Lee. CAV format. Disney. Barry Manilow: Concerto in Turing Luciano Pavarotti, Judith 30m. St.CX $19.95. Charles. Blenheim Palace. 1986. 90m. Saint Blegen; directed by Nicolas Rescigno. Sid and Nancy. 1986. Chloe Webb, Digital CX $29.95. Pioneer. Disc only. SW CX 134m. Digital The Prince's Trust All-Star Rock Gary Oldman. Drama. 111 m. (R) $49.95 (2 discs). Pioneer. Concert. 1986. Performances ss cc $39.95. Embassy. Children of a lesser God. 1986. Phil Collins, Sting, Paul McCart - William Hurt, Marlee Matlin. The making of Dancing on the ney. 59m. Digital Street $34.95. Sleeping Beauty. 1959. animation. Theater, 119m. (R)ss $29.95.° Roof. 1986. Lionel Richie. Mu-MGM/UA. for children. 75m. (G) Paramount. sic. 35m. St.CX $19.95. Charles. $34.95. Disney. Public Enemy. 1931. Black and white. Down and out in Beverly Hills. Mary Poppins. 1964. Julie An-James Cagney, Jean Harlow. Tale of two squirrels / The UN- 1986. Richard Dreyfuss, Nick Dres, Dick Van Dyke. Musical. crime drama. 83m. $34.98 Canadian. Submersible Donald Duck. 1986 Nolte, Bette Midler. Comedy. 140m, (2 discs) (G) St CX CBS/Fox. draft Children's animation. 50m. 103m. (R)ss CX digital $34.95. $44.95. Disney. $24.95. Disney. Disney. Maximum height. 1985. Matt The Flight of the Navigator. 1986. Joe Cramer. for children. 89m. free. British television drama. 60m. (PG)ss CX $34.95. Disney. St.CX $24.95. Charles. House fly. 1986. Jeff Goldblum, Maximum Overdrive. 1986. Emi-srseepisetnastenecaesenesereere Geena Davis. THORrror. 96m. (D) Mess Estevez; wr./dir. Stephen King. Horror. 97m. (R)ss CK CC ss CX cc $34.98. CBS/Fox. $29.95. Charles. Frankie Goes to Hollywood: by Michel Petrucciani: living in the desert at the artificial vanguard of Para-Village. 1986. Jazz Request. 1985 compilation. Music videos. anista with guest Jim Hall in gui-CAV format. 28 m. St.CX $19.95. tar; includes "Our Melody", "Regi- Pioneer. NO. Disc only. Digital St CX George Carlin: Playing With Your 53m. $29.95. Pioneer. Head. 1987. Comedy. 57m. St. CX $29.95. Westron. Costa of Mosquitoes. 1986. Appears in video "Pinocchio" by Har-Walt Disney. Rison Ford; directed by Piotr Weir. Dra - Crest of Anguish. 1986. Clint has. 119 m. (2 discs) (PG)ss CX Eastwood , Marsha Mason. Action 130m (2 units) (R)ss CX $39.98. Warner. $39.98. Warner. Picasso's Secret. 1956; Rebellion. 1986. Matt Dillon, Debbie. The Thompson Twins: Single Vi - Howie Mandel's Watusi Tour. Rented 1984. Documentary. 85m. By Me. Drama. 93m. (R)ssCX. 1986. Comedy, 52m. $24.95. (PG) $34.95. Westron. $34.95. Westron. . most important. .sion 1986 compilation. Music Videos. Paramount Paramount Comedy Robin Hood. 1973. Animated Voices ° Iron Eagle. 1986. Louis Gossett, Theater vol. 2: Decent Expo- Peter Ustinov, Terry-Tho-. 46 m St. CX $29.95 Pioneer Jr. Jason Gedrick Action 117 m Sure. 1987. Howie Mandel, mass. for children. 83m. (G) San C.X. (PG-13) ss CX CE $34.98, CBS/host. Four monologues. 67m. $34.95. Disney. . fox. $29.95. the most important. ° 20,000 miles under the sea. ° Jay Leno: The American dream. ° 1954. Kirk Douglas, James Ma- 1986. Comedy. 49m. $24.95. * The most important. . son Pedro Lorre. Imagination. . Follow-up. 1987. Margot. 127 m. (2 discs) (G)) ss CX Kidder, Michael Sarrazin. My-. ter 102m. (R)$34.95. Letter. °: $44.95. Disney. Patriot. 1986. Jeff Conaway, Rock'n'Roll: Early Days. °Michael J. Pollard. Action, 88m. 1984 compilation. Black & White Shows°(R) $34.95. Westron. by Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, . white coals 1949. Black and white. Jacob others. 60m. $29.95. Pioneer. ° Pinocchio. 1940. Animation. Chil-. Cagney, Virginia Mayo; direction Drain. CAV format (2 discs). Ruthless people. 1986. Danny. 88m. (G) St.CX $49.95. Disney. EHSTSETHHETHEOEEHEHEOHEEHSOEEOSEHHSEEEOHeLRHHDHSTEESeeeEHHHVHEiEto, Bette Midler. Comedy. °Raoul Walsh. A classic crime. . drama, Liam CK $34.95. . . CBS/Fox. July 1987 Video 73

Freedom Song. 1937. Black and white. Sunday school teacher exposed as © serial killer. 90m. $79.95. Prism. —Paul Robeson, Elizabeth Welch. Singer traces the origins of an African tribe. 67m. $24.95. Wire. you are southern. 1945. Black and white. Zachary Scott, Betty Field, Beulah Bondi; wr./dir. Jan Renoir. A powerful story about a poor family struggling to establish a farm. 91m. $24.95. Consumer Reports: Anti-theft cable. House and car check. 1987. Advice from former Schooldays cat burglar Tom Brown. 1940. Black and white. Freddie Bartholemew, Jim-Michael Hughes: Driving my Lydon Cedric Hardwicke's car. An English boy meets a bully. 80m. locks, selection of alarm systems, $24.95. Wire. further. 60m. $19.95. Charles. A city like Alice. 1980. Helen Esquire Style: Building a Great Morse Code, Bryan Brown. Polishwo- Wardrobe. 1987. Fashion experts: A man and an Australian soldier fall for fabrics, fit-good, koor-love, while the Japanese keep it to dining room accessories from the World War era and beyond. 30m. | 2nd Malaysia. 301m. (2 pieces) B Hi V $19.95. Polaris Communications La Bete Humaine (The Human ° $99.95. New World. Group (2 Park Ave., New York, Beast). 1938. B&N. Jean Gabin, NY 10016; 212-561-8226). Simone Simon, Jean Renoir; direction ° eeereererereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Costa de los Mosquitoes. 1986. Hareeeeeeeeeeseeeesres eeser Renoir. Adaptation of Zola's novel: . TV Classics Volumes 6, 7. 1987. Concerned Railroad Worker Associated with. Rison Ford, Helen Mirren, Rio B&N. Volume. 6: Episodes 1950s Home Buying: The Bottom Line. married. 104m. $24.95. . 1987. Host Barrett Clark. sec-. Phoenix; Directed by Piotr Weir. Adapta-Crime shows Armchair Detective, think real estate terminology, Television. . appraisers, inspection, fi-. Paul Theroux's novel: Invention - The Prosecutor. Volume. 7: Dick funding, lawyers, more. 40m. . $19.95. sony . Tor attempts to establish Powell's utopian Peter Lorre as a community-winning couple in Central American stage drama. About. 52m. oh. $19.95 per MPI. last laugh. 1925. Black and white. Emilio desert. 119 m. (PG) Hi ss cc Whale to kill. 1981. Pe- How to become the love of the Jannings of him; directed by F.W. Murnau. Su- $89.95. Warner. ter Strauss, Richard Widmark, Life. 1986. Tips from a perfectly photographed field study group - The Murders at Lynch Cross. 1985. Dee Wallace. TV Movie: A man tries to demote an old wash porter: Jill Bennett, Joanna David, Barbara to stop the town from selling single women on the beach. 30m. $14.95. fox. maid. Don't worry. 74m. Jeffard. Hunchback English bloodshed for Russian whalers. $24.95. Wire. country hotel. 60m. $59.98. 145m. Hello, $59.98. Theater. How to read a woman like a book. Prism. 1986. Tips for Interpreting the Lindbergh Kidnapping Case. X, Y and Zee. 1972. Elizabeth Tay - Body Language. 30m. $14.95. fox. 1976. Anthony Hopkins, The Secrets of Joseph. 1984. Rutger Hauer, Lor, Michael Caine, Susannah Cotten, Martin Balsam. Television Sylvia Kristel. The mysterious stranger York. Jock Wife launches a naughty insider's guide to bass fishing. documentary theater. 150 m. Hello $69.95. He arrives at a seaside town. 93m. Beware of your husband's new mistress. 1987. Keith Clow on the RCA/Columbia election. $34.95 to $69.95. World. eseeeeeer1e1e0eme.eeHsies$6s9e.e95e.seeRCeAe/eCsoelumbia. proper bait and tackle, use of sonar, more. 40m. $19.95. cards The Little Lord Fauntleroy. 1936. Nothing in common. 1986. Tom The young man with the horn. 1950. Black and white. Freddie Bartholomew, eocHeaenckesc, CeJackie Gleason, Eva Marie B&N. Kirk Douglas, Lauren Insider's Duck Hunting Guide. Mickey Rooney, Dolores Costello. Bacall, Hoag and Carmichael; address Mi- 1987. Rebel Freitas proves that the Brooklyn waif inherits the British es-Saint; Directed by Gary Marshall. Parchael Curtiz. A jazz trumpeter's advice on choosing a blind man, Grandpa's Tate. 102m. Breaking the ents leaves the young ad reer after marrying into society, making decoys, ringers and more. $24.95. Wire. interim executive advisor to both. You, girl; based on Bix's 40m race. $19.95. cards 118 m. (PG-13) Hello $89.95. Beiderbecke. 112m. Hello $19.95. Long Good Friday. 1980. Bob HBO/Cannon. Warner. Massage your partner. 1987. Tech-Hoskins, Helen Mirren. The fall of the Shiatsu nicks and the Swedish London mobster. 109m. (R) Hello Country. 1946. Black and white. Carmel massage. 92m. $39.95. VIEW. $79.95. HBO/Cannon (RE). Sazio, Gar Moore; Get marry. Roberto Rossellini, Federico Fellini; direction V.1.P Guitar - bases made by Rossellini. The groundbreaking neorealist Easy. 1987. Nashville Musicians, Mayerling. 1936. Black and white. Charles John Pell, Martin Crum's Demon: a film depicting life in Italy in the 1970-1987 era. resWctiertsahteesienbscatseriucctcihoonrdbso,okslettr.ums1.20mm.oreH.i Boyer, Danielle Darrieux. A story about World War II. 115 m. low. $24.95. Wire. . Austrian prince Rudolf who fell Racketeer. 1929. Black and white. Charles. Price St. n.a. Instructional video. in love with an ordinary woman. . low. 88m. Hello $29.95. Embassy. Lombard, Robert Armstrong, Blood Sisters. year does not apply to Amy Bren-. Programs (521 Fifth Ave., New Hedda Hopper. Love Says Cheap, Marla Machart, Randy Moo - The Maze. 1983. Francesca Annis, Gangster to Reform. $68M. $24.95.ers. Societal Initiation Gets Ugly. York, NY 10175; 800-862-8900). Yakub Bolam. Mother worried about the cable. 85m. (R) Hello $69.95. sony a resemblance between his late Albert Herring. 1985. John Gralover and his daughter's new partner, Run for the Roses. 1978. Lisa Eil - Feet Forward. 1983. Jeremy Ham-Hall; directed by Bernard Haitink. ion. 60m. $59.95. Prism. Bacher, Vera Miles, Stuart Whit-Kemp. Teen Ghost post production Glyndebourne Festival eerCe roeoerrmearn.eeeBsoeyeetsuersnseerlsameeesecoelst seinsteo eee cheats those near death and comic opera by Benjamin Britten. Mr. In / Mr. Apart from. 1973. Hal, champion horse racer. 93m. (PG) hastens the disappearance of him. 60m. $59.95. 147 m. hi st $49.95. A vision of home. Lipa, Tony Lo Bianco, Phil $59.98. Lightning. Prism. Bruns. The NYPD shut down All That Bach. 1985. Highlights of Diamond Smuggling. Shades of Love Romance Video Ax for honeymoon. 1974. 74m. $59.95. vidmark. Volume of novels. 1-4. 1987. Four Cases: Stephen Forsythe. Lilac Dream wedding dress (with Dack Rambo), designer forced to murder his Mona Lisa. 1986. Bob Hoskins, The Rose Cafe (Parker Steven - customers. 85 million. (PG) Hi $59.95. Cathy Tyson, son of Michael Caine), Champagne for Two (Niche-Charter. Hood grows to like a hooker , is Campbell forest ), Sincerely Purple (Si- chauffeur assigned. 104m. (R) mon MacCorkindale). 80m. oh. Killer lust. 1986. Eli Rich Canadian Festival "Bach 300" with Hi ss, $89.95. HBO/Cannon. eeeree$ ESEEHEEePHEHEOEeSEESEeSEESESEREEoEcShHeHlElEe Taylor, Dennis Gannon. Performances by Keith Jarrett

Berstoptier Hogwood, Academy Three operas in one act by Puccini eeeeoeccece ss _ of Early Music, others. 50m. Hi (Il Tabarro, Suor Angelica, Gianni St $49.95. VAI. Schicchi) filmed at the Teatro alla Scaececesesseccce "Heartbeat". eeeclac, ecMeilan. 150 m. Hello St sub. Attila. 1985. Yevgeny Nesterenko, $49.95. A vision of home. Pat Benatar: Visual Music Col.: Maria Chiara, Silvano Carroli. Version. 1987 compilation Video, Opera production for 5 God at the Italian Arena Intermezzo. 1983. English Check Clips; tracks include "You diVerona. Includes booklet. 120m. from Strauss's autobiographical Better Run, Love Is a Battle-: Hi St sub. $49.95. A vision from home. opera at the Glyndebourne Festival. field, more .60m hi st $29.98 155m hi st $49.95 A Vision of Home Music Video : Alien Predators 1987 Dennis Dance Traxx 1987 Compilation Music It's Always Good Weather 1955 Legends of the Piano .1987 compilation Christopher, Martin Hewett, Nu Shooz Films ("I Can't Gene Kelly, Dan Dailey, Cyd B&W/Color. Includes rare images of Charisse; wr. Betty Comden, 1941-46; excerpts from Count Wait" , "Point No Return"), Re-Adolph Green; directed by Kelly, Stanley Basie, Duke Ellington, Keith Jargina ("Baby Love"), Stacey Q Donen. Three WWII friends get mad, others. Hi St ( some mono) ("Two of Hearts"), others. 26m. V together 10 years later. 102m. Hi $39.95. VAI. Hi St solo $16.98. Atlantic. $29.95. MGM/UA. eeeeeccce Dancing Lady. 1933 .Black and white. Joan The shop of horrors. 1986. Rick Crawford, Clark Gable, Fred Moranis, Steve Martin, Ellen Robert. 1935. Black and white. Irene Greene; Directed by Frank Oz. Wimpy eee Dunne, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rog; Astaire, Nelson Eddy. An employee at the Crawford plant creates plays for a burlesque dancer who repels hybrids with a penchant for blood. ers. The American inherits Pa-'mined to reach Broadway. 94m. (PG-13) Hi ss cc $89.95. A Risian fashion store. 106m. Hello Astaire screen debut. 93m. Hello Warner. $29.95. MGM/AU. $29.95. MGM/AU. Seven little foys. 1955. Bob The Manhattan Transfer Live. 1987 Hope, Milly Vitale, James Cagney. donkey skin 1971. Catherine decomposition. Concert recorded in Tokyo; The Hollywood biography of vaudeville Ed-'Neuve, Jacques Perrin, Jean includes "Gloria", "Java Jive", "Four die Foy and family. 95m. Hello "Marais; wr./dir. Jacek Demy. Brothers", still 16. 80m. V only $69.95 RCA/Colombia "A Fairy Tale for Adults: Dying Hi St $24.98. Atlantic. Sincerely. 1955. Liberace, Joanne Dru, William Demarest. In Queen asks King not to remarry her only leading role, Liberace 116m.Hi 91m.Hi sub.$29.95.Embassy.$19.95.Warner.Going 1987.Salute to Is- Maria Callas Hamburg Concerts: ceeereeesSesoeemesthing to Sing About. 1937, Lynn-Holly Johnson. Mikrob pt. '87. James Cagney, Evelyn-raeli Philharmonic Orchestra and eoee19e5s9e,ec1e96e2. From Outer Space Looking For: Daw, William Frawley Manhattan Music Director Zubin Mehta; independent acts; the casting team leader goes to Hollywood. : houses people. 92m. (R)$79.95. 89m. $19.95 (Black and white version includes concert clips. 50M. Hi includes arias from Macbeth, Don $14.95). Cockroach. :TEC. $39.95. Culture. Karol, The Barber of Seville. About. Viadimir Horowitz: The Last Ro-: The Invisible Man. 1933. Black and white. mantico 1987. Show filmed in: Claude Rains, Gloria Stuart, Una Heartbeat. 1987. Don Johnson, 60m. oh. Hello, $39.95 per crop. in the pianist's apartment there are works by Bach, Chopin, Mo-Lori Singer, Willie Nelson and others. Summer night Dream. joke, Rachmaninov. 89m. Hello Saint O'Connor; directed by James Wieloryb. $39.95. MGM/AU. _ Music videos combined based on- 1982. London Philharmonic; direction An excellent adaptation of H.G. Wells Yolanda and the thief. 1945. Fred Matt. 65m. Hiss $19.98. CBS/Fox. Bernard Haitink. Glyndebourne Astaire, Lucille Bremer, Frank's Novel: The Scientist Invents Morgan's Invisibility; directed by Vincent Minnelli. 1 Vespri Siciliani. 1986. Festival production of Benjamin Surreal Fantasy's Susan releases Astaire's serum to induce brain damage to a trickster; features Dunn standout Leo Nucci; directed by Riccardo Britten Opera with the number of James "Coffee Time". 109m. Hello age. 71m. Hello $29.95. MCA. Chailly. Verdi's opera presented at eseseecscBeoswman as Oberon, Iliana Cotru - $29.95. MGM/AU. A man named fury. 1984. Conrad Teatro Comunale de Bologna. Plot as Queen of the Fairies. 194m. (2 cases) Nichols. Untouched Survivor of Nu-_ Summary, production notes include- Hi St $59.95. A vision of home. clear trade searches of other survivors. 90m. $39.95. Used. 155m. Hello St sub. $49.95. Othello. 1986. Plácido Domingo, _ A Vision of Home. Katia Ricciarelli; directed by Franco Zef - Solar Babies. 1986. Richard Jordan, Jamie Gertz, Charles Durn - "WTrittico. 1983. Piero Cappuccili, Firelli. A lush version of Verdi's opera. Eng. Orphans in a Drought by Rosalind Plowright, Joan Pons. 123m. (PG) Hi $79.95 . Media. future world have become the key to restore water supply. 95m. (PG+13) :(' Dr. J shows all his baskets. Hi, cc $79.95. MGM/UA. They came from space Outside 1967 Robert Hutton, Jennifer Jayne, Zia Mohyeddin Doctor With Metal Plate In His Skull Proves Immune To Alien Invasion $86 Million Hello $59.95 Weird Embassy Sports And Incredible Feats 1986 Elephant Football Dogs skiing, roach racing and more $30 million $19.95 Fox Dr. J's Basketball Stuff 1987. Training with Julius Erving and looking back on his illustrious career 60 million. Hi St. $19.98. CBS/Fox. July 1987. Video 75

and beginners pasics. Play soccer! with Mickey Mantle: 1945. 40m. $59.98. Lightning. Mickey Mantle shows Baseball Beyond the Basics starring Gary Carter and Tom Sea- Number 10 Downing Street. version of the year 1987. Management of bats, flags n.d. nar. Krzysztof Jones. Travel strategy, capture, more. 60m. Greetings from Resi from the British Prime Minister - $19.98. CBS/Fox. complaint; interviews with Margaret WrestleMania Ill. 1987. Mega-Thatcher, staff, former residents. fight on April 5; includes Hulk 110m. $29.95. A vision of home. Hogan, Andre the Giant, others. 180m. (2 ca.) $39.95. Coliseum. Playboy Video Centerfold 5: Playmate of the Year Special Edition. Arruza. 1972. address. Budd Boet- 1987. This year's winner chose a ticker. Documentary about Mexico from '86 Playmates of the Month. bullfighter. 91m. (PG-13) Hello 30m. $12.95. Charles. $39.95. Embassy. A story about a bikini. 1985. The Story of Touch the Sky. 1987. Host Christo: two-piece swimsuits, invented by Reeve; The Blue Devils Navy aerobatics program; includes aerial recordings, interviews with pilots. 60m. $19.95. Twin. British Crown Treasures. year N/A Exhibit of works of art held by the Royal Family; interviews with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, recordings of royal ceremonies. 100 meters $29.95. A vision of home. PROGRAMMING SOURCES A&H Video Sales, 430 W. 54 St.,°° Home Vision, 5547 N. Ravens-MPI Home Video, 15825 Rob Roy Touchstone Home Video: See Dis-Dr., Oak Forest IL 60452; 312-no. New York NY 10019; 212-489-°wood Ave., Chicago IL 60640-8130. 1199; 800-826-3456; at IL 312-687-7881, 800-323-0442. Trans World Entertainment, 6464 Academy Home Entertainment, 878-2600 ext. 336. Vestron music video: see Vestron. * Sunset Blvd., Penthouse Suite, Box 788, Pinehaven Shore Rd., IVE, Box 2520, Newbury Park CA New World Video, 1440 S. Sep - Los Angeles CA 90028; 213-461-ulveda Blvd., Los Angeles CA 0467, 800-521-0107. 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100% cotton Ask for it! If You Can BUSH Vest $39 Lowest Price Guarantee Pre-washed and worldwide our can buy below volume! The Bush Vest has enough pockets to accommodate even the most equipped traveler. Video equipment lines: * Panasonic (consumer) Panasonic (industrial) q #3381 Khaki, ivory, _. *RCA + Quasar-Zenith-Canon R} olive fa; * Marantz - Toshiba XSSMLXL We buy directly from the factories, so there are no gray products. We've Got the Buying Power Our multiple locations across the country, along with dealer representatives, give us tremendous buying power, which means savings for you! So take a look and give us a call... We'll win you the best price on the recorder or camera of your choice. 1-800-228-9700 Audio Video Center, Inc. We sell cheaper... You buy more... You buy more... We sell cheaper... yes - orc con, 4128 S. Florida Ave Shipped by UPS within 24 hours Y TRAVEL @& SAF Lakeland, FL 33803 ROPA C2 (813) 644-7330 Mail check, Visa, Amex, M/C, DC to 224 Grant Ave., OUR GROUP OF BUYERS SELLERS INVITED Department M72, PO Box 7347, San Francisco, CA 94120 Add CA, NY, TX, OK sales tax and $2% for orders free shipping to 800-527-5200 * Merchandise must be warranted to USA (no gray merchandise) » Merchandise must be in-stock + Total price must include shipping, handling, insurance, credit card fees, COD fees, etc. SLIDES AND VIDEOS MINOLTA CR 1200 Ae2HUITYGEOHARRFEOOWOCLAUURSTRIAONNT,Y 525 LINE MO: MINOLTA MASTER CR 3300 HIGH RESOLUTION * 3 INCH CCD TO VCR TAPE 4 ROTATION MAGNIFICATION @MAXXUM AUTOFOCUS UNDER 7 LUX 2 YEARS GAR ANTIA[email protected]ZOOM g LOWER[email protected]&YPI97CX3TLLUUZBXROSE.OM eHi Fl AUDIO NEW PRICE!! Piezo FOCUS § ALWAYS! Sony Handycam Pak 8 Sony CCD-V3 Panasonic PV 100 Sony CCD-V8 ... 899 Sony CCD-V110 . Panasonic PV 210 799 1099 General Electric 9710 ..... 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| | | oh gg? NO! doom ao | |tts ¥ '200. 4G00) Yes! "ee~@igiaiica ay| PLipti Le s Chinon C8-1003 Pocket Camera 8 Sharp VC-799U 8mm Stereo VHS Video Recorder with 30-inch Monitor/Receiver MTS Toshiba CX3077 Sony XV-C700 Chinon Pocket 8 Multi Color Corrector Insert a or two batteries and place them in the manhole cassette, slide the switches to charge the camcorder, a single battery charges in one and selects VTR/Camera, buttons for one hour battery, two in eight hours, eject and on standby, and multi-pin description. The Pocket 8 weighs 2.9 with an adapter connector for power, input, and output without battery and cartridge. Its connections. The Chinon hour battery weighs 6.5 ounces and the top of the camera has an acet 8, one of the 8mm cassettes weighs less than two accessory feet, a viewing window, the lightest camera buttons.Measures 5-3/8 inches tall by 4-7/8 for meter memory , meter reset and ers available, is 10-1/8 deep wide. Cassette View and Eject Lever: Similar to the Olympus The Pocket 8. The handle is attached so that the viewfinder magnifies. The LCD screen has four VX-801s ("Video Start/Pause Button is Directly Below Meter Digits and Meter Test Symbols", Mar 1987). thumb and motorized wide angle/tele zoom enabled, tape movement, record, Chinon 8 pocket buttons are set below your index and medium play, low battery and insert. Sliding Pan – Adds a piezo autofocus system that offers finger movement. A security strap encircles the el and conceals buttons for carry functions - choose from three focus areas. You with the back of your hand. The handle also has features. you can choose full field of view or full mini-jacks for an external microphone, and the stand includes an AC adapter, Zone, that focuses on the band through the headphones. Lens has rings for manual battery charger, audio/video input and screen center or spot zone, focus and zoom but no macro output adapter lock, RF input and output focusing on adapter, RF modulation : a small area in the center of the track and the TV/VCR on the screen. se-switch. Weighs just 1.8 lbs. and makes it easy to navigate 1-3/8" high targets and small 9-1/4" wide, 3-5/8" focus targets. Deep. Switches and Indicators C8-1003 C8-1003 System power supply, consists of C8-C60 TV/Video and VCR/Camcorder, AC charging is in its short adapter/charger, bat-style front panel, battery, A/V converter, charging camera, carrying strap , ear - at the top, while the phone, audio cable, channel RF output 3/4, antenna cable and selector at the bottom - transformer.Bat.On the right is a ter weighing only 6, 5 ounce auxiliary terminals The camera has a cable to connect, a lens with a 6x zoom, a camera On the back there is automatic white balance and semi-automatic RCA connectors for audio and video input light compensation, and The Chinon C8-1003 8mm camera offers a choice of three focus ranges.Y output, F connect-fade.tracks for VHF input and The adapter/charger deserves attention. You can power the macro output and the AC power cord. because it can remain permanently attached but not to him. Operation. Pocket 8 offers a point to a TV and an AC adapter. Playback On the front of the camera body is recording and recording simplicity, with manual output to line or RF or for recording with controls for white balance, focus, automatic drives in difficult shooting conditions. Line in, connect a single cable Fade, Backlight Compensation and Backlight & Fade Compensation is just an adapter for the camera. Touch adapter with manual autofocus. When the autofocus is semi-automatic and the buttons also need to function as a small pedestal for the active camera, the one-touch button is held down cyclically. Using both functions at the same time. To charge the battery, it is enough to open the full screen, the full zone and the time point, since the buttons are enclosed in a small compartment on the adapter/charger, Zone. On the left side of the body are each other. Zonal Focus makes 78 Video July 1987

No one will beat us. =— such as VMT-385, VMT-390 WU VIDEONICS VMT-395, VMT-590 VMT-595, VMT-630 HF DirectED VMT-670 HF, CMR-300 Collected Request a Quote Random Access Special Effects Generator CALL TAPE RENT yy WARRANTECH to US VR-1820, VR-1875 VIDEO v Service Expansion Plans” VR-2220, VR-3220 VR-2300, VR-3300 THE STABILIZER IS A MUST-HAVE EXTEND YOUR WARRANTY 29.95 VR-4100 AND, VM-6200 CALL FOR DETAILS Reduce Macrovision VM- 7100 1-800-247-4663 BRAND/HONESTY Ask Price Ask Price KS! CHINON SHOWTIME CINASMTCOCOKRDERS VIDICRAFT EDITOR Video Program Editing PLAY-RIGHT Editor/VCR Switcher for Professional Movies DIGITAL STABILIZER Macrovision Cuts Link Functions: Edit Mode, FULL LINE Digital Pattern Generator, Dissolve, Cut, Erase, and Fade. Color corrections for THINK YOU'VE FOUND A GOOD DEAL? Skin tones, phase correction CALL US - OURS WILL BE BETTER! Low light correction and more! MINOLTA VHS-C Camcorders Mutrivision AMBICO SHIPPING REGULATIONS 3.1 . Always compare the shipping price 6. We ship cash on delivery (C. ). Tele-Printing Converter without DIGITAL download (with insurance and double box). payment - only $1.90. Others want money first. With image of Tablepod. Fresh product from the factory with a guarantee in the USA. . We are open to the public. without order box. You can now upload In-A-Picture photos. After sales service! Like others. Polite! Call first, second or last, we're glad for impressions (up to 3% x 5) on videotape. Do they show faulty handles? you called. photo albums on the Panasonic TV adapter. Advice from trained professionals! . Call the Better Business Bureau - $49. Model V-0614. Shipped within 48 hours Ask our competitors how long they've been in stock. Canon AZDEN (usually 24 hours). 10. If you find a better offer. . . tell us, we will correct ours. COMPLETE LINE 4 Panasonic microphones fr? Panasonic$69. AG-1950 AG-160 WV-3260 PERFECT FOR WEDDINGS OLYMPUS Jog & Shuttle Search Knob © Edit Change Call /8AF AG-1810 «1 month/s Event AMBICO FULL LINE Flying Erase Head* Auto Edit Programmable Call « MTS/SAP Decoder « MTS VX-801 STEREO DECODER AVAILABLE Assembly ¢ Audio Insertion and Dubbing Assembly © % CCD © F1.2 x 6/Macro Lens © 7 Lux ¢ WV-3260/8AF ¢ 35mm Switchable Auto On/Auto Play » CUE/REVISION 69 USD. Works on all TVs © Character/generator function © 7 lux with seek lock * Auto reverse * Power AMBICO functions * High picture quality system * Auto tracking white balance system ¢ © Negative/positive image reverse © Off, Auto Eject » BOSE Hi-Fi Stereo Sound * Piezo TTL Auto Focus * 5.5 lbs. © Auto Focus TTL 8x Power Zoom * DECATHLON NI-CAD BATT GX4 Video Head System © Automatic © High Performance CCD © SLR Lens more than 80DB) * Less noise and vibration VIDEO ROOMATE DECATHLON PLUS NI-CAD Intermittent Recording. Built-in Single Shot Time/Date Generator ¢ Have Backlight 0.005% » High Quality Imaging Speaker Systems BELT BATT » Super OTR (One Touch Recording) 10 AMP BELT BATT* LDD Cylinder & Dual 1/DD Reel Correction Switch 1000 sec High Record) On-Screen Display » GT4 Head Enhances the sound of your video Engines SONY BATT CAMERAS Stereo Mic Inputs * Advanced Design for Virtually No Noise JVC BATT CAMERA Fast Shutter Recording © Editing Software, Audio * 380 Lines of Resolution * Fade In/Out Still Images, Scroll Frame Rate, Slow CAMERA RCA BATT PDerfoignritaimon Se(aHrDc)h Audio * Auto Tane Dub Function « A/V Function Fade In/Out © Strobe Effect Shutter -1/1000 Movement and speed doble « Industrial quality BATTERY VOLTAGE METER sec. . No Blur Check Price © SUPER-DUPER AMP ACCESSORIES Call MTS STEREO SUPER DUPER DECODER SEG-GENSYNC Call with BUILT-IN AMP. Call MEXAX-ERLELGULAR SEG-COLORIZER Call GRHXOGLXDPR(OHHII-GFHI GRADE) VIDEO AMPLIFIER CAMCORDER SP-1 POWERFUL SPEAKERS Call AUDIO for VIDEO SPEAKERS COLOR PROCESSOR Call SP-3 UNAMPLIFIED SPEAKERS WITH BUILT-IN AMPLIFIER AMPLIFIER VIDEO DISTRIBUTION CZEM RF SWITCH - 4X3 109 8MM VIDEO TAPE Call WITH WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL TC-20 GOLD DELUXE AUDIO for VIDEO SHOWMAKER SWITCHER 3735 TDK SPEAKERS WITH INTEGRATED TAPE VIDEO VIDEO CAMCORDER AMPLIFIER CONTROLLABLE VOLUME AMPLIFIER Call 25°10 CPAIMNER&A1 4 EXPI CABLE TN MTS STEREO DECODER TV. 8x8+4x2 AC/DC VIDEO CABLE 140 CHANNELS 150w/100w LITE TUNER WITH REMOTE CONTROL New 50° CAMERA 45 HS EXTERNAL CABLE (HIGH STANDARD) MTS DECODER AND MORE!!! EHGAD (for cee) MATRIX SWITCH New AC VIDEO LITE 150w CIA-2 COMPUTER INTERFACE OC CONV. WIRELESS HANDHELD MICROPHONE KIT 50W. AC/DC VIDEO LITE 200W/100W WIRELESS CLIP-ON MINI MIC 7232 - MERLIN SIGNATURE New TENBA CAMERA BAGS by Ca29ll THCD-X20PREOHG COMPACT POWER AND LIGHT SETUP AUDIO EFFECTS GENERATOR New PRO CAMERA BAGS D.E.U. MIND OF MERLIN New CAMERA POWER SUPPLY CDIUG.AL WIRELESS HEADPHONES LICGIHGTELRIGHCTOERRDSCORD from 1105 TC-20 HD-X PRO STEREO INFRA-RED STEREO VIDICRAFT TRANSCEIVER NEW BETA/VHS HEAD CLEANERS from 10 SONY TELE-CIN CONVERTER PLAY-RI GHT CABEMTEAR -AVHSCONorVEVR HTSE - RBSETA DYNAMICRON DIRECTOR TELE-CIN ANTENNA RF SIGNAL STEREO GOLD DUB KIT EESSX--HHGIFI(HI(GHIH-FlG)RADE) SEG-200 Available AZDEN WIRELESS MIC SYSTEM CONVERTER PRO-X W/MACRO BOOSTER Available AZwD/ETNWO WIMRIECLSESS MIC SISTEMA 8MM - ALL LENGTHS TEL PRINT CONVERTER DETAILER IV In Stock AZDEN WIRELESS HANDHELD CAMERA LENS COVER KIT RF ANTENNA AMPLIFIER AUDIO/VIDEO PROCESSOR In Stock CSACMOETRCAH MACRO LENS MOUNT SWITCH In Stock WIDE ANGLE/MICROPHONE SYSTEM TELE KIT with 4 TV OUTPUTS 40 AUDIO / VIDEO In Stock PRO STAND WITH FLUID HEAD ON WHEELS 159 IVE-200 AZDEN SHOTGUN MICROPHONE PROCESSOR. AUTOFOCUS HOLD COLOR VIDEO In Stock ULTRA WIDE/TELEPHOTO FLUID CAMERA HEAD 90 HEAVY DUTY LENS SET CAMERA TRIPOD NEW MONSTER CABLE - TABLEPOD VIDEO CAMERA The Best Wire DUOPOD-ARM BRACE BOGAN TRIPOD SONY VILDITEE20O0 m nc T ABLEPOD HEMISFHERIC LENS MOUNT VALUE -U- FLUID TRIPOD HEAD 333111A4220l74,l With fluid heads ACCESSORY FOR AMBIIC TELEPHOTO LENS. 1.55x Telephoto Mount, 2x CASSUOEHHDLFOOIOFWOERWM/CTATVPSIISDRTMEOECEOCRREESAPVSTSROIPOORDERCCEEIOSASLOVRENTURES CCaallll -DOLLY PSSIOOECNNRKYYAESREIVVR--N88G ARCECWSIND/FAST FORWARDI,n Warehouse MAINTENANCE SYSTEM STRAP OBJECTS ON PHONE ACTIVATE. 3.5x Call FEATHERFONE * CLEAR + DELETE + REWIND DECODER MRTFERSCEDOSTTIOELRNEO + FWD $89.°° TRI-COLOR VIDEO EDITOR New BLANK TAPE (sold in packs of 10 FILTER SET) VIDEO SPECIAL EFFECTS SET LINEN COLORS SPECIAL EFFECTS SET C. 0.d WELCOME 31800 PLYMOUTH RD., LIVONIA, MI 48150 IN MICHIGAN (313) 261-8004 CALL:

Videotest S/N is 40.9 dB and its PM S/N timbre is entered; covers the entire audio range from -40 dB. Overall image quality is well within +0.05/-4.9 dB. The Pocket 8's microphone input is a bit more user friendly than almost good/excellent. offset to emphasize the vocal range. cousin, Olympus VX-801. Dynamic range is 78.1 dB and the sum Like all 8mm cameras (except harmonic distortion is less than 0.3 per actuation. The Pocket 8 is provided by Kodak), the Pocket 8 has a penny monaural AFM. Audio performance is good with 8mm of approximately 240 lines of horizontal reso-audio with a frequency response of 25 above standards. solution with a 16,000 Hz video signal-to-noise ratio at -3 dB on the line of 38.8 dB, unweighted, and 46.5 dB, weighted with deflection compensation. Your AM Chroma Test Report: Chinon C8-1003 Pocket 8 8mm System Camera SPECS Viewfinder: Fixed Electronic Auto-Scroll Tilt: Yes Test Date: April 1987 Focus magnifier; bar on screen indicates Linear Audio: None MSRP: $1895 open iris, LEDs indicate recording/battery Hi-Fi Audio: Mono AFM Weight: 2.9 lbs., camera; 0.4 lb., warning and auto white balance disabled Accessories: Included - Audio/VF Controls C8-AC33: Focus Lever for Video/RF/AC Adapter/Charger, Battery C8-C8-B33; 1 lb., C8-AC33 Battery 1-Hour B33 Battery, Shoulder Strap, Charger/Power Adapter, Magnifying Glass, Light Bulb, and Brightness C8-AV33 A/V In/Out Connector, Dimensions: 5-3/8 x 4-7/8 x 10-1/8 inches - Auto Fade: Semi-Auto A/V Cable, Headphones, VHF RF & ES (H/V/L) Cable, Camera; 1-3/8 x 9-1/4 x 3- VCR Control: all, single transformer 300-75 ohms; optional - Car microphone: unidirectional electret battery cable, extension cable, ND filters, 5/8-inch (F/W/D), carrying case for power supply/charger Power Requirements: 7.2 VDC, camera condenser wire; 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Charger/Cord Length: None RESULTS AND RATINGS Adapter Plug: None Horizontal Resolution: Approximately 240 Power Consumption: 7.0 W typical, lines, measured 7.6 W maximum, camera; about. 22 connectors: mic and headphone minijack, S/N, video luminance: 38.8 dB, unweighted; 43.5 dB, weighted; 46.5 dB, W, Weighted Multi-Pin Charger/Adapter with Warp Compensation Image Sensor: 1/2 in. Solid State CCD Tape Format: 8mm S/N, AM Chroma: 41 dB Lens: f/1.2, 6x ( 9 - 54mm) motorized zoom Tape Speeds: SP S/N, Chroma PM: 40dB Still Image: Yes Audio Frequency Response: Line In with Macro In -25-16000Hz, -3dB; 20-20,000 Hz, Filter Diameter: 49mm Frame Shift: Yes +0.05/-4.9dB Minimum Focus Distance: 1.2m, Slow Motion: No Dynamic Range: 78.1dB Frame Rate playback: No Audio distortion: 0.3% plus macro range Cue & review: 7x, front and back Overall Image Quality: Very good/Minimum Illumination: nominal, 7 lux; FF and Rew visible: not perfect measured 17.4 lux at 50 IRE; 7 lux for fast forward/reverse time: 3 min. for sound quality: good 30 IRE P6-90 Ease of use: very good/excellent Remote pause: no Overall performance: very good / Autofocus: piezo type with three selectable excellent focus zones; switchable to manual mode Remote control: none with single shot capability White balance: auto, switchable to In- Separate exhaust: yes at door (3200K) or outside (5500K) Counter digits: 4 Aperture: auto with backlight on hold Counter Memory: Yes Locator/Index/Program Start Pointer: No offset button Audio Dubbing: No Sensitivity: Single range 7 to 100,000 lux Video Dubbing: Insertion, also replaces audio ONLY ORDER NOW available §6©6.1-8 -223 -7974 OVERNIGHT DELIVERY NY . STAN CALL (212) 221-1011 PHOTRON WILL BEAT ANY ELIGIBLE PRICE! FOR ALL 50 STATES FOR INFORMATION CALL (212) 221-1011 AND PUERTO RICO Panasonic CAMERAS. Camera Accessories Camera Accessories Creative Results Video Tripod 69.95 PV 27008 229.95 PV 3720 269.95 PV3770 349.95 Ambico Super Duper 39.95 Camino Camino 39.958Up Call PV Camera Specialists 4 700 Calls! PV4772 CALL! PV.4770 399.95 SPY SCOPE 29.95 VIDEO LITE 59.958UP * BEST PRICE ANYWHERE (VHS[email protected]PV 4750 399.95 PV.4760 CALL! PV4761 CALL! + FASTER DELIVERY (¢ WIDE ANGLE LENS. 49.95 WIDE ANGLE LENS OR PHONE 49.95 * EXPERTS TO HELP YOU SELECT Pv 4768 CALL US! PV 4780 LOWEST! PV 1560 259.95 8mm/Super 8mm Transport Kit IF YOU NEED HELP IN THE SELECTION f PV 1642 479.95 PV 1742 699.95 Film - 35mm Slides - 3/4x5” Prints True Aerial TELE LENS 49.95 BATTERIES 2 HOURS 49.95 AND MORE CAMERA CALL (212) 221-1014 AND ASK FOR SPECIAL EFFECTS SEP 49. 95 CHARACTER GENERATOR CALL RsEeCEIcVoEsplCaOt UenRtTtEeOhUSraEXSPEARDTVISAEDRV.ICEY.YOU PANASONIC PV-100 879.95 i(i H professional appearance without distractions r RCA CPR 100 PRINT TOO LOW TO HIGH!Professional/Industrial Films MAGNAVOX 8297 THE PRE LOWEST CIO!rar88 11779999.. 9900 VIDEO EVENTS m= GAMERS MAGNAVOX 8295 CALL STABILZER 1700 BELT RENTAL CALL ereuaiicourt VHS JVC GRC7 889.95 AG 6100 AG 6200 AG6200E AG6300 |SOKOVS:O Print Converter Call Significantly improves resolution and JVCRGC9 JVCRGC 11 CALL! AG 2400 PORTABLEVCR AG 1210 VCR 509.95 PANASONIC PV 220 CALL! GOKO LL40 camera support to place performances of all recorded tapes. PANASONIC PV 300 889.95 CHECK PRICE! eVxiidteloensCaomfearnay GdOirKeOctlycoonvpeprotseirt.e 68.00 PANASONIC PV 320 849.95 ZENITH VM 62000 CALL! SSEEGG.. CCORLEOARTIOZRER - VC CCAALLLL!! 949.95 MINOLTA CR 3000S LOWEST PRICE 989.95 NEW MINOLTA C3300 7010 AUDIO VIDEO PROCESSOR CALL! PPAANNAASSOONNIICC AAGG 115650. 1918899..9955 TOSHIBA SK 60K 899.95 «234699..9955 VVMMIT349000 «247799..9955 LOWE PRO BOLS COLOR PROCESSOR'7100 SPECIAL EFFECT CREATOR VSEC-1 BELL á! FC? tuscyee OLYMPUS VX 403 999.95 379.95 VMI595 NEW OLYMPUS VX 404 LOWEST PRICE! 8mm VVMM1T339855 549.95 VMI670HF 89.95 PC-5L ZENITH 7100 LOWEST PRICE! NEW SONY CCD-110 VMI590 AMPLIFIER 469.95 ACTION PAK SHOWMAKER CALL! HITACHI VM 5000 959.95 SONY CCD V8 1208.95 VMT630HF JVC SONY CCV3-AF 799.95 669.95 ACCESSORIES FOR SUNPAK COPIERS 789.95 COLOR OR BLACK CARTRIDGES 64.95 PRECNATACXMRPV3C0055PARO-WONDETRO on Lo w TouchPtri!nt. CCAANNOONN VVMMEE - 24th LOWER TAIL! HRD470 «479.95 HRDS70 —«-659.95 VIDEO LIGHTS [rl BOX 10 PAPER Reams 59.954 track 219.95 HRD170 MAGCANLL!AVHROD18X0 269.95 FSIURNSTPAAKUT3O0M0A1TIWCORLSDPESCIAL MINOLTA CR 420 0 AF TOW PRI OR SKYOCERA FINEMOVE CALL MuttiVision Sa pee MINOLTA CR 1300 AF KODAK STREET 3460 899.95 moe cau Canon GEVC 9610 999.95 KODAK 5460 999.95 VRO610 «229.95 VR9624 «259.95 VIDEO ACCESSORIES TOO LOW TO PRINT! VVRR99664800 623799..9955 VVRRO9566455 634899..9955 S10AMAPMP HHOOUURR BABTATTETREYRY QUASAR VM 20 999.95 OLYMPUS VX 801 VIDEO TRIPOD FAXPHONE 10 QMUAAGSNAARVOVXM 2842 9 3 98C9A.L9L5! OMLIYNMOPLUTSACRVX 8800020S SLIK 442V 59.95 SLIK 212V TOO LOW FOR PCRIANLTL! 965 CALL! CALL ECDX2000! 5raHpeOURREWNIIN-DCEARD BOGEN 3124 FLUID HEAD 69.95 1,237.95 BOGEN 3140 FLUID HEAD 89.95 WE HAVE A FULL LINE OF WHAT'S NEW! MAGNAVOX 9240 CALLS! PENTAX PVC 800A TOO LOW TO PRINT! XS CALLS! TOSHIBA0X7 509.95 TELECINEMA CONVERTER 439.95 HARDWARE 35mm - CALL atallieieea Photron Marketin: g, Inc. fae HFOARNDSLAIMNEG&DAIYNS SHAIDPPDI'NGT. LS_NEONTDRECSEPROTNISFIIBEDLE CHFEOCRK TYOPROGMROAPNHEIYC OERRDREORRS SOHRIPPPIRNIGCE OPENING HOURS: MON, TUES, THURSDAY. 9:00-19:00 Corncnd 256 West 38th Street COD VENDOR CHANGES FOR FREE OFFERS MUST BE NOTIFIED WHEN PLACING AN ORDER ON WEDNESDAY. 9:90-18:00 SUN. 10:00-16:00 | NusYa WCAORNRSANTAYFF SL#I8G0H0T4L5Y4 ADDSNO'MLE OPNRISCOEMSE IMNOCDLEULDES R©EBCAOTPEYSRIGHT PHOTRON 1987 PT. 9:00-15:00 New York, N.Y. 10018 COMMERCIAL AND INFORMATION SERVICES CLOSED 1 HOUR IN ADVANCE EXCEPT SUNDAY. & WEDNESDAY. 80 Video July 1987

GUARANTEED DELIVERY IN 72 HOURS Or we pay freight! FOR ALL 800 ELECTRONIC NEEDS... CALL TOLL FREE: 1-3325 FEATURES: : MAGNAVOX Canon JVC Pioneer SONY RCA TOSHIBA Panasonic-Industrial Technics MINOUA HITACHI maneanmesnmntiz F27{°TECH ALL SONEYQU&IPPMAENNATSOINNICSTOTCEKL!EPH ONE ae ite oan ; _1- FREE! ' 44p. COLORFUL CAT. COMPLETE LINE OF ALOG AND 8 ACCESSORIES; Name VIDEO TAPE « EXPERT ADVICE ; » 4 Address Pec r] ¢ MasterCard... aVISA sg y,[AMERICAN] Card -g ZCiipty —____T_e_le_ph_on_e,_' _ SStoate i; 3¢ *For all in-stock items « Subject - aEnndcloSsEeND3.T0O0: foVrIDPEoOstaSgAeLE&S Handling i = approved payment and method of transportation: ry 1500 N. State St., Bellingham, WA 28228 i jt GeetatasPass ak ee te | View VIDEO SALE * SUBSIDIARY OF VIDEO DEPOT LTD., BELLINGHAM, WA

SHATeps Video Evidence Conclusions. The only other camcorder, Sharp's VC-799U, offers impressive results at a reasonable price. as light as Pocket 8 are recording-only models. Autofocus and white balance. Sharp cut corners with a line cutter. The VC-799U also decodes MTS stereo, semi-automatic backlight compensation instead of Hi-Fi stereo. If the audio is not eo and SAP. and fading, and an autofocus window just as important as image quality in helping you capture great photos, the tradeoff can make sense. One of the most useful features is the good sound. The base simplifies fully functional remote control. In addition to bass playback and search recording, the VC-799U benefits from sys. "4 Head Plus" offering frame-by-frame, frame-by-frame and . For noiseless stills, full frame rate slow motion, and double speed at $1895, the Pocket 8 should be a big step up, with variable speed slow motion and playback that isn't available on a rival if you're looking for a double camera. speed search. The blue screen replaces the VCR control panel. LCD display that gives the impression of elongating the eyes. the usual screen full of noise when the remote control displays information without image. A 140-channel PLL clock/timer with 14 days and 6 events, and a Sharp Stereo quartz synthesizer with memory require no small inputs. Tuning to a VHS VCR, but you can schedule a scan of it: you can put the program entries in a folder. Last generation line machine. Usually you have to make sacrifices. The Sharp VC-799U provides a high-quality image with impressive effects at a reasonable price, with only one major drawback —— =a >——— e;charger * Battery strap arger eoaiey * - CarryS4tray * 3 Tnpoa RLTFeinpscaobslheasde4 788,la ]* Cover Lens S= *a)ARuIESdAiCooqnuvvaierdraetnoetrecgables RF Cables * CCD-V8AF Converter * TCrairprogY 8mm Strap Auto Focus * UASuAdioquvairJa Camera enotecsapi :JAX;:* iLeFdnCsCs9oaunbSVavlhireedarasedtnoeetreCgables VHS- C "8 88.GRC- 7 Complete Panasonic Camera our camera tGutofocus camerg 7 dutofocus Bantery char 9 er All PriCcaesmcInoclruddeerOutfiOtutLifsitetds Arriba 'BatNeeerryy ch large Bantera © PV-300 CCD......$988 'poy\'°°* country a, strap ed* Lens hood and lens shield A ay|pFpCablceonsverter 308e PV-320 New..sit.h evlin SCALL i./wkhon VN-800||P+Aegiotvideo cables ROAsath et) icon} 1088.peace e PV -100 VHS-C ..... Video de 8 mm and AG-160 Pro VHS... $1188 CMR-300 VHS Camera CAMCELA WOKS Camera hours: Monday to Wednesday. he sat. 9-7 Thu-Fri 9-8 Sun. 10-6 10 day return policy; OPEN Authorization 7 days-6THAVENUE&320 STREET -New Yorn 10001 \"=|G Seress required. Non-refundable service. All orders are subject to approval. Due to pre-orders, availability and price are subject to change without notice. information. , circle the number 18 on the Reader Service Card.


Video test recording up to 24 hours. This single has TV/VCR buttons, the counter is like the 7th programmed counter/lap/length (display), reset the counter and remote control and load them into the VCR after wiring, to be used within a day of memory, please wait recording with scheduled time (delay), touch the button and use the timed recording (duration) and upstream channel and TV screen to see if it is set. Below. The lower front panel houses the work shuttle. You can even enable Description. 15.2lb VC remote control sensor and buttons to play, stop, start and stop the timer from the remote. rewind (search) and fast forward (search). The 799U is 3-3/4 inches tall and 17 inches wide. The front panel is unusual in that it is 13-3/4 deep. At the top of the front panel there is a compartment on the right where the pause is located and the recording controls are hidden. A power button, cassette door and controls for pause, record, blue timer record button selects basic recording indicators for stereo, SAP, auto play and screen, full auto repeat/play, L/ing audio out duration up to 4 hours and 59 minutes, automatic repeat. Front panel center in standby mode allows you to delay the start of the test report: Sharp VC-799U Stereo VHS HQ VCR with MTS DATA On/Off, On-Screen Display and Data Transfer, V-Lock Adjustment Tool, Antenna Leads Date Tested: April 1987 Dispose Separately: Yes and Transformers Meter Digits: Four Suggested Retail Price: $499 Meter Memory: Yes RESULTS AND RANKINGS Weight: 15.2 lbs Program: Home/Index/Signal Locator: No Horizontal Resolution : Nominal y Dimensions: 3-3/4 x 17 x 13-3/4 inches Measurements: 240 lines (H/V/D) Dubbing Audio: None Y/N, Video Luminance: 45 dB Nominal Power Requirement: 120 VAC, 60 Hz Video dubbing: no (SP); Measured: 44.2/44.9/42.8 dB (SP/Power Consumption: 29 W Auto Reverse: Yes, with LP/EP repeat), unweighted; 47.4/47.5/48.1 dB Tape Format: VHS HQ Linear Audio: Stereo (SP/LP/EP), Speed ​​Weighted Tape: SP, LP, EP Hi-Fi Audio: None Y/N, AM Chroma: 47.6/46.4/44.7 dB Playback Speed ​​Selection: Auto Tuning Method: Quartz Synthesis (SP/LP/EP) Freeze Frame: Yes Channel Selectors: Scan Up/Down S /N, Chroma PM: 46.7/45.4/43.7 dB Advance Frame: Yes, VCR Remote Stored Channels Only, Scan Plus (SP/LP/EP) Slow Motion: 1/5x to 1/30x , measured at -125 Hz only Playback speed: 2x, remote control only Preset method: active auto-learning 10 kHz, -3 dB, up to spec at -5 dB (SP); 125 Cues and Overview: 5x/7x on SP and LP; 9x/channel plus add and clear memory Hz to 8 kHz, -3 dB (LP); 160 Hz @ 5 15x in EP Tuning Range Emit: 2 to 13.14 kHz, -3dB (EP) Visible FF and Rew: No S/N, Audio: Nominal, 40 dB; measured, 44 Fast forward/reverse time: less than 5 to 83 dB worst case min. for T-120 Cable Tuning Range: 2 to 13, A to W, Audio Distortion: 1.8% Remote Pause: Yes A-5 to A-1 Overall Picture Quality: Very Good Remote Control: Infrared Wireless with AFT LCD: Always on VHS HQ and On, Eject/Load, TV/MTS Stereo: Yes Sound Quality: Good for Linear Path VCR, Channel Up/Down, 10-Digit Key: Stereo Pad, Stereo/SAP, record, stop, pause/freeze, SAP: yes Ease of use: excellent playback, frame by frame, rewind/seek, fast channel lock: yes Overall performance: very good forward/seek, slow, slow +/-, 2x , delete, timer: 6 programs, 14 days plus simple clock setting , program/timer, -, +, set, timer Record timer (up to 4 hours, 59 minutes) delay (24 hours) Auto channel change: yes Accessories : remote control with battery HOTLINE FOR SUPER DEALS 24 HOUR PROCESSING. . SHIPS IN 24 HOURS 1-o8n 0P0a-n5a2so4n-i1c5.96 VERY FAST DELIVERY ss 32 RED LABEL 1 day delivery, extra charge Accessories, all Panasonic devices. 24 Hour Processing/Shipping Red and Blue Label LINE Sir VoxPRO - Industrial Equipment. PAL-SECAM-NTSC, 110/220 COD Anywhere in the US Very low prices per person at Panasonic. == SUPER VIDEO INC., 245 Paterson Plank Road, Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 CSR2NciaFooaeie1nod.rrfadcdvoidl.irteecmireaotniaoln, 84 Video, July 1987


Video test recording up to 24 hours. This single has TV/VCR buttons, the counter is like the 7th programmed counter/lap/length (display), reset counter and remote control and load them into the VCR after wiring, to be used within a day of memory, time waiting to record (delay), by touching a button and using the screen. timed recording (duration) and channel up and viewing on TV to see if down. The lower front panel houses the work shuttle. You can even enable Description. 15.2lb VC remote control sensor and buttons to play, stop, start and stop the timer from the remote. The 799U measures 3-3/4 inches tall and 17 inches wide when back (seek) and fast forward (seek). Depth 13-3/4. The front panel is unusual in that the power button, cassette door, and compartment on the right have hidden pause and record controls. Stereo, SAP, auto play/pause, record indicators, blue timer record button selects basic recording: auto repeat. Center front panel display, fully automatic repeat/playback, audio output duration up to 4 hours 59 minutes, and standby mode allows you to delay the start of the test report: Sharp VC-799U Stereo VHS HQ VCR with MTS DATA Power On/Off, Display and Transfer, V-Lock Setting Tool, Antenna Cables Test Date: Apr 1987 & Transformers Suggested Retail Price: $499 Separate Ejection: Yes Weight: 15.2 lbs. Meter Digits: Four RESULTS AND RANKINGS Meter Memory: Yes Horizontal Resolution: Nominal y _ Dimensions: Measures 3-3/4 x 17 x 13-3/4 inches - 240 lines Locator/Index/Program Start Pointer: None S/N signal, video luminance: nominal - 45 dB (H/W) /d) Audio accompaniment: no (SP); measured - 44.2/44.9/42.8 dB (SP/Power Requirement: 120 VAC, 60 Hz Video Dubbing: No LP/EP), unweighted; 47.4/47.5/48.1 dB Power Consumption: 29 W Auto Reverse: Yes, Repeat Play (SP/LP/EP), Weighted Tape Format: VHS HQ Linear Sound: Stereo Y/N, Chroma AM : 47.6/46.4/44.7 dB Tape Speeds: SP, LP, EP Hi-Fi Sound: None (SP/LP/EP) Playback Speed ​​Selection: Auto Tuning Method: S/Quartz Synthesis N, Chroma PM: 46.7/45.4/43.7 dB Freeze Frame: Yes Channel Selectors: Scan channels up/down (SP/LP/EP) memorized in VCR, plus scan Audio Frequency Response: Nominal—80 Frame Shift: Yes, only on remote direct access at remote Hz up to 10 kHz (SP); Measured - 125 Hz Slow Motion: 1/5x to 1/30x, Preset Mode Only Method: Automatically learns active remote channels and adds and removes from memory Fast Play: 2x, remote control only Broadcast Tuning Range: 2 to 13, 14 Tip and Review: 5x/7x on SP and LP; 9x/ Pere == = i (aa) was5 a == 3 Ww = Nn = (a) N = om = Go> ON0sS3 taeVW x a =—: toao e 3=e Nl RSDeerapvP2Bdai.oe5crOxr6e.Ctl53lmo2iwe7nant3ot5n-,2563 PeagsO = ==

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VIDEO PRODUCTS Video Testing L+R/R DISTRIBUTORS, Equalizer Off/High Cut (for Dolby en-Sales encoded recordings), Normal and Slow Motion, SAP, Tuner/Aux (input) and wire speed compliance. Further to the right are the display and function needs of our timer customers, which are of the utmost importance to us. program memory settings. Video Product Distributors Sales professionals are highly trained. The remote control has expert LCD dis-video. Playback, schedule and clock controls. There are also buttons for power, eject/load process and TV/VCR, tune up/down, SAP, record, stop, play, pause/fix, frame ad, rewind (reverse seek), fast forward computer for $2 million (seek forward), slow, slow - and the system provides fast and precise commands + and 2x playback and a 10-digit keyboard. processing. Operation. The basic operation is simple. Shipping In autoplay mode, the VCR starts playing when a tape is inserted, while autoplay with video product distributors, all orders ship within 48 hours. -Delivered to your door. FAST. makes it easy to program the VCR. PENTAX SONY Panasonic @HITACHI rewinds and plays the tape. Using the MAGNAVOX JVE couxMyS OLYMPUS front panel or remote control, you can control seek, pause, slow motion and double speed playback. &TDK Canon TOSHIBA GENERALEBELECTRIC Recording is just as easy. You can set up a simple timer recording at 1-800-582-2929 with or without delay using the built-in controls or Re-Video product resellers. Direct mail department. The VCR will guide you down 2947 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA. 95825 ¢ (916) 978-7107 step-by-step programming using on-screen displays or LCD remote control. This VCR is very easy to use. 88 Video July 1987 Performance. The VC-799U provides 240 lines of horizontal resolution with a very good video signal-to-noise ratio of 44.2 dB unweighted and 47.4 dB weighted. The AM S/N Chroma is 47.6 dB and the PM S/N Chroma is 46.7 dB, both of which are excellent. Silent special effects work well. The overall assessment of image quality is very good. The deck offers linear stereo recording and playback only, so the -3 dB frequency response is limited to the 125 Hz to 10 kHz range, with a nominal -5 dB frequency response. At the high end of LP, the response drops to 8 kHz, and at EP -3 dB, the range is 160 Hz to 5 kHz. Audio signal/noise is 44 dB, 4 dB above Sharp's rating, and total harmonic distortion is 1.8 percent, giving it a good sound rating by linear track standards. Application. With ratings of very good for picture quality, good for sound, and excellent for ease of use, we rate the overall performance as very good. You can get better performance with digital special effects and high-fidelity sound, but at a higher price. If you're shopping on a budget, you may want to make these compromises. If so, this $750 VCR is worth considering. p>

©1987 Excalibur Entertainment, Inc. NOW YOU CAN ENJOY THE BEST RUNNING MOVIES AT LOW WHOLESALE PRICES! Complete original productions packaged by movie studios, all at rock-bottom prices. Also, you can exchange these videos as many times as you want. The more you trade, the lower the cost. There is no time limit. No hidden costs. And no membership fees. SS BUY NP REPLACE ANY TAPE - NOW AS LOW AS Plus $3.00 Shipping & Handling The world's largest selection of adult videos. No monthly "club" fees. All orders ship promptly Change as often as you like * Lifetime Quality Guarantee! We only sell NEW FILMS, not used! BUY ANY SALE TITLE FROM YOU plus $3.00 shipping and handling for the tape. OTHER TITLES STARTING AT $18.95! I WANT Same titles sold elsewhere for $69.95 and up - eeeeee ee ee ee Please send me Bros. Grime Cartoon II at $39.95 s/hr = $42.95. ~~ Send the following videos at a discount of $28.95 + $3.00 per video s/hr = $31.95 (California residents add 6% sales tax) | (change forms will be sent with your order) 0 VHS format BETA format © Please send color catalog | ADULT | MAILING ADDRESS COUNTRY COUNTRY VISA © MASTERCARD © MASTERCARD MONEY VERIFICATION MERCHAND *, | EXCALIBUR FILMSBank Exp. Daten ee 3621 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton, CA. 92633 \\ ae LC) AMANDA BY NIGHT J] INDIANA JOAN 0 ANYWHERE... ANYWHERE 0) INSIDE CHINA LEE ~eoe 0) AUNT PEG goes to Hollywood C) KATE AND THE INDIANS Featuring: Captain Weird, Princess Layme, Ensign Zulu, Princess orgasm BAD GIRLS | }] THE LEGEND OF THE BLUE LADY and Mark Starkiller. 1 BAD GIRLS II } LET ME TALK ABOUT A WHITE GIRL C1) BARBARA BROADCAST C) FIRST BITE REQUEST GRIME BROTHERS ADULT CARTOONS II is an erotic version of © BATTLE OF THE STARS II CO) MARINA VICE Space Saga late movies like Sex Wars . This is the first adult animated film 0 Back and forth O) MATINEE IDOL MISTY BETHOVEN with flash and sci-fi movie from a major studio. Reviewers called this film 0 BROS. GRIME ADULT CARTOONS | "THE BEST ADULT CARTOON EVER PRODUCED." BROWN SUGAR CO MEMPHIS CATHOUSE BLUES 0 NASTY GIRLS Because we think this is by far the best adult cartoon of all time, WE ©) CAFE FLESH GUARANTEE YOU WILL THOROUGHLY ENJOY IT! Period! If _] CANDY STRIPERS EVER SO DEEPLY you don't agree, simply return it no questions asked and we'll replace it. OLYMPIC CHARLI RUSH OR COED RUSH 0) PAMELA MANN | Reee: | TO ORDER FREE: -] PANDORA 0 RAID MIRROR CORPORATE ASSETS | VISA (1) CROCODILE BLONDEE _] PINK LAGOON OC PRETTY PEACHES California: 1-800-VIDEO-CAor(714) 773-5855 7 Days DANCERS J] RANDY THE ELECTRIC LADY Offer void after midnight on the last day of airing of the month . WHAT) DEBBIE MAKES DALLAS ROCKIN' WITH SEKA 0 DEEP THROAT 1 ROMANCING THE BONE LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED!!! J THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES | 0 7 IN SNOWY 0 THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES 1! 0 SEX BOAT We ​​guarantee the lowest video prices -] SEX SPA USA available throughout the United States! Period! We refuse to beat O DIRTY WESTERN J SEX WARS over any competitor. If you find a video advertised for a lower price than advertised, we'll win you back for $1.00! All you need to do to 0) SEX CAPADES is attach your ad to our order form and subtract $1.00 from the advertised retail price of 0 ECSTASY GIRLS LJ STAR 85 - that's all you pay. 8104 800 FANTASY LANE STAR VIRGIN CJ SURRENDER IN PARADISE eK 0 FIONA ON FIRE SWEET YOUNG FOXES C FOXY BROWN ] TABOO. WHAT GIRLFRIENDS (1) GIRLS ON FIRE TEN LITTLE GIRLS ] ULTRA BODY (1) THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE NATIONAL (J VANESSA BRIEF IN MANHATTAN () HANKY PANKY VIVA VANESSA - UNDRESSER ] HOT DALLAS NIGHTS (1 HOT FUDGE (| LIKE TO LOOK) RENT A FULL) LEGAL - IT'S SIMPLY A GOOD DEAL Circle additional information 24 on the Reader Service Card

TOSHIBA Videotests Toshiba's Toshiba CX3077 offers a big, bright picture for $2,500. Monitor/Receiver 4 KawKeaKKKhKKK The arrival of the DEDAo ALL-AMERICAN Toshiba CX3077 30-inch monitor has caused quite a stir in our offices. We were all impressed by its size, brightness, and high picture quality, but not so impressed by the sound from its internal speakers. It's also moderately flexible with two video and two RF inputs. One of the plugs is pass-through, making it easy to select cable channels with the remote. The auto color balanced (ABC) and vertical comb filter save a bit of work when making picture adjustments, but we wish the remote had a few more controls for picture and sound functions. Description. Weighing in at 136.7 pounds, the CX3077 measures 28 inches tall, 29-1/8 inches wide, and 17 inches deep, with a 4-1/2-inch bump around the neck of the tube. Below the 30-inch screen is a pedestal that houses small two-way speaker modules. COAST TO COAST SALES AND SERVICE "800-843-3687 FOR THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE AND ADVICE! (800-VIDEO-US) PRESENTATION by maxell; TDK TOSHIBA Canon MAGNAVX SONY Quasar @ RGA Technics SANYO = AMBICO Panasonic JVEZ CASIO mancanecamntz. BOGEN F-:{°TECH FULL LINE OF ACCESSORIES e All products factory sealed and double boxed VIDEO EXPERTS e ALL MAJOR BRANDS e All products come with full USA warranty. bill orders until shipped.¢ Call now for pricing and advice!Kamu KKK 1435 Railroad Avenue @ Bellingham, WA @ 98225 KKK KKK 150 Main St. e Port Washington, NY e 11050 KKK KKK KKK 90 Video Jul 1987 For Information Please circle 25 on the Reader Service Card.

TRUSTED CITY CHAMBER 8681 - 18TH AVENUE BROOKLYN NEW YORK 11214 A 24 ORDER ONLY: 1-800-525-9922 INFORMATION OR SERVICE TEAM 1-718-837-9326 NEED IT FAST! ASK FOR THE RED CARPET SERVICE! PAN AG155 W/C 1159 NO ADDITIONAL CREDIT CARD OR SHIPPING FEES!! AG160 PAN with Piezo W/C 1299 OVERNIGHT DELIVERY AND SECOND PANEL PV220 W/C 915 DAY-AIR ALWAYS AVAILABLE PANPVIOOVHS-CW/C 1019 PV320 W/C 1079 WARRANTY FROM USA MANUFACTURER! CANON VME2 HiFi8 1179 OLYMPUS VX801\"8\" 1269 NWOARRGERNETYECHMAERXTKEENTDED SECONDS FROM FACTORY! OLY VX404 HiFi 1099 WARRANTY AVAILABLE CHINON 8MM aP4 :)) ELMO 8MM 1199 WITH 1800 SERVICES THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY VERY FAST AUTOFOCUS NIKON VN800 “8” GE 9-9606 SCOT: PES PER BOX (10) GE 9-9608 YUCK ae MAXELL CH SONY COMMO DORE GE 9-9610 L750 UHG HiFi 1120 T120EG 4.25* 7120 L830 UHG HiFi GE 9-9710 VHS-C 7120 PRO IND. T120EG PLUS 5.19 7120 SHG L500 ES HG 7120 HGX 7120 EXG HiFi 6.29 1120 S.H.G. HiFi L750 ES HG C64 159 GE 9-9712 ​​7120 GOLD HiFi 7120 EXG 4.99 HRX 451 W/C PRO L830 ES HG 7160 7120 CAMERA 7.29 L500 ESXHIFi 1571 DD 209 GE 9-9806 FEH 1160 HG X L75 0 ESXHIFi RX PRO W/ C 7120 EXG PRO 7.99 L830 ESXHIFi 64/1541 319 MAGNAVOX 8292 with 7120 BOQ PRO W/C 7160 6.69 8M30MMin. T160EG PLUS 8M60MMin. MAGNAVOX 8293 w/c 750EG ao 8MM 90 min. 128/1571 439 8MM 120 min. L750 HGX 750 EXG BASF 160 H.G. MAG 8297 VHSC w/c 1 L750 GOLD HiFi 8MM 30 min. JVC 120 oSrowoano1n9a02nsMONITOR 249 MAG 8295 con c MAG T120 7120 UHG HiFi NaSwSeSrSssosnsnAsaLnsLasmsLasmsGnsOnsOeeDoSssa Z L750 HGX PRO T120H.S. PROX500 JVC GRC7U VHS-C W/E PROLSO0 JVC VHSC SHG Manufacturers 7120 EHG SKC T120 1PR1120O2X075P0RPRO BQ PROLSOO OSSNWRIWRIWSNEAORNOWNOWMODCEEOOTOOOTOPO77MLL XIIIIXouoprPrcnrmoOONOWS/NICVCOODOYPW NWMRROA=ORCEOMN=one -zowtramystrrrwpritoyn1dd4sc0earsses JVC GRC 9u VHS -C Gold 6. T120ES 8MM 2HR T120ESX HIFI 6200 VHS -C - C 8MM 90 minutes 17.95 and UP L1785300 8MM 60 minutes 12.95 and up WARRANTY USA ZENITH 7100 HiFi 29.95 and up NEC V40 ZENITH BESCOR PIONEER RCA CPR 100 with AUDIO VR 1810 269 VIDEO RCA CMR 200 with VR 18 20 299 FLUID ACT. TRIPOD 69.95 PROJECTION SL300 RCA CMR 300 with T.V. HFP 100 VR 1870 NC2 59.00 A/V HFP 200 CPR 300 SL350 VR 2230 WIDE ANGLE PROCESSOR AND HIGH QUALITY TV SLHFT7 HITACHI VM5000 with SL600 LENS K IT $69.95 $ 700 HIT VM50 VHS-C with SLHF 900 vR 3220 SAKAR W IDE LENS 89.95 SL HF 650 SL750 VR 3300 SAKARTELELENS 89.95 SL 1000 HIT VM2100 with EVS 700 VR 4100 PANASONIC 1189 KPR 36XBR PENTAX PC800 VR 41 007 989 KV 25VXR vm 6200 PV 27 00 245 KV 2786 R MINOLTA CR8000 KV2784R PV 3720 279KV 2783R MINOLTA 3000 799 KV 2782R MINOLTA CR3300 vM 6210 VLP 950 HiFi PV 3770 DGTL 369 FREEDOM SANSUI KV 2781R CPR100 w/c PHONES KV 278 0R VMK100 CMR200 with PV 4700 279 Sxv1000 365 KXM 270 SONY CCDV8AFU 88 9 CMR300 with AVU 270 VMT7 100HiFi 1129 CPR 300 WC PV 4750 399 AV99 439 ACCESS 401 vx99 369 ACCESS600PRO VAC 500 99 PV4760HFMTS 469 FISHER ACCESS 202 SONY HANDYCAM 8 759 KV 1380R PROTON INSTOCK PV4768HIFi25AMP 699 249 NEC KV 2080 R SONY CCD110 “8” 1 269 627 CALL 279 KV 2084R 625 779 OLYMPUS PV 4770 399 4000 CALL 2610 639 KV 2775R SONY CCDV3 839 620 CALL VX 801 1259 4100 2660 599 CCDV BAFU 619A 579 vx 404 1 099 PV 4780 DGTL 799 906 915 239 Z TTV8 SONY CCDV8 AFU with TV8 925 602M CALL Vx 402 949 965 59 9 CCDVv3 PV 4760 479 940 329 DX1000 DGTL 439 CCDV110 QUAVM21 1049 DX2000 DGTL 649 PAK8 AG 500 835 469 EMA8U 1269 BMC 660 929 4 99 v40 CALL BMC 1000 849 AG 2400 690 950 539 AV35 0 495 WMF 100 719 AIWAC80 859 980 WM 100 74 5 Jvc NV 8420 759 990 D3 DISCMAN 549 ** D 10 DISCMAN 389 ** HRD 170U COMBINED RADIO 269 AG 6400 1399 D55 DISCMAN 2599 INCLUDES; WMF 41 1599 AUDIO CALL AG 1950 999 MINOLTA WMF 75 1499 1-CAMERA WMF 45 349 2-TOSHIBA AGA 95 299 BATTERY MANUFACTURERS WMF 107 519 3-CHARGER DXx3 309 ICF 2010 569 4-AC ADAPTER DX7 559 PK 3250 839 WILL NOT BE AMBIC ICF 6800 659 5900 499 STRAV880 925 POWER 5330 309 PK 3260 1099 ENABLE US RADIO 5-RF/T.V. ADAPTER 4320 299 839 CABLE OUT 6-A/V AG 155 w/c 1159 PLEASE PRINT PRICES 1269 CABLE IN 7-AN 759 8-Shoulder AG 160 w/c 1299 CR 80005 8MM CALL 829\"* 9-HOLE EXP STOCK CARRY 10-PROTECTIVE CANOPY PV 100 w/1019 CR 30005 LOW 108 11-PROTECTIVE LENS COVER 12-PV 220 TAPE w/915 CR 1200 CALL VIDCRAFT 13-ENGLISH MANUAL 14-HITACHI G. E. PV 300 w/ c 1199 CR 3300 NEW SEG2 00 315 15 -COAXIAL 1VE200 139 16-VHS FORMAT ADAPTER 1100 259 5028 STEREO PV 320 w/c 1079 Z UP TO DETAILER IV 249 17-MICROPHONE T400TOPOFLINE 499° 18-W IDEO KIT A/B S WITCH PV 8600 wow 24- PARTIAL MATCH AVPRO C 274 19 -CAMERA WITH REMOTE CONTROL 20-CAMCORDER CLUB 1320 275 AC/DC BATTERY, T.V.S AIR-VID COLOR PROC.CALL 389 MEMBERSHIP TELEPHONE 1370 DGTL SUPERDUPER CONDITIONERS 24 21-USA MANUFACTURERS 1 400 279 NEW VCR E MERSON LINE 1410 280 9 -7500 CALL FRIEDRICHS ACCESSORY KIT 1430 319 9-7515 CALL 22-MANUFACTURERS USA CHRYSLER SHOWTIME WARRANTY CALL 1570 DGTL 499 CALL FEDDERS 977 409 FULL LINE OF ALL 23-RE LI AC BOOK ACCESSORIES CALL SANYO 966 329 24-LENS CLEANING KIT CALL 9 55 299 1450 409 CALL MAGNAVOX 951 269 WOW PRODUCTS 1720 519 9-785 CALL 9-7885DGTL CALL VR 9610 235 NIKON MACROVISION 9-98 06 NEW CHAMBER VN 800 1299 VM50 w/c 949 IN STOCK K VR 9624 265 CHINON 8MM - 1269 17 00 159 ELMO 8MM 1240 VM2100 with 1049 VR 9640 279 GPI 215 VM5000 with 1089 VR 9645 389 VSEC-1 375 MITSUBISHI VR 9 670 755 T.V.S CALL VR 9680 639 7010 A/V VIDEO CALL VR 829 2 W/C 929 PROC. 309 VR 8293 W/C 1099 7100 COLOR VECTOR VR 8285 W/C 999 PERC. VR 8297 INVESTIGATION W/C 1049 AND MORE! 245 VR 9240 IN STOCK CDB650 DISC CALL VIDEOWRITER 499 To order, send certified check or money order to Reliable Video 8681-18th Ave., Brooklyn, New York 11214. Add applicable shipping, handling and insurance R DISCOUNT * "MODEL DISPLAYED BY THE MANUFACTURER WITH THE WARRANTY OF THE UNITED STATES MANUFACTURER.No responsibility for graphical errors.Shipping charges are non-refundable.PRICES MAY VARY.NO SALES TAX OUTSIDE NEW YORK STATE.NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES FOR CREDIT CARDS OR -0.0 (WITH DEPOSIT)

Video tests and two control sets. Exposed rear panel houses power cable and RGA VCRW WHY BUY, including power controls, volume up/down and individual controls, internal/external DIRECT channel up/down switch, with indicators for main speakers. Rear panel sockets for eo, SAP and CATV tuning sequences. Includes F connectors for two VHF inputs \\ ) The DIIDREOECT camera contains knobs for inputs (RF1 and RF2), RF 1 PIRES T loop bass, treble, balance, focus, color to power cable decoder, and thumbscrew for tone, brightness and contrast and buttons UHF input, two groups of three RCA type FULL LINE OF RCA and ABC recorders, comb filter, mono (forced), pin jack for stereo video/audio inputs from cameras, as well as lights, mounts, stereo battery/ SAP, TV/video, CATV, add/delete (video 1 and video 2), two sets of RCA pins, and other video accessories. and automatic program. There are also stereo jacks for supplying variable audio output to an external audio amplifier and speakers with FAST SHIPPING (in most cases) and a headphone minijack with NO ADDITIONAL SALES TAX (except Va.). SPECIAL MAIL SHIPPING for past customers only! Z=,__ fae, Slaeisonde Minolta VIDEO SPECIALISTS - We help before the CR-8000AF (8mm) and AFTER the sale. (—_“£C__— => RCA DVR Fae ato VMT385 VMT390 VMT395 VMT400 VMT590 VMT595 VMT630HF VMT670HF WHOLESALE 1160 HAMBURG TPK., WAYNE, N.J.07470 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: (201) 838-58 08 LL TOLL FREE 800-247 - 4654 WE WILL MATCH OR BEAT ANY ELIGIBLE HOURLY PRICE: Mon-Fri 10am-8pm Sat 10am-5pm CE LOW FOR MINOLTA MV60S PENTAX PVCBOOA CALL AVAILABLE GE 9710 $995 JVC HRD470U OLYMPUS VX801 AVAILABLE HITACHI VMC 50A CALL SANYO VHR 1900 IN STOCK JVC GRC7U $1089 FISHER FVH980 CHINON C8-80 CALL US $559 JVC GRCQ OR ORDER NOW "FISHER FVH $990,499 KYOCERRA KD1100U IN STOCK IN STOCK SANYO VISION 8,850 USD CALL SONY CCDV8AFU USD 950 SONY CCDV3 USD 969 SONY CCDV110 $1259 SONY 8MM HOME DECKS RECEIVERS|$689 RCA CMR300 &... ZENITH VM 6200 $888 EVS700U $399 RCA LITTLE WONDERFUL CAMERA - GE 9610 $1199 EVA300 CORDER CPR100 AVAILABLE NOW Hitachi VMS000A $1150 JVC RX9V $450 Sony Sstttraavv88800 to order with Minolta CR1200S Instock $$ 249590 OF BH EM offers technical support to customers before and after the sale, Ac-Olympus VX404 New Technical support for its products and SONY ST/ TV which specialized in.. . PANASONIC AG160 $1395 CALL PIONEER VSX5000BK nea

An introduction. WE ASSEMBLE THE LA HU DE CLEAR CRY COLLECTION OFERTAVIVIIY 3] FUNCTIONALITY 15. Save yourself, GENTEFOLD MO! EROTICA. EACH TAPE IS IN FULL COLOR, [9/9 | [2=](0k IT IS FACTORY FRESH, IN FACTORY PACKAGING nt OWN BOX WITH SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Nobody sells TELEVIDEO at a discount price... and we want to try it! We are looking for... customers - so we made arrangements specials with various producers to submit this deal. If you've never shopped with us before, qualify for this truly exclusive deal. Dea Unt Ever wonders A5 what goes on behind closed doors at an adult casting call. No plot, no script, 5 videos, 5 hours in total… $14.95 @ Bloopers Rated XXX = e BS Watch the shenanigans that happen on the set of an X-rated movie. This movie really tickles your "funny" bones. 5 Movies, §:bre: Together.. ..$2495 oO.- Witness44 DD wea- Now you can build your 5 pons used on willing young studs.Smart way adult video collection.Choose from Staring Christy Canyon, Janey Rob- clear, action- baskets full and more trailers in Leisure b Videos Slie Tetele[email protected]Unique VIDEO Dyer Ceal Su-aPeat urn: all CATALOG TAPES. It's an SS from juicy and wet endings to the worst, right? This 90 minute movie ALL THE COLORS is made up of harsh scenes. Full advances on B Viacos. & made tvateli os: SiGekg 60 adult movies (famous titles from *9th°°) All movies feature more than 300 hardcore scenes, full length, sound synchronized with musical score. Superstars like SEKA, New, No Refunds or Kickbacks, CHRISTY CANYON, GINGER Gtiakahreedlt LYNN and more. You will see EXCLUSIVE highlights IN STOCK with more than 250 uncensored wk wm scenes. CHECK OUT OPTIONS xxx ww x ONLY 50¢ EACH including at least as many wet endings. TELEVIDEO is also triple X compliant. Truly unique magazines that are top notch, all value, sold in BLOND EBONY: AYES LISA MELINDEZ color, on smooth glossy paper and for $29.5 or more, but for the new TANYA FOK ELLE RIO PURPLE PASSION huge savings. For customers ONLY, we are NIKKI CHARM =) TISH AMBROSE ---) VERA BUTLER GAIL FORCE TRINITY LORENS ()BUFFY DAUIS Super unique price D all 36 only $18 on this exclusive 9.% introductory offer, HRISTA LANE C) BRITTANY! STRYKER Mix N' Match for even greater satisfaction guaranteed! With your order you will also receive O ANY2VIDEO OR ALL4 VIDEO 0 ALL4 VIDEO you will receive a fistful of eyeballs - CATEGORIES CATEGORIES AND JUST pop up flyers for ALL 36 MAGS order. So stop shopping blindly and take advantage of this no-obligation offer today! To order with Visa/MasterCard, call toll free 1-800-874-8960 or submit the coupon below. With your purchase you will receive a credit of 10°° to be used on your first order. SEND TO: VIDEO STAGE DEPARTMENT, H67 USE ALL AD TO ORDER: %* JD YES! PLEASE QUICKLY MY VIDEO CATALOG. * AFTER BOX 10935 MERRIVILLE, W. 46411 * 4K * c|HEONOCsLeOSEODNE: *9V.%O PLUVSHS #4Y.D (PB&EHT)A. TV VIDEO rt. 47 include S$ and 4$p&h. mK on a CANADA DELIVERY IN US FUNDS - * © (1 dash (| Money Order!) Check as payment in full. P.O. Box370 e New Buffalo MI 49117-0370 AND ADD £2. EXTRA (P&H) x Iinclude $.... .. plus $3 p&h Canadians transfer funds in the US Non-foreign C.0.D. Bee VOOSHYD CHECKYO MONEY ORDER * ~ * (Send C.0.D. | attach additional $5 plus $3 p&h OR Cash OR Money Order OR Check payment in full Canadians transfer funds from US Non-foreign C.0.D.* 0 VISA/MASTERCARD (AS PAYMENT IN FULL) * to Lt QO Send COD Includes $5 additional plus $3 postage * VISA/MC# * NAME (Print) and Service, OY VHS or OY Beta ' EXP, DATE _ ADDRESS/APT.# Name _____ 4 CITY/STATE/ZIP ADDRESS/APT _ SIGNATURE Address CERYCSE 28 AGE/DATE City STATE/Zip Code _ 4 eu over 19 and requesting this item State/Code: SIGNATURE/AGE/DATE___ I am over 18 and requesting this item Signature/Age/Date For additional information, please circle number 73 on the reader service card I certify that I am of legal age July 19, 1987 Video 93

Video Tests ——— Up/Down, TV/VCR, Record, Pause/Still, Separate memories hold last selection - Slow, Rewind, Play, Fast Forward and Stop. Channel ed spring loaded bare wire connectors on RF1, RF2 and CATV inputs to external speakers directly from Operation. Operation The CX3077 is a five watt per channel internal amplifier. very simple and the connection is clearly substitute, and the return of the channel restores the last saved in the instruction. Although most operations- selection view regardless of the source. The infrared remote doubles the monizations you can control from the remote, your power, volume, channel controls would be nice if you could use it to adjust test reports: select, mono (forced), stereo/SAP, picture. If you leave the comb filter and the Toshiba CX3077 30-inch TV/video and TV/CATV. It also has a but- ABC in which you will not miss it too much. Color monitor/receiver tones for setting the time, sleep timer, and VCR controls are useful if you have channel recall and last channel return, the latest Toshiba player, but are useless for muting other data, toggle RF and ten-digit key. Test date: keyboard April 1987. . The remote also controls most Toshiwise devices. RRP: $2,500 ba VCR with button power, Channel Weight: 136.7 lbs. Dimensions: 28 x 29-1/8 x 21-3/8 in. GRAND CENTRAL CAMERAS (hAw/d) Power Requirement: 120 VAC, 60 Hz FREE CALLS FOR MAIL ORDER ONLY: Power Consumption: 128 W average Personal Screen Size: 30 inches Speaker Size: 1.6 x 4.7 inch woofer & service 1-800-237-9971 0.7 x 0.7-inch tweeter for each channel Tuning Type: Voltage Synthesis CALL NEW YORK: 212 557-3244 FOR MORE INFORMATION Tuning Method: Programmable Scan Up/Down On Set, Scan and direct from keyboard VHS CAMERA Panasonic Panasonic Pro Line Access to VHS on remote control OMNIVISION Camera Broadcast Tuning Range: 2 to 13, 14 12 Pieces Packs at 83 ~~ Pack of 12 Items Cable Tuning Range: 72 Channels - 2 to camera 10. Kit lens 13, A-1 to A-8, A to I, J to W, AA to ZZ, . Charger 11. Filter $1048“PV 320 with CCD. Camera 10. Lens set © AAA, BBB . Charger 11. RF input filter: 2 VHF (F connectors); 1 UHF 12 battery. Tripod. Battery 12. Tripod $1198AG 160 Pro (knurled screw) . Blank tape. Blank RF Top Output: 1 VHF loop on VHF. AN adapter. AN RF Adapter 1 (connector) . Dub Cables Remote Control: Infrared Wireless with Hot Shoe - Dub Cables - Corry Hondle. The handle. Lens Cop tones for power on, timer, time setting, recovery, . Lens Cap TV/Video, TV/CATV, RF1/RF2, Mute, Lens Cop Channel Return, Mono, Stereo/SAP, Volume. Lens hood: 7 lux, audio dubbing, 525 lines of scroll up/down, channel up/down, 10-digit keypad and controls for most Toshiba devices, video output, VCR (TV/VCR, channel Up/Down, Power, High Shutter Speed, 6:1 High Speed ​​Shutter Auto Record, Pause/Still, Slow Down, Rewind, Play, Power Zoom, Fast Forward and Stop) Video/Stereo Audio Inputs: 2 HIGH QUALITY VIDEO AC/DC VIDEO LIGHT $99.95 HIGH RESOLUTION TELEPHOTO LENS $169.95 Stereo Audio/Video Output: None Stereo Audio/Video Tuner Output: Rem st Pro Wonder VHS SONY 8mm Format None Pro Camera Camera Output Auxiliary Stereo Audio Jack: |CMR 300 12-Piece Variable Packs 12-Piece Packs $12,483 Headphone Jack: 3.5mm Stereo, On Front Camera CCD-V110 Pro Comera 11. Lens Kit 1. Comera 10. Dub Chorger Cable 12. Tripod Charger 11. Lens Kit External Speaker Connectors: Spring . battery. Battery 12. Bare Wire Support Clamps Strap . Internal audio amplifier power: 5 filters. Filter Watts Per Channel (Switchable between In-Blade Tape. External and External Speaker Support). Lens Cop accessories: remote control with battery - AN adapter NEW - blank tapes, Lens Cop microphone matching transformer 300-75 ohms. AN Adapter RESULTS AND RANKINGS. Lens Hood Image sharpness: 400+ lines, 7 lux functions, electric zoom, FREE metered AF, CASE auto iris and time-lapse photography, Snowiness stopwatch; S/N, Luminance: 54.1dB reproduced directly on any TV. and electric zoom. Chroma AM S/N: 53.3 dB Chroma PM S/N: 51.2 dB T VM-E2 Gamearder OLYMPUS Pro VHS model Color accuracy: excellent 8mm format camera Overall image quality: excellent Canon Deluxe Response from Audio Frequency: 2 (Hz up to 15 pieces) 20kHz, +1.2/-0.4dB 12-Piece Pack Audio S/N Pack: 64dB Stereo Separation: 48dB Chamber 10. Lens Hood Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.9 percent Drums 11. Grip Overall Sound Quality: Average Charger 12 Tripod Ease of Use: Excellent Overall Performance: Excellent Tape Head Cleaner AN Adapter Dub Cables OCn OeLwUenns rCsop - NEW sil4é This high-end headphone features a piezovee | 7 lux, 3-zone autofocus, fast shutter, audio dubbing, playback and recording Weighs 3.5 lbs., auto and manual focus, 6:1 zoom Easy to use SPECIAL OFFER ouanrmes Play directly on any TV OVERNIGHT DELIVERY SERVICE 420 LEXINGTON AVE. OPEN 7 DAYS 9AM-8PM AMERIACTAN44tEhXPSRTERSESE,T VIINSAN,EWMASYTOERRKCARCIDT,Y/INDINNEYR'SCALCLUB21,2 D5I5S7C-O3V2E4R4 7 DAY CARD RETURN POLICY/ALL RETURNS MUST BE BY PHONE NOT FOR THE PURPOSE OF PRIOR AUTHORIZATION/ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE RETURNED IN ORIGINAL FACTORY PACKAGING, CLEAN, UNMANUFACTURED AND WITH BLANK WARRANTY CARDS/NO MANUFACTURER'S BOXES/SHIPPING AND INSURANCE COSTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE/QUANTITY LIMITED. /1S AVAILABILITY IS NOT GUARANTEED ON ALL PRODUCTS / STOCK PRICES MAY VARY / PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE / NEW YORK CONSUMER AFFAIRS LICENSE #B00137 / PRICES VALID THROUGH JULY 15TH. SLIGHTLY HIGHER PRICES IN STORE For additional information, circle the number 28 on the Reader Service Card. 94 Video July 1987

The variable audio channel video tests for the amplifier allow for a depth of 12-7/8, just right for sitting above or green, magenta, red, blue, and black. Four adjust the volume of the TV with the hi-fi system under the VCR. The upper part of the front panel with the TV remote control. it has a switch to select the input, and the buttons and control strip allow clearing the troll for phase and gamma correction, Hue Performance. CX3077 offers: (shade), color and reverse. top, bottom, right, and left sides and can have a horizontal resolution of more than 400 lines. The video signal to noise ratio is 54.1 decibels. The lower part of the panel is sloped to obtain a rectangular washcloth. AM chroma S/N is 53.3 dB and PM chroma and includes power switch, micro-S/N is 51.2 dB. The only drawback is the lightweight headphone jack and rotary level potentiometers for section A labeled Color Correct In-Vertical jitter, only noticeable on mic line, source, and master audio scenes with horizontal lines powerful. Excellent color level. The rotary background color selector features on/off switches and a wide range of precision, this monitor typically has positions for stripes, white, yellow, cyan and the image quality is excellent. and a joystick to help give the white effects a nice look. Sound quality is mixed. Built whiter. The group of controls labeled Fader on the speakers, which are weak on the bass, doesn't fully reflect the CX3077's audio capabilities. It has audio and video switches, and driving the external speakers with the internal amp is a much better idea if the sound is in the form of a fader bar to fade out with the sound that's important to you. The frequency response of the electronics is 20 Hertz at 20 kilo-white or black. b> Hz, +1.2/-0.4 dB with 64 dB signal-to-noise ratio, 48 dB channel spacing, and 0.9% total harmonic distortion. 1-800-237-9971N Overall sound quality is average. SCABIES Conclusion. Toshiba CX3077 FREE PHONE FOR MAIL ORDER ONLY - Picture quality and ease of use are excellent, but sound quality is mediocre. $2,500 OVER 50 CAMERA MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM The price is definitely high, but moderate for Panasonic compared to the price of 35-inch models. This 12-Piece Pack VHS-C Format The AM VHS-C format is the first in a wave of 30-inch screens, deluxe 12-Piece Pack Pee CAM camera prices are likely to drop with 10 cameras. competence. If you have Comer 10. Lens kit Le rmmommrseneivny Charger 11. Lens kit «\" Bs Naa na Dp has money and can't wait until charger 11. Filter Battery 12. Tripod CX3077 is a high quality monitor. Battery 12. Tripod $8P9V 1800 rn Strap Tape Blank Sony Video AN Filter Adapter Holder $698GRC- Dub Cobles Color Corrector Blank Stop Corry Holder Lens Cap Adapter WOLenNs OShnadePwr— RWwO LrensOSShadeN $898GRC-7 NEW Palm Size , 7 lux, 6:1 power zoom, High-speed shutter weighs 3.2 lbs. Plays only one VHS format. RCA EXTENDED WARRANTY AVAILABLE ON COMPLETE LINES OF CAMERA SONYVHS-C Format Camera ALN|iZA1PSGuEyN_\\ |: I've had several questions on how to 1, Camera 11. Camera 10 Lens Kit Lens Cap Charger 12. Tripod Battery 11. Handmade Aloe Correction Tapes Battery Charger 12. Tripod $788CCD V3 AF Strap Negative Strap Blank Cap Filter Cleaner Blank Cap Head Switch Positive/Vive Lens Cop AN Adapter AN Adapter § Dub Leads eBWR LwensOCop New! KEPNwNLednOs CopN 10. Microphone weighs 3.5 pounds, auto and manual focus, 6:1 zoom. Easy to use. Palm-sized, 10 lux, easy to use, plays directly to any TV. backlight functions. 3.5 lbs. Plays back on any TV or VCR, on camcorders configured SUPER WIDE ANGLE MAGNAVOXSIMA BOOSTER BOX COPY Pre Vis-c $79.95 misplaced Nikor YN 800 8mm Format Deluxe Camcorder. View negative images from a palm-sized camera 16-piece pack 12-piece pack }High school reunion is no fun. Sony XV- Camera 10. The aM C700 Video Multi Color Corrector Int Grip is one of the batteries 11. Pte Chorger lens cover 12. It filters only a few devices that can solve the AN strap adapter problem, but they do much more. The XV-C700 Hood Kit also comes with wipers and Dub po cables: wNBrlaAnk NTope, Hue Correction, Color Correction to whiten whites, Phase Correction to soften or harden edges, and NEW Gamma Correction to enhance or - Best photo available, only 2.8 lbs, palm size, 7 lux, piezo focus, depth of field control, high speed shutter. increasing contrast in the midrange. It also has a lightweight camera with TOO LOW TO ADVERTISE autofocus, a modest audio mixer for adding music, and weighs 3.2 pounds, this one for use with the 6:1 power zoom and CCD chip. narration during dubbing. This is not a call to our low, very low prices for home video cassettes AT42404Thlestxriementnnewavey.orkopceitny/In7 ndyaycsall921a2m2m-5857-3P2M44 Complex collection of the most useful American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diner's Club, Discover Card and correct o . None of the other multi-component processors we tested have an image repair option under the 7 DAY RETURN POLICY/ALL RETURNS MUST CALL FOR PRIOR AUTHORIZATION/ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE RETURNED IN THE ORIGINAL FACTORY PACKAGING FROM THE CARD/DO NOT DESTROY XV-C70 0. MANUFACTURER'S PACKAGING / SHIPPING, HANDLING AND INSURANCE FEES ARE NOT RESTRICTED / 1S AVAILABILITY NOT GUARANTEED ON ALL PRODUCTS / STORE PRICES MAY VARY / PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE NO NOTICE / LICENSED BY CONSUMER AFFAIRS, NEW YORK NO. 800137 / VALUE ID PRICE SLIGHTLY HIGHER PRICES IN STORE THROUGH JULY Description. Dark gray XV-C700 You can find additional information in circle 29 on the service card of the reader. measures 3-1/4 inches tall and 17 inches wide as of July 1987. Video 95

Video test On the rear panel, there is a single slider switch for the white clip that corrects excessively white parts of the screen. There are RCA pin connectors for stereo audio line input, two stereo audio/video inputs, and two stereo A/V source outputs. Source outputs can be linked to source inputs. Two sets of A/V output jacks provide processed input to a VCR or monitor. The reverse output connectors send any signal that is not processed. Operation. Phase correction allows you to enhance blurry edges or de-emphasize sharp edges. You will have to experiment to find the perfect setting. Gamma correction allows you to increase contrast and color in the midtones, which is very useful in scenes that are (2) TRACY ADAMS very dark or very bright. Many cameras and camcorders have directional switches. If you record with this switch in the wrong position, you'll get a useless negative. This is one of only three processors we've seen that can cor- (7) SAMANTHA STRONG! correct such error. The rear color generator with four sweep patterns is limited compared to other special effects generators, but still allows for up to 13 different pattern combinations. You can't clean directly from one out-of-sync source to another and you have to go through color even if the sources are in sync. When switching unsynchronized sources, the screen scrolls until synchronization is locked. Ta gen- WATCH PAIRS, TRIPLES AND MORE. EVERY POSSIBLE erator works best when you clean to co- COMBINATION OF THE HOTTEST SEX VIDEOS EVER RECORDED! or pause VCR recording, change sources with the scroll wheel, resume VCR recording and return to the new source. Fading, color correction, and color and tint adjustments take some practice. But even if there are a lot of controls, it's easy to customize them to your needs. We rate the ease of use as excellent - ___ a (4) ERICA BOYER SUPER BONUS! borrowed. Buy all 20 movies and get 5 features. XV-C700 a little more FREE! Features all-time stars - gain increases as frequency increases, making Candy's samples about 2 decibels louder at 4.2 megahertz. x Seka * Vanessa Del Rio The horizontal resolution is more than 400 lines. * Shaun Grant's video S/N is 52.9 dB vs. * Annette Haven and is weighted at 59.1 dB, with AM's Chroma S/N of 62.5 dB and Chroma S/N of PM of 58.9 dB. Differential gain is within 2 percent with gamma control off and adjustable when on. The differential phase is less than three degrees. Battery included (Min. Order) ANY 2 FOR $10 - ANY 10 FOR $15 provides extensive color reproduction and correction ALL 20 PLUS 5 FREE $25, XV-C700 delivers brilliant images from great sources and | PLEASE CIRCLE 123456789 10 | greatly improves the quality of the imperfect | sources. 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 pqg $3 postage Audio mixer is basic, California add 67% tax | NU-STAR Department About Rush Service adds $3 for mixing audio from select | Box 1381, N. Hollywood, | CA 91604 Attachment $| input with line-in audio and | NAME | monkey microphone. The frequency response is || ADDRESS. 25 Hz to 20 kiloHertz at +0.3/-3 dB, —_—_ and drops to -4.2 dB at 20 Hz. Sound Serial Number | CITY/STATE/ZIP is 62.1 dB and THD | | SIGNATURE AS is 0.08 percent. We rate the sound as very good. | I am over 19 years old and request this footage for '96 Video, July 1987

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Conclusions of the video tests. The Sony XV-C700 Video Multi Color Corrector is the perfect image repair box with features not found in other consumer processors. It also offers basic transitions and fades, and pretty flexible audio mixing. Its $700 MSRP is a bit higher than some competing products, but when it comes to fixing errors in irreplaceable images, it may be your only option. We highly recommend. VW] DON'T LET IT GO! Test Report: GRADUATE and Video Sony XV-C700 Warren[email protected]Wo Multi Color Corrector SAVINGS FOR THE BEST DATA VALUE IN ELECTRONICS Test Date: April 1987 Suggested Retail Price: $700 © minora 8000 CHECK PRICE | YX Weight: 9.9 lbs. Dimensions: 3-1/4 x 17 x 12-7/8 inches (H/W/D) Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz Power Consumption: 28 W Inputs stereo audio/video: 2 stereo audio Line input: 1 Mono microphone input: 1 Stereo audio/video output: 2 © HITACHI Inverted stereo audio/video output: 1 Rated video input: 1 Vp-p at 75 ww ohms, sync negative Rated Video Output: | Vp-p at 75 A ohms, sync negative Rated Audio Input: -10 dB (0 dB ORDER 0.775 Vrms) Audio Input Impedance: greater than 47 1-800-292-7736 \\\\'6g) 1- 718-743 - 8600 kOhms WARREN 1S AUTHORIZED ACCESSORIES. Cc Microphone Input Level: -60dB to 47 SONY VIDEO DEALER RECORD PLAYER Microphone Input Impedance: 3k ohms WE HAVE A HUGE SELECTION qn Beam, Medium Rated Audio Output: -10dB ALL VIDEO ACCESSORIES SLS00 | SONY KOhms SLHE 450 CAMERA. CCOV3 ... USD 87 Multivision 3.1 Digital/Audio Output impedance: Less than 10 kOhm Camera signal generator Controls: Power, Input selection, Phase correction Cool-Lux AC/DC Mini Cool Azden Wireless Microphone On/Off tint (tint), JVC GRC7 2 hrs. VHS Battery Winder & Beta Color, Reverse (Negative/Positive), Rear - 5 Hours External Battery Background Color (8)/Stripe Selection, Sweep Patterns "TTV 8 Tuner - Special Low, Low Coast 86 Double Bag for camera/recorder (4 more combinations), color corrector on/Purchase Price CALL!Tele-Print Converter V614 Coast VTR40 Tripod Black off, color corrector wide (3x), color q RADAR DETECTORS Ambico Super Duper Enhancer Ambico MTS Stereo Tuner Whistler 2 .$140 534 (4|MAGNAVOX T-1m20axHeGlX lH.i Gr equalizer joystick, slider bar (for white or Spectrum.. 160} 934s. Ten Glory VHS/Beta Cases (($4.39° Panasonic PVR 500 Editor \\\\) (i) 3T-.14209 black), video fade on/off, audio Fade on/off, Harwood 650 Watt Light JVC Spectrum 1.169|837 Scotch T-120 HG Super mic level, line level audio, audio source T-120 EXG Spec.Rem... .199}|864 Head cleaner — sAllFormats ~~ $4.99 * $4.79* and audio master level TDK Spectrum 2..204|879, SF Maxell T -120 HiFi Battery & Light Kit Accessories: None Close Up: Wide Angle Lens Kit $4.79* T- 120 PRO Uniden Rd. 9,159} 963 $6.88 \" | PANASONIC TELEPHONES AFlmubidicoHeaVd01T7r0ipoAdC/wD/CWhLeieglhstoEmeaes . RESULTS AND RATINGS Image sharpness: more than 400 lines KKXXTT 22442212... $112395] |322105 30 CAMCORIDNEFRO CAAVRACIOLRADSBLE ON ALL. VIDEO19. All major brands in stock from Snowiness; S/N, Luminance: 52.9dB, "Eff. Net After Mfg Unweighted Discount; 59.1 dB, VA Weighted 8025 115|8070.. | Sake ACCESSORIES. PLEASE WRITE OR CALL Chroma AM S/N: 62.5 dB vidicraft Shovitime WELL-KNOWN BRAND | TOSHIBA or JVC SPECIALS PHONE Chroma PM S/N: 58.9 dB Akai VS 112. $249 Accuracy of colors, colors and shades on the head Yes shortcut: |-4 heads, 4 events; 44 days, JVC HRD 570. 689.5000 MATTE $65 JVC HRD 180. 299 ratchet and dull color corrector: excellent field ERS fine, effects, _jwieless $2;gn 98\" Sharp HiFi... .299 8000 papas (C -- 09 « | eae repeat Olay $96§9°° Yourchoice Borrowed Video Switcher 9700..... 150 Overall Image Quality: Excellent 3 In 4 Out .29.95 7200... 119 MAGNAVOX - FAMOUS MAKE Audio Frequency Response: 25- 20k SEG 200 VSEC-1A Auton display, Gn Battery and car cable ANSWERS 8 programming, compatible with PV 200 34.95 WITH PHONES Hz, +0.3/-3dB, below 4.2 at 20 Hz Detailer IV C gp-+ Gensync ie 44 iy 249 USD°° Magnavox 15” 184 Audio S/N: 62.1 dB AM/FM Cass ... .24 A/V Processor A VC-1 Colorizer Wiess MAGNAVOX Polaroid MD-2.85¢ Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.08% Overall Sound Quality: Very Color Processor [7100 Color Processor good Switcher AN L 7010 Digital A/V Proc a Ease of Use: Excellent Overall Performance: Excellent IVE 200 277 Cam Wireless Enhancer SPECIAL OFFER!800-2WARREN and request an order or send an email certified check or money order to WARREN, 1924 Avenue U, Brooklyn. NY 11229. Add applicable shipping and handling charges. C.0.D. orders welcome. Inquiries and CUSTOMER SERVICE please call 1-718-743-8600. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. No sales tax for out of state orders. To receive your free catalog, send your name, address, and phone number along with $2.00 postage and handling (first order refunded) to the above address. Not responsible for typographical errors. This announcement supersedes all previous announcements. 98 Video July 1987

THE RIGHT VCR One-touch timers are ideal for capturing Saves you the hassle of pressing the rewind button when the tape ends. continued from page 41 those movies you start watching late at night Some mid-priced tickets, like video access to a wide selection of channels. but I can't sleep Just leave the Zenith VR-2220, for $699, with auto tuners on many VCRs, especially with slow program indexing that puts invisible quantum synthesis types, you can duplicate VCR recordings and let the tape run out: electronic tab at the beginning of this function if you connect the cable directly with each new recording, so that you can quickly find the antenna input of the VCR. the timer turns off the power after the later point. This function works in conjunction with the standard timer/memory function after the selected STEREO SOUND time has elapsed. turns that return the tape to the zero position when the memory is turned on. For some, stereo sound is perhaps the most convenient feature. Auto Marks, the feature is labeled as Cue, but it combines the VCR feature. This can be recorded and works essentially the same way. played two ways. The older method turns on the VCR as soon as you press it, and puts two audio tracks on top of the videotape and records a two-channel au-cassette through the hatch. It automatically extends the diode as two parallel linear strips, just like audio cassettes do. But a slow tape returns it when the VCR slows down (only about 1-1/3 inches per second with SP) degrades sound quality - raw tape in timer mode or if you're trying to set up with techniques like noise Dolby reduction. timer using a tape from which the "New Method - HiFi Recording" tab has been removed = you. Auto Rewind - Record audio under video using higher speed video heads and the full width of Le THE ELECTRONIC MAILBOX tape for the best quality. ORDER TOLL FREE: 800-323-2325 Some hi-fi VHS recorders play linear stereo tapes, but not all; You will have 10-12 Charles St, Glen Cove, NY 11542 e 516-759-1611 to check the user manual or use headphones to test the VCR in the store to make sure COPYGUARD. ISSUES? The latest innovation in stereo is broadcast. The 1987 video stabilizer removes: |i.e. stereo sound, usually abbreviated as e Picture Flashing MTS, for multi-channel TV sound. You need an MTS device to play broadcast TV shows in stereo, as long as they are available in your area. e Picture Roll All Guard Stabilizer Not all local stations have switched to stereo yet, and many cable systems can't imagine reliably enjoying their favorite movies, including the latest stereo broadcasts on their systems. That's what you get with VideoLink All Guard Stabilizer. Unique tracks, even if the signal is in stereo. Fisher's FVH-940, for $600, has an adjustment to suit your mix of video components. Video inputs and MTS tuner but records linear stereo sound with Dolby noise reduction. The same applies only to the 9-GE outlets. Easy connection. Performance comparable to units costing 2-3 7276s for $700 and Hitachi's VT-1430, many times more. $5995 ORDER TODAY FOR $599. Add $6 for shipping and handling MTS Stereo VCRs can be Hi-Fi or Linear Stereo. The hi-fi system also makes the most of any available stereo media, providing enhanced sound quality for both the $15 10° mono cable kit and stereo signal transmission. Samsung VR-6600, for $650, combines MTS tuner - Solidex Wireless Wy; er with high-fidelity VHS recording, like Scott's SVR-504S microphone, for $680. If Digital stereo broadcast = eccs os © 6 O08 0 TV is not yet available in your area but 2 channels - 100 feet are promised, a non-MTS VCR can still range from $1.4995 DetaileIrII a good investment as always you can add a rewind/fast like F.R.E.D. from Recoton to our most popular stereo amplifier. Forward vis or Split Screen Beta EXTRAS 539° SALE SALE $149 and $2495 There are a few other VCR features that 3 Piece might want to look into. "One Touch Timer" goes by several names (Express Video Record, Instant Record, One-Touch Re-Filter Kit, among others), but they all work the same. Press the button and the recorder will display a clear, neutral image to record in locked mode for up to four hours. eet J Requires hours. A typical example records in 30 minute increments in density and fluorescence, and some can even delay the activation time of the Digital Copyguard macro pulldown lens. Specify mm NEW: Eliminator Converts home movies and ? $] g95 slides to video. (p) The Vidicraft Play-Right. Internally Linked Deluxe Video A Deluxe RGR recorded in pulseless digital format. Process h e Telephoto/VIDEO. ingigitpalrosbilgneamls to remove all copy protection view | Wide angle \\ CAMERA and converts signal back to video v, digital technology means no pte lens kit aadCASE #V-93 SALE z\"operational problems. SALE $39\\95: Aluminum Alloy Camera Battery dey 3Battery 1% Inaedea Solidex ba Extra soft 1220 Corduroy 220, 300 39.95 Light kit g614uvc vHs-c 39.95 mechanism with 1215 RCA real 200, 300 49.95 PLAecakdaci&d sow 12v 0c SALE liquid head $7995 69 $ 95 Up to 45 minutes of additional work Circle 60 information on Reader Service Card July 1987 Video 99

Another previously advanced feature, now buying a Beta version, being left with fewer mid-range camcorders that account for such a high prevalence of mid-priced camcorders, is a camcorder with a picture to choose from that can take up a share of the market, especially control of approach. With it, you can adjust your comfort in several attractive features, many of which VHS offer picture and sound quality equal to that of a television picture, from smooth to sharp, depending on whether it still doesn't match. Sony SL-300, for more luxurious models with gadgets. about your preferences. $400, it has a three-way switch which, with the attached chart and a little homework color balance and tint adjustments, should be able to get many digitally compensated recording effect VCRs to the best of the best - a VCR that can handle reused cassettes Your video still needs some time. therefore special effects like freezing and slow motion are still mid-priced. The Sony SL-HF350, at $550, falls into the BEACH MOVIE BINGO hi-fi category. RCA's VMT-400, for $699, is a linear, stereo hour reader, one of the most feature-laden, but without the minutes or seconds. Both SuperBeta VCRs come with wireless remote controls and high-fidelity, stereo sound; two have seven-day/six-event timers. 'n' roll, dance and their 'mating habits', all the stuff you'd find in other models at this price - for the unsympathetic adult score range some buyers may consider Considering their features, the view is nothing strange - "humorous" treatment. more important. Still, with the exception of Eric Von Zipper (Harvey Lembeck makes such a smart low light PV-320 VHS camera |jvfMuet—ezteces/Cozmopoamct NEW CCD~110 PRO PV-100 VHS Compact great burlesque Brando in The Wild EAeutofroacgusa/A > utozoom CCCCDD |GR-C7U The super-compact Coimghptu - t8er ChLiupx Fade One) and his idiot biker gang, the Light-7s. Lux Flying Erase | autofocus/zoom 15 lux 8CLmoombw |||AMuotd40oe9l.ocusE/dZirgctoiomngm HQ mode Baby circuits work quite well. His SHacd energy. EditiSnhguttMeorde 1/‘S1p0e0e0d | camera with HQ circuitry, I/O format } autofocus/zoom ccD even inspires Bob and Dorothy to install |CCD I/O "Compute+ - FCihaidnepk || CLiogmhptu-t7er |LuCxhip InstLaonwt own love life long overdue on the run fade in fade out HQ Auto check white balance Auto his According to director William 'Asher, CALL CALL CALL AIP intended Beach Party to be about the CALL CALL conflict between bikers and surfers, another mini-epic about turf war framed by the club - All cameras come complete with power adapter, battery, charger, "research" pole, Asher Brain RF converter and video cables supplied by mfr. Storm was going to make a movie about kids staying out of trouble. PPVV- 222000 CccD Ci-evV3DBreich eroasrnsiessina Vv. 01 WVMMS-EB1DL sireooStahtitsthsaaseripiribsneies PV-300 VX-802 NE The increasingly surreal quality of the VVMM-~52010000 VX-404..... series is the key to its enduring popularity. AAG1~551650 VM-—C50A Asher doesn't shy away from any absurdity, rejecting any VM-—Ci1A VR--8292 for the purpose of good-natured fun, even his own movie GRC-9 VR--8293, as long as there's a gag to it. take it out of VR -8295. His coyly cutesy stance draws VR-8297 back to his experience directing / Love Lucy. Asher also refers to "strangely the VM-6200 CR-1200 9610. ao." quality Frankie and Annette, VM--7100 CR-8000 whose Disney loan agreement stipulated- CR-3000 9612 NEW..ed that she can't show her belly button. CMR-200 CR-3300 are just two attractive and otherworldly CMR-300 SHOULD BE A GOOD CG, AMCORDER AND VCR for kids looking for clean kicks. CPR-100 I 2 Year Extended Warranty [Parts and Labor... $69.95 No one can go wrong with the 60's though. Best Digital Beach Movies for Great Works of Art - VCR HDiiggihtal SpeeQudartz. OmniSTEeuanricnhg Digital Video Recorder - MTS _Hifi HiFi Stereo Video Recorder with rental fixtures and an example of puz- WViarrelloebsyse Stow RMeomtoitoen RSWteielmrdoetoeSpeciaSlolaErfifzeacttison WirMeloedses the anger and anxiety felt by adults over the ongoing changes in wireless remote control. A step beyond CALL CALL Freeze TV Broadcast Blackboard Jungle/Wild One/High and MTS HQ Circuitry. School Confidential Rock Music Equation Integrated MTS decoder and naughty kids, movies on the beach were the first CALL confirming that young people could create their own culture and still be, in the then 249.95 VR9512 phrase, clean. VR9520 VR9530 But there is always a generation gap, even today. A new film will be released this summer (the 229.95) U VR9670 Wietelegsrseat Msiocurnodphofnreom leotvser that the producers call "culture/class 249.95} NEW N906U or N916U FWUELL ALLSIONESCAORFRY THE (00 feet away! comedy"): N-965U ZENITH, MINOL TA , PENTAX, Back to the Beach, starring Frankie and CALL GENERAL ELECTRIC, Annette as the parents of a girl in love with UW QUASAR, SANYO, CALL FOR surfer. , boys and girls dancing on the sand, and surprised adult couple. But Maxell EX. VIDEO Turn your ordinary TV into a TV, when those adults are young from our young VENTURES MTS StereoSonic Super, you can feel what our own MMaaaxxeellll HGGOXLD HI-FI "PLAY RIGHT\" system allows. The parents of FR.E.DI MTS must have felt when the first beach TDK H5. The SEG-CREATOR decoder with the changing noise of the movies tried to guide them through the 60s to record copy-protected avant-garde special youth culture. I'm not holding my breath, TOK EHG effector. Most of the reductions from S, but I won't be at all surprised when I see TOK Rovewer. Tapes without a versatile creator 59o8 today. Now Gidget is Grandma in theaters on Stock! It's time to take my grandchildren. K HD PRO any distortion T-120. Call for others SHOWTIME ALL VIDICRINAFTSTOCESSORIES Accessories All other RECOTON BASF CHROME E models in stock. Call BASF T-160 CHROME Fuji T-120. Purchase of at least 10 tapes CSR3cNioaFeo2iendor.afdrcvodlireetcmireaotniaoln, 100 videos, July 1987.

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